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Sweet blog special: Giuliani at College of DuPage accused Clinton of supporting "socialism."


special to the Sweet blog
By Abdon Pallasch
Sun-Times Political Writer

GLEN ELLYN, Ill. -At a suburban Chicago community college, Republican Rudy Giuliani campaigned Thursday as if the primary elections were over and his only opponent for president was Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Giuliani, speaking at the College of DuPage, repeatedly slammed "HillaryCare" as "socialized medicine" and accused the Democratic frontrunner of supporting "socialism" for her proposal to give every American $5,000 when they are born as a college account.

"If the shoe fits ... You want to give 5 grand to everyone born in the United States. Tell me that isn't socialism," Giuliani said.

Former New York Mayor Giuliani and Clinton, a Senator from New York, have fund-raisers a few block apart in Chicago Thursday.

earlier dispatches below from Lynn Sweet...

WASHINGTON--This is a first. The two frontrunners in the 2008 presidential race-- Republican Rudy Giuliani, the former New York Mayor and Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, the New York Senator, are both in Chicago on Thursday, squeezing what seems to be unlimited campaign cash out of the city. The two events are unequal. Clinton is trolling for high dollar donations--$2,300-a-person. Giuliani ask is $50 per and $10 for students.

A band of rival 2008er Republican Ron Paul followers plan to greet Giuliani when he hits Maggiano's starting at 5:30 p.m.

Giuliani is holding a town hall meeting in the suburbs this afternoon. Guess the whomp is out of an endorsement a few weeks ago by Rep. Jerry Weller (R-Ill.) since he decided not to run again after the Tribune broke a detailed investigation of his international real estate deals.

Meanwhile, Clinton decided to meet the press in Chicago before her funder at the Hyatt on Wacker. (see details of her two Thursday funders in the city in an earlier post.)
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Coming off a third fund-raising quarter where she beat her chief rival, White House hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) hits her native Chicago again Thursday night for two events.

The first a sort of "Republicans for Hillary" run by Terrance Duffy of the Merc. Expected haul is at least $250,000.

The second will bring in about $400,000 and the event chairs at the top of the invite are J.B. and M.K. Pritzker. (J.B.'s sister Penny is the National Finance Chair for the Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) presidential campaign.) It's at the family's Hotel--The Hyatt Regency. It's a $2,300 check to get in the door.


Republicans should stop using the convenient term "socialism" and cut right to the chase - "Marxism"

Which phrase is stronger?

Hillary is a Socialist?


Hillary is a Marxist?

They're both essentially the same proclamation, but one has more heft...

And "socialism" is bad exactly....why? We pay taxes, yet we don't take our government to task for not providing basic services such as health care in return like most other civilized nations. The myth that it doesn't work in other countries has become tiresome. What, Americans never have to wait for care or services in non-emergencies? Come on. Grow up America, insist on your taxes being used for YOU, not to invade and conquer.

Those Republicans, in their desperate need to smear those who disagree with them, will say anything. Remember Joe McCarthy? Just calling someone a "communist" was enough to destroy them. Here we go again. Let's hope Americans know better now. Besides, the government already provides health insurance for its own. Is that "socialism"? Did Giuliani have medical coverage through the government when he was mayor? Is he a socialist? And what about Medicare? These people are ridiculous!

Those Republicans, in their desperate need to smear those who disagree with them, will say anything. Remember Joe McCarthy? Just calling someone a "communist" was enough to destroy them. Here we go again. Let's hope Americans know better now. Besides, the government already provides health insurance for its own. Is that "socialism"? Did Giuliani have medical coverage through the government when he was mayor? Is he a socialist? And what about Medicare? These people are ridiculous!

Watching from the safety of the north,Giuliani accuse Hillary Clinton of "socialism" is both a joke and a sad comment on the narrowness of the two-party system in the U.S. Hell both parties are in the pockets of the insurance companies to varying degrees. There have been some good pieces in both and The Nation in recent weeks on how most plans are more insurance company give-aways than real reform. I live in Canada which has universal, single payer, supposedly guided by the five keys of the Canada Health Act:universality, portability, accessibility, comprehensiveness and public administration and accountability. Yet a superb explanation of our system in the September 1992 Consumer Reports says it is not socialized medicine. See pages 579 to 592:"Health Care In Crisis, The Search For Solutions, Does Canada Have The Answer?" Blue Cross and the private insurers are still around selling supplemental and travel insurance. Up here even the most right wing politician has to at least pretend to be for the Canada Health Act in order to have any chance of election. Yet the Washington Post reported last January that Hillary Clinton reacted to a poll in Iowa favoring expanding LBJ's medicare as the best road to reform, by worrying about the reaction from "Harry and Louise"--two tv spot spokesmen for the insurance industry....Good luck in 08 from an interested northern observer.

I always keep in mind that Democratic candidates always make ridiculous promises that can't be kept in the course of campaigns. I don't need Giuliani to tell me how ridiculous the idea of promising cash to women for having babies is. Rudy needs to keep in mind that his constituancy doesn't have to have the nuances of politics pointed out to them. I fear that we the people (once again) do not have a good choice for America from either party. We can choose a candidate from the "big business" and "out of touch" party or we can pick one from the "pandering to the have nots, while pretending to be populist and not socialist" party. Not much of a choice!

It's unbelieveable, Guliani and his friends in GOP(Profiteers from IRAQ war,Profiteers from Healthcare, Profiteers From OIL)
Free Market supply and demand(what happend when you control the suplly ?), Calling anybody Socialist, how about all those congressman, senators and President and VP forgo the insurance we the tax payerspay for them, then go out there buy insurance and see how is it in the real word.

First of all if you all would pay attention. Women aren't to be given $5000 for each child. They would get a bond not cash. Bonds have to mature at a set time period to then be cashed, most likely to go directly to a college of their choice. The Republican sheeple are painting it as a $5000 cash handout. I've even heard it said that women will just go out and have more would take more that a $5000 bond (that I can cash 18 years after the child is born) to inspire me to have more children. Second, we already have socialist programs, run by the government ie the post office, medicare, public education, police and fire departments. I don't hear many sheeple calling those programs "communist". If they are, then we have all been communists for a very long time. Third, the recent study that shows that republicans in general cannot adjust their rigid thinking to novel situations has just been proven once again...add Giuliani to the herd.

The idea for giving each newborn child money upon birth for college or whatever was first proposed by that great Marxist Warren Buffet in the LA Times last year. If you do the economics of what happen to $5000.00 through the magic of compound interest, the amount of opportunity it creates for citizens is incredible. Isn't opportunity what a fair government's all about? Gee, investing citizens instead of bombs and Iraqis, what a concept!!

Any questions?

5000 to every kid for doing absolutely nothing...what a brilliant idea. America has moved so far away from a meritocrasy it's embarrassing. Tell me why I would possibly want a higher education if the government is going to take care of me no matter what? America was founded on the idea that people have certain personal liberties, one of which is the freedom from absurd taxes...the notion that I know how to spend my money better than the government, and slowly but surely we're regressing. The Greeks predicted that democracy would never work, because people would eventually realize that they can simply vote themselves money. Sadly, we're seeing our constitution destroyed, and a new, socialist order instilled.

GIULINI is a NEO-CONSERVATIVE and a Member of the CFR.
HIs lawfirm is also helping a Foreign company(Cintra) buy up American land to build a NAFTA superhighway through the middle of America.
This is no joke
This is no conspiaracy
Elites are running our planet through banking cartels.

Either Ron Paul is one of them, and a liar, or he WILL SAVE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!

Hillary is a socialisst, just like Giuliani!!!!

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