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Sweet blog special: Clinton files 15,000 Illinois signatures. Obama files 55,000 to get on Illinois ballot.


WASHINGTON--Filing in Springfield starts today for the Feb. 5 primary--all local, state and federal races. This Obama-centic blog brings you the complete Obama Illinois slate. The Clinton Illinois slate--and a story explaining the Democratic delegate selection system is on an Oct. 28 post. LINK

Republicans in Illinois file their delegate slates later next month.

1 Roland W. Burris Chicago
1 Lula Mae Ford Chicago
1 Alan King Chicago
1 Freddrenna M. Lyle Chicago
1 Abner Mikva Chicago
1 Toni Preckwinkle Chicago
1 Kwame Raoul Chicago
1 Carolyn Rush Chicago
1 ALT Greta Ivers Chicago
2 Carrie Austin Chicago
2 Anthony A. Beale Chicago
2 Sandi Jackson Chicago
2 Michael Eaddy Chicago
2 Leslie A. Hairston Chicago
2 Cheryle Jackson Chicago
2 James Meeks Chicago
2 Willie "Bill" Williams, Jr. Chicago
2 ALT Salim AlNurridin Hazel Crest
3 John Daley Chicago
3 Elizabeth "Lisa" Hernandez Cicero
3 Shirley Roumagoux-Madigan Chicago
3 Albert D. Tyson, III Chicago
3 Arthur Velasquez Palos Hills
3 Diane M. Viverito Burbank
3 ALT Maria Vazquez Chicago
4 Laticia DelGadillo Chicago
4 Miguel del Valle Chicago
4 Soraida Gutierrez Chicago
4 Jesse H. Ruiz Chicago
4 ALT Billy Ocasio Chicago
5 Margaret Laurino Chicago
5 Sylvia Martinez Chicago
5 David Ernesto Munar Chicago
5 Renae Ogletree Chicago
5 Mike Quigley Chicago
5 Henry Tamarin Chicago
5 ALT Jacqueline "Jackie" Kaplan Chicago
6 Mark Demich Wheaton
6 Sonia Desai Bhagwakar Itasca
6 Gayl Ferraro Lombard
6 Salim "Sal" Merchant Bloomington
6 ALT Ron Stavoe Mt. Prospect
7 Byron T. Brazier, Sr. Chicago
7 Deborah L. Graham Chicago
7 Mattie Hunter Chicago
7 Mike Kruglik Chicago
7 William "Bill" McNary Chicago
7 Amalia Rioja River Forest
7 Ed H. Smith Chicago
7 Karen A. Yarbrough Maywood
7 ALT Barbara Jones Chicago
8 Ellen Karpel Schaumburg
8 Patricia Montanez-Gomez Deer Park
8 Ronald "Ron" Powell Mundelein
8 Dennis Williams Gurnee
8 ALT Kenneth "Ken" Boyd Palatine
9 Jesus "Al" Alvarez Skokie
9 Henry Bayer Chicago
9 Selma D'Souza Des Plaines
9 Ann Kalayil Chicago
9 Debra Shore Evanston
9 Tom Tunney Chicago
9 ALT Naisy Dolar Chicago
10 Wilbert "Bill" Crowley Glenview
10 J.A. Tony Figueroa Waukegan
10 Terry Link Waukegan
10 Audrey Nixon North Chicago
10 Anne Wedner Winnetka
10 ALT Harvey S. Wineberg Highland Park
11 Deborah "Debbie" Halvorson Crete
11 John Penn Bloomington
11 Lawrence M. Walsh Elwood
11 Alice Argyelan Bourbonnais
11 Nora Melesio Joliet
11 ALT Kathy Terven Bloomington
12 Barb Brown Chester
12 James Clayborne Belleville
12 William "Bill" Haine Alton
12 Dianne Meeks Carbondale
12 Charles Suarez Swansea
12 ALT Alan Pirtle Columbia
13 Nancy S. Chen Naperville
13 Michael "Rick" Merrill Lisle
13 Reem Odeh Homer Glen
13 Jorge Ramirez Naperville
13 Cynthia Rodriguez Lockport
13 ALT Patricia A. McLaughlin Orland Park
14 Linda Chapa LaVia Aurora
14 Mark Guethle North Aurora
14 Linda Ramirez Sliwinski Carpentersville
14 Stephen A. Slack Sycamore
14 ALT Fred Casillas Rock Falls
15 Noele De Leon Champaign
15 Harry Scott Kair Danville
15 Michael "Mike" Frerichs Champaign
15 Gina A. Jackson Champaign
15 ALT Carolyn Brown Hodge Paris
16 Eleanor "Bobbie" Colbert Rochelle
16 Charles E. Jefferson Rockford
16 Sunil Puri Rockford
16 Mary Tuite Rockford
16 ALT George Gaulrapp Freeport
17 Dennis Ahern Moline
17 Bonnie L. Harris Galesburg
17 Dennis "Denny" Jacobs East Moline
17 Kim Lang Moline
17 Jeff Terronez Andalusia
17 ALT Deanna Joan Demuzio Carlinville
18 Maggie Koehler Peoria
18 Jackie Petty Peoria
18 John Sullivan Rushville
18 Steve Preckwinkle Springfield
18 ALT General Parker Peoria
19 Sherrie Giamanco Mt. Vernon
19 Patti Hahn Centralia
19 Jayne Leritz Mazzotti Taylorville
19 Brandon Phelps Harrisburg
19 Stephen J. Scates Shawneetown
19 ALT Ann L. Blackford Olney


oh my! the politics of hope...the "joshua generation". we'll hold on the laughter untill we see who takes a dixie.
lynn, are you covering edwards, richardson, biden, kucinich, dodd, et al?
or is this site exclusively flawed?

Mr. McNary, none of the other candidates have filed yet. They're jockeying for the last slot on the ballot, filing at the last minute next week, and (methinks) some of the ones you mentioned need more time to make sure they get enough signatures and delegates.

I am not sure about Hillary’s chances right now, I think Oprah’s support for Obama really hurt her it bit strongly into her women support and consolidated all blacks for Obama. I think one of the best trackers for elections is the gambling line as people will only put money on what they think will win, I have watched the line on Clinton drop steadily for the past weeks since Oprah began campaigning for Obama lines are at Politics Betting I prefer following these lines to polls as I feel they are just as accurate if not more

I used to admire the Clintons and respect their recommendations ... but, they both know that Obama is an unqualified candidate, who uses the race card against opponents ... and, because the Clintons are putting party and personal ambition before country, by supporting Obama, they have lost their credibility. Don't let Obama turn America into a far left socialistic country. Elect McCain/Palin on November 4th. Regarding Obama's economic plan ...

remember the wise words of Abraham Lincoln

* You cannot help the poor, by destroying the rich.

* You cannot strengthen the weak, by weakening the strong .

* You cannot bring about prosperity, by discouraging thrift.

* You cannot lift the wage earner up, by pulling the wage payer down.

* You cannot further the brotherhood of man, by inciting class hatred.

* You cannot build character and courage, by taking away men's
initiative and independence.

* You cannot help men permanently, by doing for them what they could
and should, do for themselves.

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