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Sweet blog special: 3Q Primary cash on hand/ Clinton $35 mil. Obama $32 mil. Edwards about $12 mil. Developing as numbers are released.

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WASHINGTON (AT REAGAN NATIONAL WAITING FOR DELAYED ATA FLIGHT TO CHICAGO)--The presidential campaigns are filing third quarter Federal Election Commission reports late on Monday.

While the money raised figures were put out by the campaigns a few weeks ago, after the Sept. 30 end of the third quarter, other telling figures will only be known once the reports are filed.

Clinton's spokesman just e-mailed they will file $35 million cash on hand.

Obama announced $32 million cash on hand for the primary.
108,000 new donors.

Edwards I am told will report about $12 million cash on hand. Plus he will get federal matching funds of about $10 million.


from the Obama campaign...
Obama Announces Show of Grassroots Strength through Small Donor Donations and Activism

CHICAGO – The Obama campaign today announced that through 108,000 new donors in the third quarter, they raised $20 million for the primary and have approximately $32 million in funds available to spend in the primary with a total of over $36 million cash on hand.

“The strength of our historic small donor base is in activism, not just contributions,” said campaign manager David Plouffe. “The vast majority of these supporters have not yet achieved their full giving potential and will ensure our ability to continue to raise the resources needed to win the nomination. Many of these donors will also provide organizational strength by going door-to-door, making phone calls and actively helping Barack Obama become the next president of the United States.”

Fundraising totals:

365,000 individual donors, year-to-date
108,000 new donors in the third quarter

In the third quarter, from 108,000 donors who gave a total of 182,523 donations:

94% are $250 and under
89.5% are $100 and under
51% are $25 and under

Over the course of the entire year, out of 550,000 donations from 365,000 donors

92.5% of donations are $250 or less
87% of donations are $100 or less
45% of donations are $25 or less


from Clinton...
We’ve got approx 35 CoH for primary

Approx 15 CoH for general

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