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Sweet blog extra: Obama ad uses sound effect to create fake impression.


WASHINGTON-- The Obama campaign readily admits that White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) had to record a portion of his October, 2002 anti-war speech made at an outdoor rally for a new ad that went on-line Thursday. There is no good audio tape of the Chicago rally that is playng a pivotal role in the Obama campaign.

"It was Barack re-reading a portion of the speech. As I told you, there is no original tape," Obama's chief strategist David Axelrod told me in an e-mail exchange.

However, the ad uses sound effects to create the impression that Obama is making the speech at a rally. It is a sound effect to make it seem something it is not.

The sound on the ad makes it seem like the audio is being picked up on a loud speaker. What you hear are Obama's words that have a sort of echo effect--reverbs and other wild sound.


1. He made the speech at a rally.
2. Every professional commercial has touched up audio.

"fake impression"

There is nothing "fake" about what Obama said in 2002. Those were his actual words, and they were prophetic. It is unfortunate that others lacked the foresight to make the same assessment, or courage to speak out, about the impending war.

In your effort to diminish the speech, you failed to let your readers know where they can view the video. It includes an authentic clip of Barack Obama speaking in 2002, and the rest of his words as spoken by his supporters.

Obama is a politician that has an Islamic background. He is riding the popular wave at this time, just like he was in 2002. Unfortunately, he wasn't a U.S. senator in 2002; he was just trying to become one. Wouldn't it be wonderful if they put shock collars on all politicians that would go off when they said something dishonest or disingenuine! We would be staring at constantly smoking collars.

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