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Sweet blog extra: Money disclosure day...Emanuel has $1.26 million stockpiled in warchest.

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WASHINGTON---Third quarter federal campaign reports made public today.

for a sampler on Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.), click below... Release from Dem Bill Foster running in the 14th....below...

for Rahm Emanuel....

5. Covering Period 04/01/2007 Through 06/30/2007

Column A
This Period Column B

6. Net Contributions (other than loans)
(a) Total Contributions (other than loans) 343085.33 773776.76
(b) Total Contribution Refunds 0.00 1000.00
(c) Net Contributions (6(a) - 6(b)) 343085.33 772776.76
7. Net Operating Expenditures
(a) Total Operating Expenditures 68116.97 256377.93
(b) Total Offsets to Operating Expenditures 96.40 480.40
(c) Net Operating Expenditures 68020.57 255897.53
8. Cash on Hand at Close of Reporting Period 1265695.14

9. Debts and Obligations Owed TO the Committee 0.00

Itemize all on SCHEDULE C or SCHEDULE D
10. Debts and Obligations Owed BY the Committee 463562.94

Itemize all on SCHEDULE C or SCHEDULE D

In the 14th: Foster Clear Fundraising Leader

Outraised both primary opponents' yearly totals combined in just 1 quarter.
Over 680 Donors, 80% First Time Givers, 70% Scientists.

The Bill Foster for Congress committee filed its official report with the Federal Election Committee Sunday, October 14th. In the 3rd quarter, Foster raised $208,935.27 from over 680 contributors. $38,710.98 was raised in contributions under $200 showing significant grassroots support. Over 80% of Foster's contributors are making their first ever political contribution and more than 70% are scientists. After a personal contribution of $200,000, Foster will have $409,702.37 cash on hand.

"This campaign has been about change from the very beginning and it's very encouraging that people across the 14th district share my concerns about the direction of the country. They are responding with strong support and that's what it will take to win next fall," said Foster.

Foster is the only Democrat in the 14th district to show significant support from donors. In just the 3rd quarter, Foster outraised both of his primary opponents by more than $80,000 in individual contributions before he matched their pledges with an additional $200,000 contribution. In fact, the $208,000 haul for the 3rd quarter bests both the yearly totals of his primary opponents. He also has a commanding 9-1 and 20-1 cash on hand advantage over both.

"This campaign is off to phenomenal start and we are the only campaign that has converted a desire for electoral change into action," said Foster manager Thomas C. Bowen.


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