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Sweet blog extra: GOP Gen. McPeak vouches for Obama in new Iowa ad. VIDEO


WASHINGTON--Enough with the flag lapel pins! To try to change the conversation--and to pour paid media on top of the free stuff White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is getting on his anti-Iraq war Iowa tour--the campaign starts a new ad Friday. It features former Air Force Chief of Staff Tony McPeak, a Republican. Lots of messages in this one. VIDEO LINK

DEVELOPING McPeak and Obama campaign manager David Plouffe on conference call at 10:30 Chicago time.

from the Obama campaign....

Obama Campaign Unveils New Television Featuring Former Air Force Chief of Staff General Tony McPeak

DES MOINES – The Obama for America campaign today announced that it will begin airing a new television ad in Iowa featuring Former Air Force Chief of Staff General Merrill A. (Tony) McPeak. To discuss the ad, General McPeak and Obama Campaign Manager David Plouffe will host a conference call at 10:30 AM CT.

General Tony McPeak served 37 years in the Air Force and retired as Air Force Chief of Staff in 1994. McPeak campaigned for Bob Dole in 1996 and was a co-chairman of Veterans for Bush in 2000. After President Bush led the United States into a war that should never have been waged in Iraq, McPeak broke from the Washington establishment and spoke out against the misguided war.


God love General McPeak. Until today nobody ever heard of him. His endorsement could be worth a dozen votes.
Let's talk about the Obama position against the Iraq war. First, he did not have a vote in the US Senate and therefore did not have to go through the arduous process of examining intelligence data, reading various classified documents, or being responsible for a formal vote. Instead, he was in the Illinois Senate, representing the most liberal district in Illinois which would have torn his skin off if he did not oppose the war. It is easy to hold an opinion on things that you don't have to actually vote on and then jump up and say "I told you so". Since he has joined the US Senate his votes on various Iraq war related issues have been identical to Hillary Clinton's which leads me to suspect that had he carried the burden to place a vote when Clinton voted it would probably been the same as hers. He uses his anti-aye vote as an example of his sound judgment and then is dumb enough to say that he quit wearing his flag pin as a moral gesture. I think the whole Obama candidacy is a series of gestures and posturing that will never cover for his lack of experience and political seasoning. Forever a rock star.

I had the privilege of working directly with Gen. (then colonel)McPeak for almost two years once in a very stressful environment. He can make instant decisions, which that job required, but he'd rather not. He is the most reflective, intellectually qualifed senior officer I encountered in my 30 year career. That quality is shown by who he elects to support politically. He supports the person he thinks is best for the country at the time, regardless of party. I happen to disagree with his current choice (I'm an Edwards man), but, I'd still follow him anywhere!

Tony McPeak was an etoist when I worked for him at RAF Upper Heyford in the UK, at Headquarters United States Air Forces Europe, and while he was the Air Force Chief of Staff. He tried to make things change to his way, there was not other way but his, and after he retired most of his changes have been undone by the latter Chiefs of Staff. His endorsement of Obama alone has made me take a harder look at why he endorse him and what he expect to gain from it (Secretary of Defense let say for beginners, but I think that Secretary of State is more likely). Remember that leaders get others to do things because they want to, already I would not want to do anything Obama would want to do, he does not strike me as credible in any way or shape, and Tony endorsing him makes it worse.

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