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Sweet blog extra: Conference call. Obama's Gen. McPeak swats down flag pin flap.


WASHINGTON---Just finished short conference call with retired Gen. Tony McPeak, who is endorsing White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.

McPeak, who cut a 30-second ad for Obama being launched in Iowa today, was asked about the Obama pin flap. Obama in an interview with an Iowa tv reporter talked about why he is no longer wearing a flag pin. The story is dominating national news. Obama's team notes that Iowa papers are not playing the story.

Obama is on his judgement and experience tour--that's their label-- and McPeak used the key message words in the conference call..judgement..experience...conventional (as in "inside the beltway conventional thinking.")

McPeak, a combat veteran who is outspoken in his opposition to the Iraq war said what makes Obama different is his "life experience" which "I think prepares him to deal with questions (of) international security." He downplayed "this business about the lapel pin." McPeak said he met Obama after one of his Senate staffers called him to arrange a meeting about six or eight months ago.

"I think the Senator understands that patriotism is hard work," McPeak said. "You know, if you could do it by just putting a flag on your lapel, that would be pretty easy."

What matters, said McPeak, is what "comes from the heart, not the clothing…the difference between petty symbolism and real substance, real courage, real judgement."

Link to McPeak ad in previous post.....


how much are you getting paid by the right wing? your reporting about barack is at best disgraceful and upright silly. this thing about the flag is just beyond me and i find it appalling that this is even a story. you are a could talk about the endorsement, but you can write a column about a stupid pin. what a shame to american journalism.

True journalism includes the full quote. Lynn and a lot of other reporters got off the conference call, and those other reporters actually told the full story. Lynn not only omitted both that McPeak endorsed Obama, but also that he was just a plug for the campaign. Obama got his message out through a guy in uniform. The media was just invited to have a conference call with a commercial, and the fools reported it.

Touche in bad journalism, Lynn.

The full quote:
"Many of you probably know I have a little combat experience," McPeak said on a conference call with reporters. "I watched a couple Commanders-In-Chiefs up close. I maybe can give a little expert testimony on judgment. ...I've gotten to know Barack Obama very well in the last 6 to 8 months. He has precisely the kind of judgment we need. ...

"Lives are at stake, and that can't be left to business as usual thinking."

McPeak said Obama's Senate staff approached him about setting up a meeting with the senator since McPeak had written op-eds opposing the war. They hit it off.

"He’s going to be a great Commander-in-Chief," McPeak said. "Among this group of potential candidates, he's head and shoulders above the rest in this regard."

A FOX News questioner asked about the lapel pin flap. McPeak quickly dismissed any criticism, calling it "petty symbolism," "business as usual" and "old politics."

"Isn't that the old politics," McPeak said. "You know gotcha politics. He's for turning the page. Let's do something substantial here and solve the problems we haven't been able to solve in the past decade or so because of this kind of nonsense."

This is such a non-story. It really is just another exhibit (I've run across 5-6 of these stories in 15 mins on the net) of the lack of substance and laziness that info-tainment journalism has deteriorated into since the advent of Fox (so called) News. How sad for you all.

no james.
how sad for illinois which has only 1 1/2 senators at such a critical time in history. there is no such thing as a "non-story". why not just stop reading...maybe then you'll have time to think...just a bit, yes?

Proof that the End Times are here: The flag lapel pin has become the Mark of the Beast. Revelations says the Mark of the Beast appears on the AntiChrist's adherents. Without the mark, people can't engage in commerce, such as buying food. I guess you've gotta have a lapel pin to run for elective office.

Gonna get me a lapel flag pin, so I can be raptured up with all the Bush-worshipping yahoos and fundamentalist Christians!

This is how we are stuck with a 2 party system, this is why we have been stuck in traffic for far too long. When someones pin is the focal point of the campaign news about that particular person, then we are in serious trouble. I am enraged and sometimes I feel like leaving all this behind, and going to a island far far away. Tell me about the candidates policy's . Ask the candidate how is plans to join congress and the senate in order to get what he wants done, DONE. No more PIn talk, no more "what are the candidates wearing" BS, its trivial and it takes us one more step towards IDIOCRACY!!!

no james.
how sad for illinois which has only 1 1/2 senators
Posted by: jeffery mcnary | October 6, 2007 12:18 PM

I can't help it jeffery but you picked on james. So now it's your turn. So now you view Blacks as one-half instead of three-fifths? Nope, too late you got caught, can't take it back! Please, do more thinking before commenting. Okay?

...I know, I really meant he is NOT serving the people of Illinois because Mr. Barack is running for president. But guess what? (I DO NOT BELIEVE YOU!!)

Who in the hell is General McPeak? It seems like there are as many retired Generals as Catholic Cardinals. Where were all of these outspoken Generals before they retired.

barack supporter...who interjected race into this? i'm sure you'd like to build it as an issue inasmuch as your candidate has nothing to run on. what would buid, a guilt vote? tell that to the black voter in detroit and the rest of michigan whose primary he just check out of.
p.s. i too am "black" and it has nothing to do with the points made. careful with rage. and it's o.k. to use your name.

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