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Sweet blog extra: Clinton library papers, drivers license waffle storyline legs.


PHILADELPHIA--White House hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) on Wednesday faces probable attacks on her from Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and other rivals and Republicans over the release of her First Lady papers in the Clinton Library.

Clinton's refusal to say whether or not she supported New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer's proposal to give drivers licenses to illegal immigrant will also have legs not as much on the substance--Obama and former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) back the licenses--as on the waffle.

The Clinton campaign is featuring this video clip from Tuesday's debate. LINK "Well, I don't think the Republicans got the message that I'm voting and sounding like them...."

The Obama team is touting the video clip where Obama is hitting Clinton on lack of transparency on her papers--and her stealing his "turn the page" line. LINK " I'm glad Hillary took the phrase "turn the page." it's a good one -- but this is an example of not turning the page."

CLINTON: Well, I don't think the Republicans got the message
that I'm voting and sounding like them.

If you watched their debate last week, I seemed to be the topic
of great conversation and consternation. And that's for a reason --
because I have stood against George Bush and his failed policies.

They want to continue the war in Iraq; I want to end it. The
Republicans are waving their sabers and talking about going after
Iran. I want to prevent a rush to war.

On every issue from health care for children to an energy policy
that puts us on the right track to deal with climate change and make
us more secure, I have been standing against the Republicans, George
Bush and Dick Cheney, and I will continue to do so. And I think
Democrats know that.

VIDEO: Turn the Page -- Obama on Transparency and Change


Obama: I'm glad Hillary took the phrase "turn the page." it's a good one -- but this is an example of not turning the page. We have just gone through one of the most secretive administrations in our history. And not releasing, I think, these records, at the same time, Hillary, as you are making the claim this is the basis for your experience, I think is a problem. Part of what we have to do is invite the American people back to participate in their government again. Part of what we need to do is rebuild trust in our government again. And that means being open and transparent and accountable to the American people. And that's one of the hallmarks of my previous work in the state legislature, in the united states senate, making sure that Americans know where our money is going, what earmarks are out there, what kinds of pork barrel spending is being done, who is bundling money for who. And that I think, is part of the job of the next president is making Americans believe that our government is working for them. Because right now they don't feel like it's working for them. They feel like it's working for special interest and it's working for corporations.

One last point I want to make, part of the reason that Republicans, I think, are obsessed with you, Hillary, because that's a fight they are very comfortable having. it is the fight that we have been through since the 1990s. Part of the job of the next president is to break the gridlock and to get democrats and independence and republicans to start working the together to solve these big problems like health care, and climate change and energy. And what we don't need is another eight years of bickering. And that's precisely why I'm running for president because one of the things I have been able to do, throughout my political career, is to bring people together to get things done.


Until the "Driver's Licensegate " moment Mrs. Clinton was an excellent communicator throughout the 2 hour discussion. Her comments will, almost certainly, become a campain clip all who oppose her will use in their TV ads. Unlicensed, undocumented drivers are a dilemna for all states, but, to give them quasi-licenses savors of the new "Scarlett Letter" of our age...AMNESTY!I expect the Chicago Sun-Times will be reporting shortly Senator Clinton's clarified remarks and it will be most interesting to read those remarks because this could. so easily get out of control. Also, Ms. Sweet, will you be on the networks today discussing this and the debate? If the STNG could just get your schedules posted on the Home Page in time. Thank you

I noticed the press whining today about Obama. I remember last feb. when Howard of Australia attacked Obama and he came back with a witty retort. Everyone applauded as it being effective.
he does stuff like that now and got Clinton on her lack of answering and ducking and dodging, using wit and direct confrontation without kneecapping her so it is not good enough.
the press has this obsession, unfairly, of wanting Obama to attack out of his style and character. They want a bloodbath and because he won't do that, nothing seems to be good enough.
Obama exposed her and opened up what needed to be shown, but, the press complains. sigh.

As a Republican I watched last night's debate because I like to know what the enemy is talking about. Thank you Ms. Sweet for saying in your comments that while the focus is on Hillary's waffle on the drivers license issue, Obama and Edwards clearly stated they agree that illegal aliens should get drivers licenses. This drivers license exchange last night was an early christmas present for Republicans. And I don't mean it can be used only against Hillary, it can also be used against Obama and Edwards.

who's borrowing lines?

“Our campaign is not based on the politics of cynicism; it’s based on the politics of hope”

– John Edwards in a stump speech, 1/28/04

“Do we participate in the politics of cynicism or do we participate in the politics of hope?”

– Barack Obama in his signature Democratic convention address, 7/27/04

it appears mr. biden is not the only one that plays loose with the themes of others.

Hillary and every Democrat or Republican running needs to vocally express how they are going to break the gridlock in D.C. I can assure everyone that a remedy is not forthcoming. Democrats want absolute power back and they are not going to compromise their liberal plans. Republicans are fighting to hang on to the White House and gain a majority in the House and Senate again. They will not compromise on their conservative ideas. Until we have term limitation and an opportunity for Independents in our nationl elections, we will never see an end to gridlock and a Congress that follows their own ideoloies, rather than ours.

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