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Sweet's Today in Obamaville: Obama Downstate Collinsville (Ill.) Fund-raiser. Bill Clinton in Chicago for Hillary funder.

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WASHINGTON--After the Univision debate Sunday in Miami and Oprah's funder Saturday near Santa Barbara White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is returning to Downstate Illinois for the first time in a long time. Obama has sharply reduced regular Senate-related travel in the state since he started campaigning for the presidency.

The official schedule lists as Collinsville as the only stop on Monday with no public events. That's usually code for a fund-raiser. Collinsville has a wealthy trial lawyer population to mine.

Chicago, IL -> Collinsville, IL

No Public Events

1 Comment

Can you ask Obama why at an Ohare interview session when asked about flooding of the Dekalb river he said (a) knew nothing about it and (B) somebody else could deal with it. Somebody else, it was Senator Durbin. Is Obama the Senator of Chicago & Durbin the Senator of the rest of Illinois. All you guys are still his PR extension. Think I'll start my own blog, first topic will be called "The Abdication Of The Chicago Media As It Relates To Obama"

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