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Sweet's Thursday Obamaville: Big Apple rally.Tapes Tyra Banks show. Cancels "The View." Will resked girltalk show.

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HIGHLAND PARK, ILL.--One item on White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama's Thursday interview on the set of "The Tyra Banks Show." He's taping it in New York this afternoon. A few weeks ago, Banks taped B-roll in Obama's Chicago headquarters. The show will air Monday.

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Obama was also supposed to guest on "The View" but won't be able to make it....he will reschedule for another time.

from his campaign..
Today, Obama will be in Washington, DC, Senate is in session. This evening he will be in New York for a rally in Washington Square Park.

NOTE: Senator Obama will NOT appear on The View today due to scheduled votes in the Senate.

Today’s Public Events:

Evening, NEW YORK, Obama will host a rally in Washington Square Park.

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