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Sweet's Obamaville. Obama in New York fund-raising spree Monday. 3Q sprint.

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WASHINGTON--White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) does not believe in letting the public know in real time the full extent of his fund-raising activities. So today's Obamaville takes you where the candidate does not. The official schedule says that Obama is in New York. It does not reveal the series of high-end fund-raisers Obama is headlining. There's a fund-raising big push in all the campaigns as the end of the third quarter is Sept. 30.

Obama's camp is publicizing his lower dollar Sept. 27 rally in New York.

Tonight, it's "Barack on Broadway" on 42nd street.

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Obama has a funder at the Regency Hotel and then heads over to 1550 Broadway at 2 p.m to hang out with Viacom folks.

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