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Sweet Oprah Day blog special: Obama urges Santa Barbara crowd "let's go change the world."


SANTA BARBARA, CALIF.—“Our future should not be worse than our past,” White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) told an enthusiastic youthful crowd Saturday at the start a rally on a college campus overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Near the middle he added his movement message, an essential ingredient in his presidential quest. “We are here not just to win an election but to transform a country.’’

As he sent the crowd off Obama, gave them a battle cry: “Let’s go change the world.”

And at the end he said “we are the best last hope on Earth."

Hours before a star-studded fund-raiser at Oprah Winfrey’s estate in nearby Montecito, Obama, with a picture perfect backdrop, once again pressed the argument that it not experience that is important in picking a president, but judgement.

It was his latest comment in the ongoing debate between Obama and rivals Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.); former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson over the relative merits of and change and experience and if you need one or both to make things happen. Obama is the youngest candidate with the shortest track record in the Democratic contest.

“Time served does not guarantee good judgment. The length of your resume says nothing about your character,” Obama said.

Before his speech, California field director Buffy Wicks-who recently transferred recently to the Golden State from headquarters in Chicago, tried to get people to sign up for Camp Obama training sessions and other organizing events.

California is a special political challenge because it is physically enormous and has several very expensive media markets. That’s why organization is critical in California, one of the mega states with a Feb. 5 primary date.


California will be impossible for anyone except for 'her' with 'her' husband's years and years long organization.
But, California is also the state of the hottest new thing and hottest new star. that is something the forever around Hillary is not.
I noticed the stars backing her are mostly over 55 and who are more entrenched than relavant. I mean, when was the last time anyone cared what Striensand had to say.
Obama is backed by some of the most heavy weight voices like Damon and Clooney and Will Smith.
then, there is the matter of god..... I mean, Oprah.
Back in the late 90s the Onion had this blurb saying "Woman patiently awaiting order from Winfrey.
It's still true today.

Just in case you needed some coverage of the arrival for the Oprah party at Earl Warren Showgrounds ... here is a story posted on our award winning Santa Barbara Placeblog.

I just got back from this rally. I stood five feet from the stage and shook his hand after. This speech is one of the most memorable moments of my life. There were at least five thousand screaming people behind me that no doubt felt the same. For once, I actually feel that we just might be able to change the world after all.

His speech was clear, intelligent, passionate, and I've been waiting my whole life to hear it.

Once again, I have hope.

Obama 08

Wow, it appears the KoolAid is taking effect already !!!

I can't believe that Oprah has not voted in a primary since 1988, and now because she believes in Mr. Obama she is going to make it a point to throw a lavish party for him. I'm sorry, but she should have been voting all these years. She could have done more for people if she had demonstrated that voting is important in ANY election. There are some people around the world who are dying to be able to vote.

And now, Oprah, in her glorious way has made her participation in promoting Mr. Obama a "racial thing." Why would she admit to not voting in a primary? For years African American voters have been apathetic to voting, and she could have done more good in promotion of voting rather than throwing a $2,300-a-person party for a candidate that she feels needs to be president.

Stop being a hypocrite, and vote in ALL primaries, not just this one!

Open letter to Oprah, Amy Gross, Gayle King;

Because of recent comments by you Oprah, in support of Presidential candidate Barack Obama, I do not want to support your efforts in supporting him.

In addition, your support of liberal guests (Michael Moore) and their radical views has offended me for the last time. I’m not sure what background these ‘celebrities’ have in politics, but the stage you offer them to use in politics is appalling.

I think that you are a great philanthropist in helping children and people around the world but using your most visible platforms and your notoriety as a political tool is the point where I will stop supporting you and the products you promote. I will not watch your television program, buy products you promote, or subscribe to any of your publications.

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