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Sweet NH GOP debate blog special: Report 4. Romney robotic response.


WASHINGTON-- Mitt Romney had it coming. The father of a soldier finishing his second tour in Iraq just laid into Romney at the GOP presidential debate in New Hampshire for saying a few weeks ago his sons were serving their country working on his presidential campaign, comparing that to military service.

The father was choked up and angry at Romney. On a split screen, Romney had a smile pasted on his face while listening to the broadside aimed at him. He just did not seem to react enough to the father's angst.

There is "no comparison of course," said Romney. But he went on to other matters without taking a moment just to makde some kind of a human connection to the questioner.


Mitt is the Stepford candidate - there's no other way to describe him. I really can't see him remaining a leading candidate for long. If people aren't thrilled about trial-lawyer Edwards, why would they be excited about hedge fund trader Romney?

Why would they be excited about hedge fund Romney? That's exactly why! He has experience in business; he is not your run of the mill politician. He gets a hold of things and fixes them. (i.e. Winter Olympics) That has been his profession; he has a long history of taking companies and making them run more efficiently. Is that not what we want for our government, to get on top of spending and stop borrowing millions of dollars a day from other countries?

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