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Sweet NH GOP blog special. Report 2. Brokeback Brownback on gay marriage: "a vast social experiment."

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WASHINGTON---The question at the GOP presidential debate in New Hampshire put on the table by reporter Carl Cameron is gay marriage. The frontrunning Democrats, at a gay-issues debate in Los Angeles last month, gently said they were against same sex marriage.

No blunting sharp edges for Sen. Sam BrownbacK (R-Ks.). Gay marriage is a "it is a vast social will drive marriage rates is between a mom and a dad, bonded together for life.

Mixed boos and applause.

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Brownback already said he doesn't believe in evolution, now he doesn't believe in math as in basic addition. Open marriage up to more people and fewer people will get married? I don't think so. For that matter, I thought he would have supported marriage BEFORE becoming a mom and dad. ;-)

I'm reminded of something Barack Obama said: "Of all the arguments Michelle and I have had, I can't remember one that was about someone else's marriage." (probably paraphrased - my memory isn't perfect)

imo only religious institutions should perform and recognize marriages, and governments should only recognize legal civil parnerships. That would leave everyone free to choose either, both (if their religioun of choice approved), or none of the above.

We can each choose our own religion (or lack thereof), but we all have to live under one government. Why is the concept of free will and choice such a difficult concept for these Republicans to grasp? They support it for private business (especially 'free' trade), but that seems to be where they begin and end.

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