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Sweet blog special: Wednesday Obama news roundup

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CARBONDALE, ILL.--Newsweek's ace political analyst Howard Fineman wonders "Has Barack Obama Got It In Him."

Ruth Marcus, a shoeleather Washington Post editorial writer looks at “The Two Obamas."

"Clinton May Erase Obama's Fund-Raising Edge in Third Quarter" is the story by Bloomberg News campaign finance expert Jonathan Salant sharing a byline with Kristin Jensen..
Hillary Clinton may blunt one of rival Barack Obama's few advantages in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination:money.

Michael Saul covers Obama for the New York Daily News. Obama was in NYC on Sept. 24 and returns on Sept. 27--Thursday. Saul reports “Barack Obama Tells N.Y.C. Press: Now You've Gone Too Far!"

Obama stumped in Maine in Tuesday, The Portland Press Herald's Elbert Aull: “Obama's 'Mission' Is Change."

John Fortier from The HIll “Obama Is Stuck."

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