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Sweet blog special: Runup to the Oprah fund-raiser for Obama.

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WASHINGTON—The run-up to Oprah Winfrey’s Saturday fund-raiser for Barack Obama at her estate in the Montecito community in Santa Barbara is generating a lot of stories. The Obama campaign said there will be a check-point for guests, who will then be bused to the reception, to take place on Winfrey’s lawn—not in the house. The Santa Barbara Independent ran a story last Tuesday saying the checkpoint may be eight miles from “Oprah’s backyard meadows.”

From the Independent story by J’Amy Brown: “First off, we drove by Oprah Winfrey’s mansion where, less than 10 days before the O-O party, things seem quiet. We hear it is a star-studded, sell-out event, attracting 1,400 supporters, with another 800 clamoring to get on the wait list. Scheduled for Saturday, September 8, 3-7 p.m., Obama’s well-wishers have been advised to dress fashionably functional — gossamer-garden-garb with flat shoes, mandatory for strolling with any grace at all across Oprah’s backyard meadows. A few Montecito patrons have already raised an eyebrow at cattle call check-in, required for most guests. To get to the party, even the leisurely ladies and lads of Montecito will have to drive their Rolls eight miles away to the Earl Warren Showgrounds. There, they will park and be bussed back to Montecito, after going through security search that will remove all cameras, of course.”

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