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Sweet blog special: Obama's Army 3Q people push: 75,000 new donors 3Q/to date 472,033 donations from 333,319 people. No totals.

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WASHINGTON--I'm at the airport about to board a plane so I will happily quote ABC News Obama embed Jonathan Greenberger report (hat tip for getting it up so fast) on the first info coming out of the Obama campaign regarding third quarter fund-raising, which closes Sept. 30. The campaign, following how they handled 1Q and 2Q puts out number of donors first, money as late as they can. That's to build the argument that Obama's popularity is measured with thousands of real people giving him money...and not just with a polling sample.

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ABC News – Political Radar - Obama Claims 75,000 New Third Quarter Donors – So Far

September 24, 2007 8:45 AM

ABC News' Jonathan Greenberger reports: With less than a week to go before the end of the important third quarter of presidential fundraising, the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama is giving a sneak peek of the size of its massive fundraising machine.

In an e-mail to supporters, the campaign claims an eye-popping total of 472,033 donations from 333,319 people over the course of the campaign.

If the number of donors holds, it would represent approximately 75,000 new donors for the campaign during the third quarter, which began July 1 and ends this Sunday.

That would be a dropoff from the first two quarters of the year – in the first quarter, the campaign had just over 100,000 donors, and during the second quarter, the campaign reported 154,000 new donors – but still contributes to an impressively large donor pool, especially considering the third quarter is typically more difficult for presidential fundraising, with many Americans on vacation and the most likely supporters having already made donations.

The campaign did not say how much money all these donors have given.

"Most campaigns, and the pundits watching them, still measure success solely in dollars. And we will hold our own on that scorecard. But we can prove a more powerful point," writes Obama in the e-mail to supporters. "We can prove that it's people, not dollars, that should be the measure for campaigns."

After contributions over the next week are included, the campaign says it hopes to have a total of 350,000 donors and 500,000 donations at the quarter’s end.

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