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Sweet blog special: New Obama Iowa ad/Reaching out to Independents, Obama relies on "Straw Cynics."

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WASHINGTON---In a new Iowa ad--where the Democratic presidential race is a three-way tie--White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) seems to be reaching out to independent voters by emphasizing his work with Republicans.

The spot is visually simple. Despite all that stunning exterior footage the Obama ad team has been shooting in Iowa--Rockwellian barns and the like--the ad has Obama wearing a grey suit suit in a Pottery Barn of a room looking at the camera.

His message is quite interesting because it does not play to the Democratic base. Nothing about his new domestic economic plans, rolled out this week. The econ proposals, apparently do not need to be reinforced in Iowa with paid media.

Actually, the spot dwells on nothing specific at all. It is titled "Believe." It opens with a reference to the nameless, faceless hope-mongering (Obama's phrase, not mine) cynics in Washington who have been supplying Obama with one of his stump lines. It's used this way in the spot. "Every time I speak about my hope for America, the cynics in Washington roll their eyes." It's a example of how Obama uses the rhetorical device known as a "straw man" argument to make his point.

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Every time I speak about my hope for America, the cynics in Washington roll their eyes.

You see, they don't believe we can actually change politics and bring an end to decades of division and deadlock. They don't believe we can limit the power of lobbyists who block our progress, or that we can trust the American people with the truth.

And that’s why we face the same problems and hear the same promises every four years.

My experience tells me something very different.

In twenty years of public service, I've brought Democrats and Republicans together to solve problems that touch the lives of everyday people.

I've taken on the drug and insurance companies and won. I defied the politics of the moment, and opposed the war in Iraq before it began.

This is Barack Obama. I approve this message to ask you to believe -- not just in my ability to bring about real change in Washington. I'm asking you to believe in yours.
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