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Sweet blog extra: Obama snares Federico Pena endorsement. Former Clinton administration cabinet member.


WASHINGTON--The campaign of White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) will hold a conference call today to highlight Federico Pena's endorsement and his being tapped as a national campaign co-chair. That keeps the niche-vote work the base theme today--pitching for female votes in San Franciso (conceed nothing to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) and the upcoming appeal for Hispanic votes in Florida (conceed nothing to New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson).

The backing of this Washington insider-he was the Clinton administration Transportation and Energy secretary--comes in advance of the Hispanic-oriented Univision presidential forum Obama and other Democratic contenders will attend on Sunday.


After winning the election, newly elected President Obama is currently busy with the transition process between what will be his administration and the soon to be previous administration. He is beginning to assemble his cabinet and staff, and like any other high level position in the government, the nominees for these jobs must be qualified, and judged to not be a threat in any way. Part of the qualification process is a 7 page application, posing 63 questions that are so invasive; he might as well throw in credit repair while he’s at it. The applicant screening questions ask things like everything the applicant as well as their spouse(s) have done in the past 10 years, any and all publications such as books, publications in journals, letters to editors, and anything posted on the internet, and any and all aliases used on the internet. Also, the applicant must reveal any and all information on any private website that they use, such as MySpace or Facebook, which they use in either personal or professional capacity, to rule out any and all conflicts of interest. The application and depth of information to be able to serve this new commander in chief is so intrusive, he might as well offer them free credit repair as a bonus for having to reveal everything on their application. Click to read more on Credit Repair.

The Obama campaign announced the endorsement today of former Energy Secretary Federico Pena and named him a National Campaign Co-Chair. Pena was the Mayor of Denver in the 1980’s before President Clinton selected him to serve as the Secretary of Transportation and later the Secretary of Energy in the 1990’s. Pena will also attend the Univision Democratic Presidential Candidate Forum on Sunday in Chicago, Illinois.

“I look forward to working with Federico to bring about the transformation this country desperately needs. His vision for change as Mayor of Denver and his strong record on energy and transportation issues brings invaluable experience to our team,” said Senator Barack Obama.

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