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Sweet blog special: Iowa tie. New poll shows Obama likeable, honest--but inexperienced.


WASHINGTON---A new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows a three-way tie in Iowa, the crucial leadoff presidential vote state. The poll changes the narrative that Iowa was leaning towards Edwards. Now the story is Iowa is a toss-up.

The news:
27 percent Barack Obama
26 percent John Edwards
26 percent Hillary Rodham Clinton
11 percent Bill Richardson
All others below 10 percent.

From Obama perspective, best news of poll—People like him, trust him. Bad news, low scores on leadership, experience.

Click below for details..

*Obama scores highest—30 percent-as most honest and trustworthy, compared to 24 percent for Edwards and 14 percent for Clinton.

Obama also scores best on “best understands the problems of people like you,” 27 percent to 25 percent for Edwards and 22 percent for Clinton.

*Obama, Edwards score high—33 percent-- on most likable to 14 percent for Clinton.

From Obama perspective troublesome news from the poll—inexperience.


*Obama scores worse by far on who “has the best experience to be president,” 7 percent to 15 percent for Edwards and 50 percent for Clinton.

*Obama scores low, but better than Edwards on “is the strongest leader,” coming in at 23 percent to 18 percent for Edwards and 36 percent for Clinton.

*And on the very significant question, “Is best able to handle the situation in Iraq,” Obama is at 17 percent to 16 percent for Edwards and 29 percent for Clinton.


The Clintons are running out of strategic ammo against Obama.

First they ignored him, she was the inevitable nominee. Then he couldn't raise money. Then he had no substance. Then he was not black enough. Then she was more experienced and he was naive.

In every step of the way Obama has answered the call.

None of the mudslinging will stick. They have burnt all their cards.

Who really does these surveys ?
All of the sudden, Obama is leading in polls but...Bad guys to lead the country..
All of the sudden, Hillary is loosing in polls but...Good person to lead the country..
This looks like fabricated polls to dig Obama with his position in Pakistan...
Don't think american people are foolish.

I have argued and wish this would be discussed is that I think when people say experience they are really talking judgement. Who has good judgement. And frankly, Hillary is not strong there. obama is.
I also have asked why it is That Hillary can borrow Bill;'s resume and use her time as a first lady and call it experience and the media goes along with it. Yet, Obama had spent 10 years in the state and is called a rookie and his time here is not concidered legit.
This is totally screwed up thinking.
Is the years Laura has spent as first lady also concidered legit experience for her to become a president?
Why not Nancy?
I find it incredible that the msm totally excepts this screwed up thinking and parrots it religiously.
And I find it incredible that they discount Obama's years as a State senator and all the work he did there are not legit experience.
Don't you think this is totally stupid????

Just to recap, can you remind us how these top 3 candidates did in the last such poll?

In the spirit of The Simpson's Movie how would you match the characters to the Democratic candidates?

Bart - Obama
Lisa - Hillary
Homer - Edwards
Marge - Richardson

The American people love Bart and respect Lisa. That's Hillary's main problem in this campaign.

Oh, give me a freaking break!

How many of our past Presidents had been President of the United States of America before his first term in the Oval Office?

We need to stop running Senator Obama through the same flaming hoops that corporations underhandedly use to basely stifle new college grads, just to unscrupulously justify their discriminatory maintenance of the job front status quo. That we can so easily penalize and disqualify Senator Obama only for not having served as many calendar days in an elected office as other candidates is tersely hypocritical and obtusely pretentious. We are the very same America who allowed George Walker Bush to steal two unchallenged terms in the Oval Office, never once questioning his qualifications, though he had a history of abysmal failures that, page upon page, stacked as high as I stand tall. I dare say that some of the American people, just like many of these xenophobic, sexist corporations, tend to hold different candidates to differing qualifying standards of experience and eligibility. Pound for pound, Senator Obama's resume is just as impressive as his fellow competitors. His political experience and governmental expertise are just as formidable as that of any current representative holding an elected office, and far surpasses that of the current occupant of the Oval Office he seeks to take.

It is not Obama's past history which calls into question his lack of experience. It's his mouth. When was the last time Hillary said something controversial, ignorant, or stupid? Obama seems to do this weekly.

As for Bush there's no question he would be Bart and Kerry would be Millhouse or the fat kid with glasses. Unfortunately all too often the best qualified candidate (Hillary) doesn't win the popularity contest known as the American Presidency.

As for Hillary's experience you seem to forget she has already been part of Bill Clinton's administration for 2 years on top of being a senator from NYC. Obama's experience doesn't compare to that. Touting IL as being a better experience than NY is laughable. Everyone knows that IL is arguably the most politically corrupt state in the union.

Every has at some point, lacked experience in one situation or another. Experience is a skill that can be gained, unlike the ability to handle situations with integrity and honesty and dignity. What the American people are criticizing Obama for something that he can gain with the possibility of flying colors, if given the chance. Hilary has already gained the experience, but does she have the innate quality of strength, integrity, and ability to demand respect from the rest of the world? These are two very powerful candidates and I am curious how they deal with real situations, such as Global poverty and etc. Estimated by the Borgen Project, every 3.6 seconds, another person dies from poverty. How can they change that?

I am NOT picking on George Bush, but would someone please explain his credentials which led to him becoming president of the United States? From an objective perspective he was governor but this does not make a president. It depends on how viewing his record while governor which does not give him great experience to lead this country. So when people keep stating Obama does not have the experience what do you people really mean?

View this link:

Barack Obama taught constitutional law at University of Chicago. A lot of citizens feel as though George Bush has trampled on their constitutional rights. Do you think Obama could do this in good conscious when knowing the law well enough to teach this subject matter at the university level, and still break them?

View the link:

This experience issue is not the problem people.

George Bush's claim to fame was that he was the anointed one by the inner circle of the Republican party. If they wanted someone to rubber stamp all the pet initiatives, he was the one. In 2000, there were no good Republican candidates. In a country hungry for change from the Democratic administration, George Bush became the flawed alternative. My fear now is that voters will do the same thing in reverse. We are on the verge of having a very flawed Democratic President. I read the rhetoric posted by the zealots for the various Democrats running and I shake my head. They are all different sides of the same coin. I have not heard anything other than socialist platitudes meant to energize naive voters. It is, of course, the primary cycle where we pick one from column A or B. On the Republican side, there is the same old rhetoric about abortion, morals, etc. For all of us voters in the middle, there are no choices because of our antiquated and corrupt primary process. Any candidate that could satisfy the needs of moderates will fall to the wayside very quickly. Your candidates on the Democratic side reflect the situation in 2000. Hillary is anointed and Obama is too. If Obama were not asked to make a keynote speech in the last Democratic convention, I would not make this claim. Obama wasm't even an elected U.S. senator yet. Highly unorthodox. Why aren't all the primaries held on the same day? Why aren't they open primaries. The powers that be will not let that happen. Column A (Reps.) and column B (Dems.) control the voting process and they control our government. I hope none of you are foolish enough to believe that you make a difference just by voting for one of the anointed from either side.

I don't understand why national polls show Hillary leading, when - if you look at the "comments" section on virtually ANYTHING written online regarding the 2008 dems, the number of ANTI-Hillary posts far outweigh any that support her!!!

No one seems to like Hillary, so who is cooking the national poll numbers?
(i'm sure that the fact that they can't poll cell phone users is part of it- who has only a landline anymore? )

To a previous poster - Hillary doesnt say controversial things, or make "daily mistakes" because SHE DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING that isn't canned, pre packaged dribble. she just repeats safe, boring, political, focus group tested, sound bites. uhg. i hate her.

My own opinion is that if Hill is nominated, Dems will lose the whitehouse (AGAIN).

i've always voted for a Dem, but if she's the candidate...i just won't vote...
and that'd be the only presidential election in which i didn't vote, in the last 20 years.

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