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Sweet blog extra: Bush says bye to Hastert. "Indebted" to former speaker. The Hastert legacy.

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REHOBOTH BEACH, DEL.----A "good and decent man." That's what President Bush called former Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) who Friday officially announced he would not seek another term. That Hastert was contemplating retirement was scooped by Blogger Sweet last May.

Part of the Hastert legacy:

*A record as the longest serving GOP House speaker.
*A Democratic House.
*The Hastert Highway earmark. Will Gov. Blagojevich ever add the state funds for the road?
*The Mark Foley page scandal.
*The Hastert Rules--governing from the majority of the majority.
*The long open vote.
*A son transformed from a music store owner to a lobbyist.
*Metra suburban stations.

click below for Bush statement...

from the White House........

Office of the Press Secretary

(Crawford, Texas)


For Immediate Release August 17, 2007


It has been a great pleasure forging a close friendship and working relationship with Denny Hastert. He is a good and decent man, and he was a strong and effective Speaker. After teaching government and history at Yorkville High School in Illinois, Denny began making history serving in the Illinois House of Representatives and the United States House of Representatives. During his two decades in Congress, Denny rose through the ranks as a hard-working Member whom colleagues on both sides came to admire, trust, and respect – and became the longest-serving Republican Speaker in history. Drawing on lessons he learned as a coach, he successfully guided Members of Congress to work together to enact legislation that has improved the lives of Americans. He led Congress to reduce taxes, improve education, strengthen Medicare, bolster our national defense, and support our troops. Our Nation is stronger because of his service.

I am indebted to Denny for his candid advice and strong support, and I look forward to working with him throughout the remainder of the 110th Congress. As my good friend prepares to move on to the next phase of his life, he has my gratitude for his distinguished service. Laura and I wish Denny, Jean, and their entire family all the best.

# # #

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Washington Politics at it’s Best!
President Bush signs a bill to rescue homeowners.

Change of heart. He first threatened to veto it, but after rethinking about it and saying basically that it was better than nothing, President Bush signed early today in the absence of the typical White House ceremony at the time of signing a new law, a bill that will rescue 400,000 homeowners from foreclosure and that provides assurance to the giants, recently in trouble, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Usually, the signing of a bill comes with a celebration, souvenirs for other politicians, etc… this time was different. This time, the signing of the bill came early in the morning, only a few White House aides and administrators were present, and the new law was announced by e-mail moments later.

The new law comes with a split decision, Republicans opposed it, and Banks and Home Builders support it.

Now, let’s be realistic, who will this new law benefit?
Homeowners cannot refinance because their home values are much less that what they owe, banks won’t take the risk. Banks are asking borrowers to have a perfect credit score, to be, what it’s known in the Real Estate business as A-Paper or full doc. Is this Washington Politics at it’s Best or is the President really making an extraordinary effort to “rescue” homeowners from loosing their most valued asset?

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