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Sweet Iowa blog special: On the road with Bill and Hill and Barack and Michelle. Report 1.


DES MOINES—On the Obama campaign bus, heading towards Keokuk, on the Illinois border on the southeast part of the state. It’s the July 4 holiday and Iowa, the state with the first presidential vote is full of candidates. This is the 13th Obama trip to Iowa since he declared for president in February.

The Bill and Hill Iowa roadshow is competing against a roadtrip Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill) is making with his wife and family.

Monday night recap: At the Iowa State Fairgrounds Clinton rally. Former President Bill Clinton (in mustard shirt) makes his Iowa campaign debut with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) (in watermelon top). Clinton never stumped in the Iowa caucus in 1992 because Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Ia.) was running for president and had a lock on the state. A few weeks ago a Clinton campaign memo leaked suggesting she skip this state. The memo was quickly disavowed when it surfaced.

The Clinton and Obama campaigns chartered buses for their traveling press corps. That’s unusual because most of the time the reporters hop around on their own.Third tier rivals Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Ct.) and Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) are also in Iowa over the holiday with no apparent entourages in tow.

Sen. Clinton has to balance leveraging her popular husband without diluting her own
“brand.” “I’m awfully glad to have my husband here,” she said at the fairgrounds.She lit into the clemency President Bush granted former Vice President Chief of Staff Lewis “Scooter” Libby in harsher words than the statement she had issued: “What we saw today was elevating cronyism over the rule of law.

Bill Clinton’s job was to introduce Clinton and then sit, look up adoringly, sip water and not overshadow his wife. He was diplomatic. “As a Democrat, I love this election because you don’t have to be against anybody,” he said, mentioning the names of almost all the Democratic rivals. But he liked Hillary best.
"I would be here tonight if she asked me if we weren’t married," Clinton said.


I wonder how many people are like me. Just plain sick and tired of the Clintons and their brand of corruption and polarization.
Hopefully enough people will be so sick of these two clowns as to upset ms. inevitability's coronation.

Bill was a great politician, but these two have had their run at the White House. Do we really want to return to the scene of the Last-Day-Pardons? Hillary is the last person I would turn to to clean up corruption in Washington. Having met some of the people Obama worked with when he first arrived in Chicago and taking a measure of their faith in him, I am convinced he is the real deal and a true agent of change. Please continue these insightful reports from the field.

It sounds like the Clinton camp is inflating crowd numbers, local WHOTV reported in their video:

Clinton camp claimed 7,000 but WHO TV reporter talked with local and national media who all said it was closer to 3-4,000. Reporter said crowd numbers are significant because Obama recently brought out 6,500 in Ames Iowa. Looks like the Clinton camp is pretending to have more.

Hillary sent an email this morning repeating this inflated number. This is troubling to me. I thought only Republicans did this sort of thing.

VWCAT, there are a lot of us sick of Bill and Hillary. But, I would urge you if you are a Democrat to look beyond your party affiliations if a candidate appears that truly shows some "common sense". Unfortunately there have been far fewer of those rising to the top in the last several decades. One thing I am sure of; Barack is not a common sense populist. He is far left all the way.

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