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Sweet Democratic debate special. Clinton calls herself "modern progressive." Report 3.


WASHINGTON--Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is sticking to one of her main themes regarding her leadership. She's got the experience.

It came in a question posed to Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) about why he would be better than Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) or Clinton, the front-runners.

Kucinich looked back, not forward, in talking about his opposition to the Iraq war.

Clinton, asked to respond chanted her mantra: “The issue is which one of use is ready to lead on Day One.”
No one challenged her statement.

And pressed if she would use the word liberal to describe herself...she sidestepped a yes or no and said "I consider myself a modern progressive."


there is not a progressive bone in her body. she is a DLC, neodem, right of center. She also does not like the progressives. She is just pandering in hope that no one will notice she is the least progressive aside from leibermann in the party.

Hillary Clinton is trying to whitewash her previous centrist voting record, that's true. But Obama is as conservative/establishment as her or more—and yes you can be a rookie and still be part of the establishment.

The Washington Post has a website that shows the voting records for every congress since 1991

I did some research there and found Obama had voted more conservatively than Clinton in the last year or so. Not an easy task. He voted yes to reauthorize the Patriot Act HR3199, voted no on a provision in a defense bill that set a date for troop redeployment S2766, voted yes to give tax breaks to oil companies HR6, etc. There's more.

And he stated in the debate he's for nuclear power. Come on people, an african american president would be a tremendous leap forward, for sure. But think about your own motivations. However noble you think they are, could they be rooted in a passive form of racism? Could the biggoted Joe Biden quote of a "clean, eloquent african american," represent a sentiment in your own subconcious? blinding you to what "should" matter most—the candidate's voting record and platform? Ask yourself why you didn't vote for Al Sharpton or Carol Mosley Braun in 2004. The answer deserves some thought.

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