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Sweet Dem debate special. Our man from Mundelein asks about Clinton fatigue. Report 13.

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WASHINGTON—Chris Nolan is a Democratic precinct committeeman from north suburban Mundelein. He asked via his YouTube video a very interesting question about the Bush and Clinton hold on the White House for so many years. Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush….and another Clinton? This is the Clinton fatigue question.

Or, as Nolan put it, “I was also wondering if any of the other candidates had a problem with the same two families being in charge of the executive branch of government for 28 consecutive years, if Hillary Clinton were to potentially be elected and then re-elected.”

Clinton sidesteps a direct answer. But she does start with a very good point--that it should have been Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Gore (remember the Florida recount).

Clinton: “Well, I think it is a problem that Bush was elected in
2000. I actually thought somebody else was elected in that
election, but…. Obviously, I am running on my own merits, but I am very
proud of my husband's record as president of the United States.’’

Obama played his cynicism card on this one since I guess he did not want to comment on Clinton fatigue. (And I am not cynical in pointing out that Obama positions himself as the anti-cynic. A central Obama premise is that cynicism is at the root of many of our national ills.)

Obama: “Look, I think every single question we've heard you see
cynicism about the capacity to change this country. And the question
for the American people, who desperately
want change, is: Who's got a track record of bringing about change?
Who can unify the country, so that we're not just talking about
Democrats and Republicans, but we're talking about Americans? And who
can overcome the special interests in Washington so that we have a
president of the United States who is fighting on behalf of ordinary

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it is Cris Nolan not Chris Nolan

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