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Sweet Dem debate special. Everything you need to know about Clinton, Obama, in 30 seconds. Edwards brilliant "hair" video refocus to bigger issue. Report 7. UPDATED.


WASHINGTON— Everything you need to know about Clinton, Obama in 30 seconds. And Edwards presents a powerful, inspired diffusing of critics of his $400 haircut.

But first...the format is a winner... Using YouTube videos submitted by viewers--is terrific. It worked. And this may influence future debates.

The questions—so far not all plowing new ground, is turning it smartly, nonetheless. All the candidates were asked to produce 30 second videos. The best videos came from the Clinton, Edwards and Obama campaigns. They were hip.

Clinton does not appear in her spot, genius in its simplicity. It concludes with the line, , “Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.”

Edwards, hit for his $400 haircut, addresses the topic head on. To the music "Hair," the pictures go from hair to clips dealing with issues--health, poverty war. It ends with "what really matters."

Obama’s video uses lots of clips of him and puts these words on the screen: “Save the planet” and “We can change the world. I

The campaigns boiled down to 30 seconds.

Below, releases from Clinton, Edwards campaigns about their videos...

This from Clinton campaign.
Video Created By Zachary Goode of California

Hillary Clinton for President announced the winner of its YouTube video contest today. Zachary Goode of Los Angeles, CA created the video called, “By The Numbers” in two days. The 30-second video is a sequence of statistics about the state of the country and ends with the line, “Sometimes the best man for the job is a woman.” It will air tonight during the CNN/YouTube Democratic presidential debate. You can view the video by visiting .

"I strongly support Hillary for President because I believe she possesses equal parts idealism and pragmatism," said Goode. "She knows the greatness our country has to offer, but at the same time, she knows there's a lot of hard work needed to reverse the damage caused over the last 7 years."

An aspiring filmmaker, Goode, 30, is the post production supervisor for the University of Southern California’s Shoah Foundation Institute. Goode was raised in Grand Haven, MI and attended The College of Wooster. He later earned a Masters in Fine Arts degree at Chapman University. His thesis film, “Look Away,” was screened at numerous film festivals around the world.

In addition to Goode's "By The Numbers" video, the campaign is highlighting several other contest submissions. You can view all the finalists' videos here .

“I congratulate Zach for his thoughtful commentary about the importance of this election,” said Hillary Clinton. “I am grateful to Zach and all the people who submitted videos for their creativity. YouTube has truly opened up the political process in new and exciting ways. I look forward to tapping into the imagination of my virtual ad team as the campaign continues."

The Clinton campaign launched the contest almost two weeks ago after CNN and YouTube asked all the candidates to create a thirty-second video to be aired during the debate. The campaign asked its supporters to take on the assignment and submit their own videos, explaining to America why Hillary is their choice for President.

Clinton's YouTube initiative is her latest groundbreaking effort on the Internet. Several weeks ago, the campaign launched the HillCam, posting behind the scenes footage of Hillary and President Clinton campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire on Hillary's website. Last month, Hillary's web video send-up of the “Sopranos” finale announcing her campaign song drew several million views on the Internet. More than 200,000 votes were cast online and 25,000 wrote-in to suggest their own song choices. The video announcing the campaign song contest, "I Need Your Advice," received 623,515 views in the last two months, the most watched campaign clip for any candidate in the race.

###“What Really Matters” can be found here:

Tonight in our video, the Edwards campaign has taken on what the press is convinced is its biggest vulnerability: a haircut. There were lots of questions posed to the candidates, but tonight we asked one of our own: what really matters? We’re asking what really matters to the 45 million Americans without health care, the 37 million in poverty, the soldiers serving overseas who don’t have adequate body armor, and to the countless middle class families who may not struggle to get by, but do struggle to get ahead.

As Edwards drives the Democratic agenda by leading with bold and specific ideas, we believe the stakes are too high to not focus on issues that matter. As President, John Edwards will dramatically change the direction of this country and no haircut is going to stop him.


Obama made a great point that showed a clear distinction between himself and Hillary when he said it was terrific that Hillary was asking the Pentagon how we were going to get out of Iraq, but that those questions should've been asked before we went into Iraq.

In order words, Obama is saying four things to Hillary:
"Don't authorize the war and then start fighting to stop it"
"Don't get us into a war without figuring out how we're going to get out"
"Quit making a mess and then trying to clean it up"
"Don't act stupid and then think later"

It shows that Hillary lacks good judgment to be president, while Obama will be as careful as John F. Kennedy was in dealing with the Cuban missile crisis, which clearly would've escalated if JFK had the judgment of Hillary Clinton.

I loved Edwards ad. i loved that he poked fun at the press obsession with his hair and trying to define him by it.
It was wicked

I'm a bit tired of Obama's one issue campaign against Hillary- We get the point- She voted to give the President the power to use force (even though she cautioned him to use it wisely and not to change the US position on pre-emption) and he didn't -even though he was only a state senator.
Enough already-let's hear your other qualifications????

Clinton's approach to meeting with leasders of so-called 'rogue nations' highlights her affiliation to the old-ways of Washington. They've been testing the waters for years and apparently the waters are never safe enough to venture in. Unlike Clinton, Nancy Pelosi took a bold step, get criticized, in the end, Condoleeza Rice called her up for tips before she went to Syria herself and George Bush told her in secret that he never critized her:

Obama on the other hand presented an approach that reflects the general will of the American people- The way of the future. And former Clinton adviser Dick Morris seem to agree with Obama in this video:

Fear of being used for propaganda is an arrogant excuse to prevent dialogue that may bring geat breakthroughs.

Anybody who lauds DICK MORRIS and his opinion on anything, risks looking absurd. Of course Hillary was correct. Presidents don't just rush in to meet with and be photographed with dictators before they know the lay of the land. Obama shows his inexperience with every new debate. If he ever makes it to the Presidency, he is going to need so much help. He's not ready to be Commander-in-Chief. He just isn't.

Zach Kemfp from Utah posed a scenario and ask a questioned and no one never answered it.

You're going to spend this whole night talking about your views
on issues, but the issues don't matter if when you get in power
nothing's going to get done

I mean, be honest with us. How are you going to be any different?

NOT ONE DAMN PERSON ANSWERED THIS QUESTION! What does bringing up the Citadel – which I believe people do not care where they were located, has to do with answering a question directly address to them? From my perspective do any of you reading, believe you can keep your job the length of time some politicians have by blowing smoke up your boss’s butt?

--Moving on to the Asinine

EDWARDS: I'm not for reparations. I can answer that question.

EDWARDS: And here's an example. What is the conceivable
explanation for this, that black people are paying more for their mortgage?

And, by the way, it's not just low-income African Americans; it's
high-income African-Americans.

Mr. Edwards’s first comment is his to live with; I have to adjust with how he feels answering this question with confidence. But in the same swoop he feels just as confident in knowing Blacks are discriminated against regardless of their income, yet doesn’t see the need for reparations. NOW WHITE AMERICANS DO SOME OF YOU UNDERSTAND WHY BLACK AMERICANS CALL YOU RACIST? Here is a man stating, I know you have been redlined, I know you have been over-charged, I know there is a double-standard regardless of how much you make, BUT NO YOU CANNOT BE COMPENSATED FOR THESE RACIST ACTIONS!

OBAMA: I think the reparations we need right here in South
Carolina is investment, for example, in our schools.
We’ve got teachers who are not trained to teach the subjects they're
teaching and high dropout rates. That’s the kind of reparations that are
really going to make a difference in America right now.

Though Mr. Obama is correct in his assessment he does not propagate the answer to include all of America, especially African Americans because he does not want to offend White Americans. But why should a man of African descent who KNOWS the WEALTH of this country has continuously been distributed inequitably not say BOLDLY “Yes, I am for reparations!” We all know the answers it is no different when marriage between Blacks and Whites was considered taboo at one time not too long ago.

COOPER: Is anyone on the stage for reparations for slavery for
The Bible says we shall be and must be repairers of the breach.
And a breach has occurred.

KUCINICH: We have to acknowledge that. It's a breach that has
resulted in inequality in opportunities for education, for health
care, for housing, for employment
I have to take Mr. Kucinich at his word, but how many times have white politicians acknowledge these violations, but continue to operate in the same old fashion they actually are accustomed to, on how America works unequally for some of her citizens?

But it's also a breach that has affected a lot of poor whites as well.

There very well may be a breach among poor white folks, but who is doing it? Black people have no control of the welfare of white people. We cannot stop one white person from pursuing all that America has to offer. I know many whites think AA programs has tilted the distribution of wealth in minorities favor, but re-read Mr. Edwards ever- present disclosure again.

No wonder America is in disarray, people know racism exists, people know the foul practices of the dominant culture, yet people are asked a direct question and are elusive in their answers as winning the state's lottery jackpot!...*Sigh*

Comment later on the rest of your blog entry Ms. Sweet.

It is clear to me in reading your blog that most of the people commenting here are idealists who want to live in a fantasy world. The ideas are so "out there" these days that I have come to look upon the Democratic party as the "Fantasy" party of the USA.

The biggest fantasy of course is that the "goverment" can do anything better than "private ownership". I challenge your readers to show me examples where that has been the case. An idealist living in a fantasy world will look to socialism and more government control of society as progress. An idealist living in the real world looks to regulation. If you want to insure the uninsured in America or better the healthcare system in America then sit down and figure out how to better "regulate" the industry towards those goals.

Mr. Douglas, the idea that white America was born mostly from wealthy merchants and land owners is pure fantasy. The South had it's "iron" slaves and the North had it's "wage" slaves. History has shown us that some wage slaves lived in worse conditions than the iron slaves. Each day wage slaves risked their lives and their health to their working conditions and the criminals that fed upon them outside of the work places. The home was not a sanctuary either as many had to fight against the rats and the roaches all night.

The idea that wage slaves came to America under their own free will is equally a fantasy. Most came because they had to do what their masters told them to do. When someone has the ability to imprison you or blacklist you from finding work they hold power over you. That power makes them your master. That was the case for many wage slaves.

Despite these hardships some of these wage slaves endured and saved enough money to where decades later they became the middle class of America. Their descendants would later be disadvantaged by affirmative action policies both in the school and the workplace. Why then are they not deserving of reparations as well?

Mr. R. Joe please read:

Wage Slave: Wage slavery is a term used to refer to a condition in which a person VOLUNTARILY chooses a job but only within a coerced set of choices (e.g. work for a boss or starve) which usually excludes democratic worker's control of the workplace and the economy as a whole and unconditional access to food, shelter and healthcare. It is used to express disapproval of a condition where a person feels compeled to work in return for payment of a wage. In terms used by critics of capitalism, wage slavery is the condition where a person must sell his or her labor power, submitting to the authority of an employer merely to subsist.
I will even allow for the analogy below.

Wage slavery can be described as a lack of rights. The only rights that a person has are the rights he or she gains on the labor market. Did an Iron Slave have these rights? Matter of fact the former Iron slave is having some rights taken back in the 21st century. Have you read a few decisions made by the Supreme Court rulings lately?

Iron Slave:
Review the link above; did your ancestors come here looking this way? More or less did Europeans come to American in this manner?

Mr. R. Joe, do you not view the statement made on how trying to paint a Wage Slave (someone who gives freely of their labor & skills) versus an Iron Slave (someone who is beaten into submission physically and then coerced into working for NOTHING!) as not being racist?

Whether America was born of wealthy merchants or low skilled workers, each had a choice in how to conduct their life in this country. NOT even the Native American had a CHOICE in how to facilitate with a newcomer to this land because of greed!

Explain to me, how can that easily be overlooked, and point simply to the fact of being a wage slave. White Americans, regardless of how terrible they feel the ethno-centric structure thrust upon another country and its native people suffered under it, STILL have NOT suffered the same faith! As your own post states, despite hardships wage slaves endured and saved money where decades later they are middle class in America. Why did the wage slave (white) become middle class? Was it at the expense of Affirmative Action - before it was called that - was given preference to whites in jobs, education, housing, health-care and list of items which is endless? How is present day AA taking any thing away from Whites when in actuality it tries to create a level playing field - but does not - because individuals with your thoughts have feelings of losing to others, and control it with an IRON FIST? When will White America wake-up and realize NO ONE WANTS A HAND-OUT, but stop with the back room deals such as Mr. Kucinich stated has been the norm since the inception of America? How dare you compare a working individual who might live in terrible conditions to the person who was relegated and segregated to NOT compete because of Jim Crow & Segregation who bleak future depended on if one white person decided to hire a Black man/woman? And later if this Black person showed any slight in demeanor - attitude as White America calls it - was fired, or if that white person's nephew, friend, or cousin was out of work this person(Black) was fired though their work record was impeccable. Until you read more of the history of America, whereby you understand it was NOT just the South who owned an iron slave but the North as well you should not address such a topic with minor knowledge. It is well known that in Washington D.C. it was a way-station to sale the IRON SLAVE. Yes, right there down the street from the White House where knuckleheads sits and intimidate Whites with fear; yet are the ones that is a war-monger, but there is no marching in the streets to remove him/them.

White Americans got on a boat, ship and (later) planes and came freely on their own accord. Did some leave Europe because of persecution? Yes! But why did they come and persecute others when knowing what it felt like where they came from? Because it is easier to be a part of the LARGER CROWD AND THROW HATE, than to stand up and say that is wrong. Whites do not perform white flight because they fear Black people, they do what the crowd does, and then help propagate the lies of the wealthy merchants as you called them. How can a white American be disadvantage if they were able to move from Slave Wage to Middle Class, yet seek reparations too? But that very Iron Slave needs special Amendments and Laws enacted to even get a hand on the bottom rung, while Whites stand at the top and scream freely with no fear or repercussions from the powers that be! While pulling another white up and over the Iron Slave crushing the bones in their hands while smiling gleefully when doing so.

Your feeble attempt to engage how hard a wage slaver versus an iron slave had it is meaningless when being able to step into the cocoon of alabasterism which the wage slave feels safe is not really “Living in America” as James Browns lyrically stated!

Please read twice completely without bias and do it with objectivity, then tell me about a Wage Slave again.

Pleae Realist Joe, read about Dred Scott! (who was only one of many Iron Slaves) Here is a link.

Thank you Ms Sweet for allowing me to express my thoughts

Mr. Douglas,

Since you did not dispute the treatment of wage slaves in the 18th and 19th century in America I will consider it a mutual understanding that their suffering was on par with that of the iron slaves.

Instead you focused on the origins of these slaves and once again completely overlooked the fact that most of the so-called wage slaves did not have a choice. Prison, starvation, or America is not a choice. They were forced into contracts before they were shipped to America. That is not a choice.

Unions powered by organized crime is why the descendants of these wage slaves were able to become the middle class. You seem to neglect the fact that the vast majority of these whites could neither read nor write. They were like sheep and naturally they were led by community leaders. So it's pointless to mention the law and the Constitution in reference to their actions.

Likewise you are completely neglecting America's Civil War in your defense of reparations. Slavery was a dominant trading practice throughout the world in the 18th and 19th centuries so it's not surprising that was the case in America. What is surprising is that less than a hundred years after the birth of America she would go to war with herself to abolish slavery. While it's true money interests are behind all wars that was the galvanizing issue in American homes. It brought division into families in Southern Illinois and put white brother against white brother.

More American's lost their lives in the Civil War than all other wars combined. The North plundered the South of it's lands and it's wealth so it was no surprise that Southerners would harbor resentment toward blacks for generations to come. Likewise families in the North questioned the value of the cause in the wake of the dead. It's just basic human nature to feel that way when living in the midst of trauma.

Eventually education spread throughout America and for the first time in it's history most Americans were capable of reading the US Constitution. It's not surprising that soon thereafter we had the civil rights movement.

So in retrospect I do not see the moral justification for asking the government of the US of America to pay reparations to blacks in America for treatment during a time when most Americans could neither read nor write. In that society there are few persons even capable of challenging the actions of elected officials and community leaders.

Furthermore I think it would be morally reprehensible to essentially spit on the graves of the white Americans who fought, suffered, and died here to bring an end to slavery and usher in the civil rights movement.

Affirmative-action is counter-productive in a capitalistic society. There is nothing immoral about a consumer choosing to shop at a store because she feels more comfortable with the people working in that store. Likewise there is nothing immoral about the store owner choosing to hire people that make the consumers feel more comfortable.

What is immoral is forced integration. That is the imposition of quotas in school enrollments and the work place based on the ethnicity of applicants. Busing and quotas represent band-aid fixes to the severe wounds. Some individuals benefit from them but the bulk do not. The impoverished areas remain and when having to compete in a global economy they actually get worse.

Instead the government should look at each community and ask what can it do to help it? How do you improve the schools and the jobs in THAT community? By providing economic incentives to investors both here and abroad.

Why waste time disputing something you have been taught since a child but will not take the time to find out is it really so; will not read books written by non-European authors to find the real story? Go take the time to read the Middle Passages and then come back and tell me your pain of the 18th & 19th century! Why waste the time when VIEWING your people was hurt by a union which paid you. Remember you did get paid, regardless of how terrible the work may have been. You did have the opportunity as this country’s mantra states “PULL YOURSELF UP BY YOUR BOOTSTRAPS!” Therefore why do you whine when you had boots and the strong straps to go with it to pull yourself up, but do not view those who country was stolen and parceled out with glee, and Africans stolen from another continent, forced to labor freely for centuries so NOW you can ENOY YOUR MIDDLE-CLASS STATUS?

How can you pompously puff your chest and claim there was a great war where people died but not think about the millions who died when whites made first contact with them, and those who were shipped thousands of miles from their native homeland because of European colonization? Why do you see only the poor white people’s graves and state someone spits on them when one ethnic culture has spitted on a plethora of cultures and their dead to claim supremacy!?

When immersed in the knowledge of how a continent was stolen and stripped of its people and colonized for your ancestor’s pleasure then come speak with me. Come talk to me when you understand your ancestors stole another country from its native people, and now only five percent of their population is alive and living on reservations. But yet still spitting on the graves on the Native American! Come bring your unlearned soul and sit at the feet of those who still carry a pain from watching, seeing and viewing whether from afar or hidden behind a bush for safety how slave traders beat the life out of a human being who dared to be just that, A HUMAN BEING! Come talk to me when you fully understand what it means to have a complexion and others pull away from you out of fright because for centuries you have been labeled a savage animal, and treated by the police powers as though one, but they can show more love to a dog then another human being.

Until you can explain how a people upon visiting a new land decided because they didn't see any one and claim it was NOW theirs, but when finally encountering the Native people, regardless of the continent only your culture mattered and everyone else was a savage. Your retorts have no basis to stand on.

Please look around and ask yourself is this world a mad place because of the people who look nothing like me or the people who look like me. You have nothing! That is why you dwell onto your weakness, while trying to give strength to this statement and proclaim, "Look at me, I was wage slave too!" Were you then and are you now a slave to your phenotype because of racism when actually the genotype is the same for all beings? No, you hide your 18th & 19th century small pain, and become apoplectic at the rest of the world because all you have is big guns to annihilate the innocent but claimed you were only protecting yourself!

America FOUGHT A CIVIL WAR ONLY TO PROTECT THE INTERESTS OF WHITE PEOPLE! It is time you stop thinking it was to end slavery. There is/was a reason for Jim Crow Laws, Segregation and just plain RACIAL HATRED which you are trying to thrust forth as White America cared enough to fight a war to stop slavery. America went to war to stop the states from succeeding because she would become a weak nation with two ideologies at odds with one another! DON'T YOU DARE TRY TO TELL ME YOUR ANCESTORS FOUGHT FOR MY PEOPLE’S FREEDOM!! Re-read the Emancipation Proclamation Act, and then do your re-search on State’s Rights!

My ancestors have continuously fought for equality of opportunity which you take for granted daily under the BIAS interpretations of the U.S. Constitution by Europeans. If you feeling so low, read the 13th Amendment then read the 15th Amendment and asked why were it necessary “IF ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL” to be added much later to the constitution. Why did it take over 89 years to do this considering America finally claimed Independence in 1775? Why the other latter amendment 94 years? It was for the White male only and his spouse and off-spring. YOU KNOW THE WAGE SLAVE you keep harping about! Go back and read the U.S. Constitution and asked why was justice denied for such a long time? Wage Slave (since you proud of it, and only have this to fight with) you got yours, why was my ancestors denied theirs?

Review the two links
Side note:

As stated in a previous post, this person might be poor but look at what the government gave him and other individuals like him. So do not tell me NOT to REQUEST\DEMAND for what was stolen from my ancestors who did not get a penny for their free labor!

My ancestors took up arms (whether it was a big stone or an ax and went to war for themselves as they had done since first being enslaved in this country. This is one of the issues with American History (it is only told from the lovely ethno centric ideology of LOOK AT WHAT WE DONE!), it does NOT tell of the Slave Uprisings and Revolts which BLACK PEOPLE consistently did to fight their way out of slavery. I do not want to call you RACIST but that is what you are, you refuse to look inward to view the faults of your people, and the turmoil that has been created from the lasting affects from the degradation and interaction put upon other ethnic groups who are not European.

Take for example, more than likely you want to think the poorest people of New Orleans are the underbelly of American society, because they put themselves in the position to be flooded out and floated around in murky, oily, filthy, human waste because they simply was too lazy in doing anything for their self ?

You can lie to yourself and claim wage slave did not have a choice, but THEY DAMN SURE HAVE ALL THE CHOICES NOW, DON'T YOU? Save the back patting and self-serving attitude for those in your inner circles which propagate the mental illness which entrench your feeble brain cells. Call yourself a wage slave and believe in your heart I give credence to it! That is not what I did! I took the time to not be obtuse, obstinate, and picayunish with racist feelings in trying to be display supremacy; this is why I give links or references to items I state. Did you? I gave you a better definition of what a wage slave then you probably thought. THAT IS SHARING KNOWLEDGE AND TRUTH!

Also, what Civil Rights are you talking about? The ones guaranteed to Black people under the U.S. Constitution which needs a new/re-new an Amendment every six months (that is what it feels like) because of the racist practices of white European Americans; who claim full status as first class citizens, but deny it to everyone else? Re-think that one!

Mr Douglas,

It should be obvious to you that your last post is indeed racist. You have essentially chosen to belittle the suffering of whites in the 18th and 19th centuries in a feeble attempt to strengthen your argument for reparations. In contrast I have never belittled the suffering of blacks in my argument. I simply compared and contrasted the perils of the two slave types.

It is equally clear that your view of America's Civil War is distorted. The general consensus of historians is that the issue that gained mainstream support for the war in the North was the abolishment of slavery. Your failure to understand that simple point puts the issue to rest in this debate. It is left to the readers and of course Lynn to score the point.

As for the rest of your post the rebuttal is simple. World history shows us that in the 18th and 19th century imperialism and expansionism were common practices by empires. What happened in the US of America pales in comparison to what happened in the rest of the world. Of course literacy and education were poor in most areas of the world as well.

It's simply unreasonable to trace back through history and assign blame to others in era's where the world was mostly populated with "dumb" people.

Mr Douglas,

I feel I have to respond to your New Orleans attack on myself separately. You made such an attack with words knowing full well I had not said a word on that issue. So I shall set the record straight. The majority blame goes to the local government of LA. It is the local government's job to regulate the land in order to insure the survival and well-being of the people. It is the local government's job to determine whether land is suitable or not for development. It is the local government's job to manage sea wells so as to protect against flooding in area's it finds SUITABLE to build upon! It is very reasonble for people to trust their local government to protect homes and dwellings builts on suitable lands.

Since you have jumped to the modern era let's look at Africa. African leaders routinely practice mass-genocide, rape, forced soldiering of children, kidnappings and yes in some cases slavery. That's not surprising since it's a well-known fact that some African leaders profited from the slave trade in the old era as well. No reasonable person would suggest that in general the descendants of iron slaves would have better lives in Africa today than they have in America.

Finally you fail to understand that slavery was legal in America up until the mid 19th century. Laws pertaining to the slave trade were passed and upheld by the USSC time and again. Only the USSC can challenge the decision of the USSC. You can not. There will never be an amendment to the Constitution allowing a legal recourse to challenge a USSC decision because it would negate the fact the USSC is the unquestionable highest form of law in the land. That would be required before a legal argument could be made for the reparations you seek.

I really thought that YouTube video that mocked Hillary Clinton's "let's have a conversation" commercial was a classic. It looked professionally done, but it was just done by an amateur. He later turns out to support Obama.

- reggie

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