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Sweet Dem debate special. Dems say women should register for the draft. Do you? Report 10.


WASHINGTON—A fresh topic. Refreshing. Should women register for the draft? (a yes does not signal support for a draft.)

Dodd yes
Clinton yes
Obama yes
Edwards (not sure from response) But he had a female soldier sitting in the audience next to his wife, Elizabeth.
Gravel yes


Good question and the Answer is ANY AMERICAN should have to register.

No. Only women can bear children into this world. That makes their lives worth more than men. It should never be compulsory for women to give up a normal live to support combat personnel.

As for the possibility of a draft itself many Americans simply don't understand the radical changes that have occured since Gulf War 1. The armed forces have increasingly turned to contract services for support functions. These functions used to be performed by the enlisted/draft soldier. The net impact of this is that the armed forces need fewer enlistees than they did in the Korean and Vietnam era's.

In addition to the shift of support functions to contract services the armed forces are beginning to phase in more un-manned units. For example; traditional guard duty along the border of N Korea/S Korea is being replaced by automated light-armored/heavy gun sentries. You simply have to watch the military channel to find out that by 2020 over 1/2 of the existing combat/medical personnel operations in the armed forces today will be performed by un-manned units.

Lynn, I did not see the debate so I don't know all that was said. But they fact they directly answered the question leads me to believe they didn't say anything on the possibility of a draft in the near future. If that's true then I am shocked. How can candidates be so grossly ignorant of our modern military?

Did any of them mention that the military has spent billions on recruiting since 9/11 and has met/exceeded their recruitment goals each year? Does that come as a surprise when the military has successfully targeted the video game generation with military video games that glorify combat operations?

Even if they didn't know the details these candidates still should have at least been briefed with the fact that the odds of reinstating the draft today are far less than they were in 1960's. The odds are so low that it should be a non-issue in the 2008 campaign.

Women shouldn't register because they have children. Nonsense.
As if should women register for the draft all of them will die and our species will go extinct.

Female lives are worth more? I love how people forget that a man's seed is required for a woman to get pregnant in the first place. I think we're past the whole 'women must be protected because they are precious' nonsense. They want equality, they can have it, and in every arena.

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