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Sweet Dem debate special. Clinton says Arab leaders will deal with a female president. Report 11.

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WASHINGTON—It wasn’t intended as an insult. And maybe this is what people are whispering—a woman can’t be president because Arab leaders won’t want to deal with her.

Boy oh boy—Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) disposed of a question from a U.S. soldier about whether Arabs states, Muslim nations would take her seriously.

As first lady she visited 82 countries. Met with all types of officials, she said.
“I believe that there isn't much doubt in anyone's mind that I can be taken seriously.

And by the way…women are heads of states in other nations..

“ I believe that other countries have had women presidents and
women prime ministers. There are several serving now -- in Germany,
in Chile, in Liberia and elsewhere -- and I have noticed that their
compatriots on the world stage certainly take them seriously.”

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The real issue is can heads of state trust Hillary? We don't elect men or women we elect individuals that we feel we can trust.

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