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Sweet column: Oprah's Obama funder sold out? Gay/lesbian Dem forum in L.A.


WASHINGTON—Some rank-and-file potential donors to a September fund-raiser hosted by Oprah Winfrey for Democratic White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama at her California estate are being told the event is sold out.

Meanwhile, in other California 2008 presidential contest news, a forum on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues will be attended by seven of the eight Democratic contenders on Aug. 9 in Los Angeles. Singer Melissa Etheridge will be among the questioners at the forum sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign and LOGO, the new cable channel with programming aimed at a gay and lesbian audience.

Some members of the Illinois senator’s national finance committee have been given a quota of only seven tickets (minus one for themselves) for the $2,300-per-person Sept. 8 bash-for-cash at Winfrey’s home in Santa Barbara.

There’s a waiting list, but since there likely will be few no-shows at the glitzy Winfrey party, contributors are being steered to other, smaller Obama events. Before Winfrey’s reception, Obama will visit a Winfrey neighbor in Santa Barbara, Nancy Koppelman, a Democratic and human rights activist for a lunch for about 100 donors.

Keeping up an intense level of fund-raising, Obama has scheduled two events in Los Angeles on Aug. 9; one at a club in West Hollywood (Chief rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) is also throwing a fund-raiser at a club after the gay/lesbian forum) and a lunch for about 350 people at a Los Angeles restaurant.

The gay and lesbian forum will the third time in one week most of the Democratic contenders are on stage together. The major rivals meet in Chicago on Aug. 4 for the YearlyKos convention; return on Aug. 7 (CORRECTED FROM AUG. 9. SORRY.) for the AFL-CIO forum in Soldier Field before meeting in Los Angeles to discuss gay issues.


There is no question that influential Afro Amnericans in the entertainmnet community are using their influence to promote the candidacy of Obama. In contrast,Letterman, Leno or Barbara Walters who have comparable status in the entertainment industry have always publicly been apolitical.
Richard Parsons, who is black who is the head of AOL also held a fundraiser for Obama at the Time Warner building in the NY where the offices of AOL are.
And I do not think it is coincidance that Robin Givhans who wrote a nasty article about Hillary`s socalled cleavage is also black.
The fact is that Obama is the black candidate for president and would lose all 50 states if the democrats were foolish enough to nominate him.

Let me get this right: just because of some scheduling conflict between Oprah and Melissa, Obama gets penalized in the press for going to Oprah's and not Melissa's? That's ridiculous. It's not a firm implication that Obama is indifferent to GLBT causes. The man is nothing if not an advocate for human rights and liberties for all HUMANITY. This little SNAFU just says that he received Oprah's invite first, since she's throwing her tax-write-off shindig in his honor. Oprah's bash has certainly been public knowledge longer, with folks clammoring to touch the hem of Senator's garment from the waiting list for months now. Face it, more American VOTERS watch Oprah and Oxygen than LOGO. That reality is neither Senator Obama's fault nor his problem. And, it doesn't imply any deliberate bigoted blow-off from the Obama Camp. I'm pretty sure Senator Obama tendered his sincere regrets when he graciously declined due to scheduling conflicts. The Senator hasn't accepted every invitation in the past, and won't be able to hit every whistlestop along the campaign trail in the coming months between now and the Primary Elections. Thus, Melissa's shindig won't be the last invitation the Senator will regretfully have to decline because there are only 24 hours in an Earth day.

Let's be honest here. None of the seven Democratic contenders who were fortiutously blessed to have free time available to attend the LOGO event would not have decided one bit differently, if presented with the same blessed dilemma. No candidate in his right mind would ever have turned down Oprah's gold and endorsements in a celebration given in his/her honor in the decadent palacial splendor of Winfrey Castle. NOT A SINGLE ONE! Like I said, more American VOTERS watched Oprah and breathed Oxygen than voted in total in the last national election.

Oprah & Obama both rock! I wish I could be at the fund raiser myself!

There are more minorities in this country than ever and the only candidate I see making sense is OBAMA. I think he will WIN EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR 50 STATES, he sure has my vote.

Hey people wake up and smell the coffee. Obama has given nothing but luke warm support to the glbt community. He is hardly an avid supporter of our causes and concerns. Oprah and he must be biting nails when they see the polls that show Hillary Clinton still receiving a good share of support from the African American Community. I'm not sure that Oprah has the power she thinks she does just looking at the way her "Color Purple" is closing months before everyone here in Chicago thought it would. Even her name above the "title" wasn't able to keep it running here. Obama is far too cozy with the "black ministerial" associations (who are violently anti gay rights) for my taste.


You have GOT to be kidding to assert that Leno, Letterman and Walters have comparable status to Winfrey in the entertainment industry. You could not get any one of them to utter that.

Did you pick these names because they have a 'talkshow' host format? That is about all that is comparable.

Oprah is an entertainment industry on to herself. Do Leno, Letterman or Walters own a business like Harpo Productions? Do either of the three have an Angel Network? What about having established and built a school on another continent?

This was an extreme overstatement on your part.

That AFL-CIO forum is August 7, not 9 (which explains one apparent non-conflict).

And of course there's no conflict between Oprah's fundraiser (September 8) and Melissa's forum (August 9).

Hey Lynn,

Is it also nasty that Hillary has several black professional women who run her campaign? Or are blacks only nasty when you believe they are not Hillary supporters?

Given Hillary's huge advantage in the polls with blacks over Obama your comments come across as very racially biased.

For the record, I thought that cleavage article was awful as well, it was pointless and stupid. I do not think it had anything to do with the authors race, though...I think the writer is simply a vapid individual.

I also think that Hillary having a 'cleavge fundraiser' to capitalize on that ignorance is even worse.

It makes both Robin and Hillary boobs.

It's so perfect that Oprah is endorsing Obama. She is powerful and well respected by all races; get ready America for your first black president. Yippee!!!!!

Hey Lynn,

Hillary has Bob Johnson supporting her from BET he is a black entertainment billionaire like Oprah. Is that an issue for you too?

Murdoch is a white media mogul and he supports Hillary can you provide a name of a white media mogul like Murdoch that supports Barack?

Quincy Jones supports Hillary, too.

Vernon Jordan supports Hillary as well.

Hillary doesn't seem to be coming up short on black support at all.

Obama has Oprah's support I think he's going to do just fine this upcoming nominating season.

I'm just surprised Oprah her "friend" are not at the GLBT bash!


"And I do not think it is coincidance that Robin Givhans who wrote a nasty article about Hillary`s socalled cleavage is also black.
The fact is that Obama is the black candidate for president and would lose all 50 states if the democrats were foolish enough to nominate him."

Wow you're dumb.

You are an IDIOT!

Jason no need to answer your question.!It shows that you are an idiot!!!

Those of you think Obama has a chance of being elected president you are delusional. Blacks make up 10% of the electorate. Hispanics and black are not a voting block. Whites, although they lie to pollsters they will votes for blacks don`t. Doug Wilder and Tom Bradley polled much higher than their election results.
Obama has never defeated a white candidate. In the Senate race he defeated a rightwing crackpot Alan Keyes and he represented an inner city black district. His appeal has been overstated. In the debates Hillary has outshone him. If Obama gets the nomination he will be lucky to get 10% of the vote. Remember there still is only one black Senator and one black governor.

I can't believe that Obama's working at taking down Senator Clinton.

What a @#$% moron.

I swear, he conducts himself like a defiant teenager. I wish he would just grow up.

I'd like to see him work so hard at taking down the other side.

He's a total idiot, in my opinion.


"There is no question that influential Afro Amnericans in the entertainmnet community are using their influence to promote the candidacy of Obama. In contrast,Letterman, Leno or Barbara Walters who have comparable status in the entertainment industry have always publicly been apolitical.

Richard Parsons, who is black who is the head of AOL also held a fundraiser for Obama at the Time Warner building in the NY where the offices of AOL are.

And I do not think it is coincidance that Robin Givhans who wrote a nasty article about Hillary`s socalled cleavage is also black.
The fact is that Obama is the black candidate for president and would lose all 50 states if the democrats were foolish enough to nominate him." Posted by: Reba Shimansky | July 31, 2007 09:18 AM

First, let's learn to spell, why don't we? Robin Simone Givens spells her family name G-I-V-E-N-S. For the record, Ms. Givens' commentary was not given in support of Senator Obama. She simply made a personal observation that Senator Clinton's plunging neckline was inappropriate attire for the Presidential campaign trail. AND, IT MOST CERTAINLY WAS. America would rather have seen Senator Clinton's well developed plan for deploying a Universal Healthcare Plan in the first 100 days of a Presidency than her hideous frontal nudity. I'll bet not even her Bill fully appreciated that madness. Furthermore, Ms. Givens is not the only American of any ethnicity to feel that way. Please see to read threads of what a few other Americans had to say on the subject. Senator Clinton is an old married mother of an adult daughter whose pursuing the office of President. She knew her blouse, even under a blazer, was too revealing. Ms. Givens, a registered voter, was well within her rights to demand that the candidate exercise public decorum and taste when addressing us. We were insulted by her tastelessly flashing her boobs at us. Hillary wasn't chillin' at the club. America sees enough unrestrained boobs every time Bush and Cheney are shown on the news. ENOUGH!

Now, let's talk about the Presidency. Fortunately, African Americans are not the only folks who feel that Senator Obama has the potential of being the 44th President of the United States of America. Hillary wouldn't own an Obama voodoo doll, were he no threat to her ascent. The reality is that Senator Obama is well received and well regarded by people from all over the world. Monarchs, potentates, academics, artists, and commoners alike from ever creed, culture, and ethnicity adore and support Barak Obama. America needs that in a leader, just to redeem us from the global morasse of disdain and resentment in which the Planet Earth currently holds us, thanks to Dumya43 imperial hegemony. The point is this: WHEN Senator Obama becomes our 44th President, he'll preside over and represent All Americans well before the world, not just Africans Americans with a little money in the bank, unlike his Chimperor43 predecessor who is a bombastic knuckle-dragging wealth-devoted tool of the corporate military-industrial complex.

Now, let's try to keep up with the current conversation. The blog title attempts to link Oprah's Obama Bash attndance to the LOGO Discussion in a manner that insinuates that perhaps Obama is dodging the GLBT community to go to Oprah's Castle. So what! Were the remaining hopefuls, who will be enjoying a gourmet vegan feast with the Melissa Etheridge, offered that same blessed private audience with the Entertainment Industry's reigning QUEEN to receive liberally of her treasures and her public anointing for good success, they'd be up and gone behind Oprah's big fat purse so fast, the friction of their swoosh would cause the polished linen napkins flying off their laps to spontaneously combust in mid air. Politicians running for any office from any political walk, particularly those with single-digit poll ratings, would give anything to have Oprah Winfrey's financial support and personal endorsement. That Senator Obama declined Ms. Etheridge's invitation in no wise reflects dubiously or onerously on his committment to making advances in human and civil rights. He's one of the more vocal candidates down with GLBT concerns.

Let us not damn what little social progress America has managed to achieve, hatefully jealous because more American VOTERS watch Her Televised Majesty, Queen Oprah of Winfrey, and breath more OXYGEN than collectively watch LOGO, Letterman, Leno, the View, and voted in the last national election. This level of success by any American is what keeps America great! We all ought to strive to be that good and better! Honey, Queen Oprah's got HUGE GAME! Senator Obama needs whatever Oprah's got.

While the U.S. government and media keep focusing on defense policies, campaign advertisement and the war in Iraq, 1.2 billion people in the world continue surviving on less than $1 dollar a day. I would like to see our see Senator Obama and the leaders behind him, support more international problems that affect our place in this world, such as global poverty. We should not forget the commitment made towards the U.N. Millennium Goals (a pact of ending extreme world hunger by the year 2025) in 2000. While the U.S. government and media keep focusing on defense policies and the war in Iraq, 1.2 billion people in the world continue surviving on less than $1 dollar a day. According to The Borgen Project, an annual $19 billion dollars is needed to eliminate half of the extreme poverty affecting the world by the year 2015. To my sense, it is almost unacceptable to have spent so far more than $340 billion in Iraq only, when we have more than war immunities to change the world and eliminate poverty.

Most nations do not respect women as leaders; I see the same thing if clinton is elected president. We have already lost our credibility around the world; therefore, no muslim country will respect hillary. I am afraid for our country if she becomes president. Please people do the right thing, vote for a MALE, not hillary.

Reba, lots of white entertainers have campaigned for politicians forever in this country. Your attempts at racial division fall flat.

what is all this talk about of oprah support for obama. Can't any candidate get endorsment from other famous people except hillary? Already the press has make her to win the primary election. Have the press forgetten what present clinton call his campaign the economy stupid and worn. He was refered to as the come back kid. I see that the press forget so easily infact they counted him off of the race, just as they are doing now with obama. Also does Hillary has any agenda beside exprience. Is that all that she can afford to voter. when you have exprience it wise to use it and also read between the line if anything comes infront of you. you use your exprience wisely that is what is call exprience. Not wrong judment that is call exprience. Can some of read about provarb in the bible.will you be suprise if obama win the primary election. I wonder how you will call him. come on people hillary has more endorsment than obama can afford of what Hillary. Are people afraid that oparah' endorment will bring doen the curton on Hillary campaingn and she will slip in the polls. I feel sorry for those who oppose oprah endorment. Please count how many endorment Hillary has received. May be all the congress and senate women will endorse her than obama because they've known Hillary for a long time than obama. also more over they are the same whastington insider who keep doing the same thing over and over again and distorying our tax money for thier own good.

Another poll which came out today also shows OBAMA is leading in South Carolina. That means now he is leading in two of the first three primary states while Edward is a head in IOWA. Where does that put Hillary? Of course, not as a front runner, which the media pundits want us to believe. Here is what the newspaper said about it, "The polls, conducted July 26-30, found Obama has the support of 33 percent of likely S.C. Democratic primary voters, up from 21 percent in June. U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, who led last month at 37 percent, dropped to 29 percent in July. Former U.S. Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina also saw his support drop from 22 percent to 18 percent. Twelve percent of likely S.C. Democratic voters are undecided."

The State- a newspaper from Columbia, South Carolina.

I am looking to see a person who have an insight into the mystry of life, I am not an American but we are following this very carefully. America is teaching the whole world that all men are equal, free and many other things, now we want to see the true America.We have not forgothen what happened between Al Gole and Gorege Bush, how America betrayed the whole world by rigging election, and today they are paying dearly for it. I like Hillary but to say the truth she is not the right person for America now.
America need to tell the world that they are sincere, and the only way to do that is electing Obama as the President,
I want to talk to black people. Unless a black man becomes the president of America, you will always be second class citizen in America. But if Obama becomes the President, your status in America will change forever, not only in America but the world as a whole, so now is your chance.
The blood of black men and women who have lost their lives to see equality and freedom of blacks in America will rest in peace if Obama becomes the president. Don't let your ancestors down.
Martin Luther King, is waiting to see this day fullfilled before he can rest in peace. Hillary I hope you Understand this, you are fighting for your Ego, Obama is fighting for a Race both dead and alive,please don't stand on the way.

That it should matter in this age then the percentage of the Black presence in todays America is pretty worrying and to some of us at the back of the pond here, diificult to see what America really represents.
The white greater number of the white population are not as racist as you seem to illustrate them to be. They simply will not mind if the President is Black or Hispanic but they are still able to keep their core values that are dear to them without any outside interferance.Afterall, the founding father's sought refuge here in the Red-indian domain on similar premise, that they are allowed to explore and think freely whiles they blossom. The notion that, Blacks can't be good leaders is hugely false and it has been hijacked by rightwingers to inflamme xenophobic sentiments that do not have a place in our world right now. It will eventually cost you more to continue to look at people of diverse ethnic persuations including yourself with suspecion."The world will change for the better, and I am sure that day will certainly come and you nor I can't stop the change no matter what our core beleifs are, because those taking over will be free thinbkers and 'really free thinkers' I promise you that".

Senator Obama is a graduate of Harvard and has proven himself as a mediator in the field

where liberals and conservatives clash on the issues of law and government.

I would like to know what we are going to do about Universal Health Care and how we will

change the system that has failed the people.

If teachers have to return to school to learn new teaching skills why don't doctors have to

return to school ? Why do drug companies control what doctors learn?

I would like to see all people who share homes and resources have the right to buy survivor

benefit insurance regardless of martial status.

I want the United States Government to recognize women as competent in dealing with their

own reproductive rights. When did women give up freedom for a sperm and egg? This abuse of

women needs to end now! We are intelligent and have the right to make our own choices. When

the sperm and eggs can survive outside of a womans body by artifical means then the state

can decide if they want that responsibility. Let the people who are worried about abortion

fund research in artificial wombs.

There are no solutions to these problems if the American people do not support their Right

to be free. Every American has the right to live free to worship as they see fit.

Faith and beliefs can and should not be dictated by government. We must live what we

believe and allow others the same rights. Anything less is Criminal.

I quote from the Declaration of Independence

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all Men are created equal; that they are

endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights; that among these are Life,

Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness; That to secure these Rights, Governments are

instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Content of the Governed, that

when ever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the

People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on

such Principles, and organizing it Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely

to effect their Safety and Happiness."

We have laws that prevent free trade. It is a crime in this country to grow a plant that is

beneficial to soil and can replace many of the oil based plastic products we use today and

all of the products produced by the cutting of old growth forests. It can be used to make

biofuels while enriching the soil it is grown in. This would decrease the need for chemical

nutrients that are causing the dead zone in the gulf.

Industrial hemp, which is not a drug, is illegal to grow to protect the interests of big

corporations that are against a free market. These laws have corrupted the free market in

America. We have allowed ourselves to become uneducated sheep to robber barons and their


I would like to know how Senator Obama will address these issues. I don't care what sex or

color he is. Those issues are silly childish nonsense that fool some Americans into

becoming the back bone of an Imperialist group that is corrupting our voting system and

taking over this country.

American's need a free press. They need to start thinking about issues not nonsense.


I wasn't asking a question. Come on...stop being naive.

The Obama & Oprah show might just be the magic pairing that puts Barack over the top on campaign fundraising. Nothing builds a buzz around the candidate like an endorsement from Oprah!

CY Taylor...let's not overstate Oprah's importance here. She has billions because stay-at-home moms love her.

If Obama was to lose all 50 states it wouldn't be anything but racism. This guy is the second comming of JFK. Charisma through the roof. If he were a white man (which he is half white) he would be winning by a landslide. I mean no contest!! These polls mean nothing. i haven't ever gotten a phone call asking who I was voting for. Remember these are the same networks from Adam who tried to taint Obama's chances with there Osama Obama jokes. Ask these women how they fill about Hillary standing around doing nothing while her husband cheated on her. Is that the kind of example we want to set for our little girls. That that type of behavior is OK. I'm suprised this issue has never come out. The media has attacked Obama on every level..Put Hillary in the hot water and see how she handles it.

I can't believe that Obama's working at taking down Senator Clinton.

What a @#$% moron.

I swear, he conducts himself like a defiant teenager. I wish he would just grow up.

I'd like to see him work so hard at taking down the other side.

He's a total idiot, in my opinion.


Posted by: DickeyFuller | July 31, 2007 07:57 PM

A blank-d-blank moron?


NO HUMAN SOUL WHO HAS EVER LIVED is a bigger IDIOT than the primate currently occupying the Oval Office!!! You know, that pompous bombastic little jackass who makes a wild babboon appear to be refined and sophistocated. That little big-eared obnoxious twit who sexually harrassed the German President Mrs. Angela Merkel, after disrespectfully cussing at the dinner table directly into the open mike in an uncouth and loud conversation with Prime Minister Tony Blair at the G8 Summit Luncheon, with half-chewed food falling from his over filled mouth the entire rant. Yes, Commander Decider, the AWOL Chickenhawk with the Yale C average! Certianly, our polished erudite Harvard HONORS GRAD can never be a bigger idiot than Dumya the displaced doufas, America's own crowned prince of the OTHER SIDE! Only a tiny smattering of deranged loons globally qualifies to even enter into competition with Dumya43 for his crown of thorny idiocy. He is literally the head MORON in charge. And, I, at this time, do extend my apologies to outraged derranged loons, idiots, and morons anywhere whom I know I've needlessly insulted. The shameful comparison of any person to the 43rd American President really is abominably unfair and inexcusably offensive. I do humbly apologize, begging your merciful forgiveness.

The other side. PLEASE!

McLame, Mitt Griswald Romney, Rudy the dress-wearing infidel, Slim Fast Huckabee, an aimless gaggle of nondescript lobotomized Reagan-ites, and poor Mr. Ron Paul, the only sensible Republican candidate qualified to even be on the GOP ticket. I would actually vote for Ron Paul! The rest of the OTHER SIDE are all polling deservedly far behind NONE OF THE ABOVE, even with Rudy showing much leg in a prettier dress than Hillary. Even wearing his $22 silk hosiery and his gorgeous Prada pumps, Rudy still mysteriously lags behind Obama in the polls. I don't get it, either. Prada usually works wonders with serious hosiery!

And, to claim that Senator Obama conducts himself like a defiant teenager just tells us that you haven't been around many teenagers these days. That Obama doesn't allow Hillary to have her way unchallenged doesn't make him adolescent. It makes him an African American MAN contending for the Office of President of the United States of America against an European American WOMAN who wants the Office just as much as he does. This is war! Haven't you heard, partner? All's fair in love and WAR! Buck up! It's just August 2007. You've got some months to enjoy Senator Obama's courageous defiance and his equally determined challenges of Hillary's political authority.

However, if it'll soothe your troubled mind, I do have some Hillary props for you. One Mr. Rupert Murdock has just purchased substantial stock in Hillary from the Bush-Cheney-propaganda-military-industrial-entertainment corporate cabal. Mr. Murdock is hoping for a Clinton REPUBLICRAT 2008 Victory in a race with Ugly Freddy Thompson, should Freddy finally be able to rent another red Ford Ranger. HIP HIP HOORAY FOR HILLARY!

You'll probably recognize Mr. Murdock as the Australian multi-gazillionaire reactionary right winged owner of News Corp, parent info-tainment organ to such neo-conniving bastions of contemporary news media as Bill O'Reilly, The Times of London, Fox News Channel, FX, FOX TV, and, as of this week, the Wall Street Journal. The fine people who brought us such mind-numbing distractions as the Loofah Man's Annual War on Christmas, perpetual mention of Lyndsay Loahn, and wall-to-wall Coverage of Anna Nicoles Boobs. They gave us realityTV, wherein the fastest, most agile greedy nuts are rewarded the prize money equivalent of the life insurance pay-out their loved ones would been awarded had these idiots perished while being driven through life-threatening mazes under OSHA-prohibited conditions, at some utterly unfamiliar location, shackled to creepy strangers of questionable character. On a lighter note, we got the Simpsons and King of the Hill, two of the best shows Murdock offers. Then there is the stunning drama 24! 24 has been critically acclaimed by more military brass more than any show in its genre ever for being the absolute worst influence aainst which all the intelligence officer training divisitions war in preparing trainees for service as intelligence and interrogation officers. Top brass and lawyers have actually confronted the producers of this TV atrocity in protest of the misleading message glammorized by protagonist Jack Bauer who gives us week after week of graphic torture and rendition. Such fine family standards! Rupert Murdock! Hillary's new benefactor!

With the WSJ, Murdock also claimed prized ownership of the Dow Jones Stock Exchange this week. Just a good week all around! The WSJ, the Dow, and Hillary! Oh, JOY! Congrats, America, on the sales of a major stock exchange to a foreign info-tainment monopoly! Murdock's ownership and control of the DOW Jones Stock Exchange, dangerously coupled with Bush-Cheney crack-pipe economics, promise to be among the major reasons why the American stock market will eventually crash. Murdock's political acquisition of Hillary, however, promises to ruin the New York Senator's political reputation with her progressive constituents worse than her Bush war support already has, a direct hit to her already shaky credibility that she can ill afford, if she's to win her party's nomination. What am I saying? Hillary is already a Republicratic shoe-in, with Murdock's backing! Glory Hallelujah, praise the Lord, this venture will bountifully bless Hillary with more lovely green MONEY, cha-ching, than Oprah is going to ever give Obama. Hillary, a true Republicrat for 2008, will now be mercifully spared the unsupported outrageous broadcast derision strictly reserved for Democrats by Murdock's Fox News Minions, thanks in full to Murdock's protection of what he prays is a Presidential investment. WOW! Ain't that good news! And, wha'd'ya know, Hillary will still be able to enjoy that delicious gourmet cake of tofu with bean sprouts on a delicate bed of fresh baby spinach leaves with zesty mango-onion marmalade at the LOGO Discussion with Melissa, while Obama graciously suffers faring sumptuously his celebrated fanfare at Winfrey Castle with, alas, Queen Oprah. -gasp!- Oh, the humanity!

There! Somthing-something for Hillary! CHA-CHINGY-CHING! Obama has been taken down a peg for you. And, I included an impressive attack of the Other Side!

Happy now, Dickey?

Who really cares who the over-payed, spoiled, and 'too much time on their hands' entertainers endorse? I make my decision on who I like.

oprah winfrey's effort will put some money in mr. obama's campaign chest. that's all. just reflect on michael jordan's endorsement of bill bradley in 2000...minimal impact. the democrat electorate is far too creatively self-destructive than to run off a cliff behind some television personality. i'm waiting for congressman kucinich to channel timothy leary. now that's the politics of hope.

The reasaon Oprah supports Obama is because Obama is black and everyone should know by now that Oprah is biased for blacks. Let's put it this way: no amount of money or support from anyone can make Obama win the presidency. Hillary will win it and that's just a fact, plain and simple.

I have great respect for Oprah and I am not against Obama.I am very much surprised that Oprah, who has NEVER thrown her support for a politician before, has broken her silence for a BLACK, INEXPERIENCED candidate. I hope she is making the right decision. Obama needs more "scrapes and bruises" and be thick skinned if he wants to survive in Politics. Youth is on his side;HOWEVER, EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER ! Could you stand another 4-8 years of Republican regime ?
Obama, can you wait for a few more years to become a President of USA ? Pls. do not use "COLOR" as your passport to the White House gates. Tone down the personal attacks on your democrat team mates.

I just left the event. IT WAS A BLAST!!! Stevie Wonder and Bebe Winans performed, Obama and Oprah spoke, and it was overall a historical event. I'll never forget this one.

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