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Sweet column: Cash-on-hand--Obama, $34 million; Clinton $33 million; Gravel $31,141.

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WASHINGTON -- The latest fund-raising reports show that dueling Democratic White House hopefuls Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.) and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) have staggering amounts of primary cash on hand -- more than $30 million each, dwarfing rivals from both parties.

Second-quarter federal fund-raising reports, due Sunday covering April, May and June show that Obama outraised every other 2008 presidential contender so far this year, a significant achievement since he created a national fund-raising organization only in February.

According to reports filed Sunday with the Federal Election Commission and from information provided by the front-running Clinton and Obama campaigns:

• Obama has about $34 million cash on hand to be used for the primary, compared with $33 million for Clinton. However, Obama's report listed $922,848 in campaign debts, and Clinton owed about $3 million, which made it possible for them to carry a higher cash balance.

• In the second quarter, Obama raised about $33 million for the primary and $1 million for the general election. Clinton raised $21.5 million for the primary and $5.6 million for the general election. Money collected for the general election cannot be spent on the primary contest.

• Democrats are donating to Obama and Clinton at a breakneck pace. For the first half of the year, Obama raised $58.9 million total, with all but $2 million for the primary.

Clinton put $53 million in her presidential fund, with $12.6 million usable only if she is the nominee. Earlier this year, Clinton transferred $10 million to her presidential campaign from money remaining from her 2006 Senate fund.

• Though Obama and Clinton have formidable war chests and clearly more fund-raising ability, each of the other Democratic candidates report enough cash on hand to continue running campaigns for now in the crucial leadoff primary and caucus states.

Counting general and primary money (with much of the total for the primary), former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) has $13.3 million on hand, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, $7 million; Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), $6.3 million; Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), $2.7 million and Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), $213,269. Former Sen. Mike Gravel (D-Alaska) had a mere $31,141 cash on hand, raising $238,745.

• In spending, Obama disbursed a total of $22 million so far this year compared with $17.5 million for Clinton and $9.7 million for Edwards.

• On the Republican side, Arizona Sen. John McCain's campaign is struggling; former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani raised a combined total of $17 million in the second quarter with $18 million cash on hand; former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney collected $20 million in the last three months and has $12 million in the bank. Long shot Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) bested many of his rivals, with $2.3 million cash on hand with $2.4 million in donations.

• According to an analysis of fund-raising by the nonpartisan PoliticalMoneyLine, Obama apparently raised most of his money from donors in California, Illinois and New York.

• The Chicago area remains a tremendous source of campaign cash for Obama. His top Chicago ZIP codes are 60614 ($365,345), 60610 ($245,047) and 60611 ($192,476), all downtown or Near North; people often use their business address when donating. Those ZIPs are followed by Winnetka ($170,228), with Obama's other top suburbs Evanston, Highland Park and Wilmette.

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Obama = Politics As for Mike Gravel in '08.

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