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Sweet blog special: Chicago Obama volunteer HQ in the Loop is open; Michelle cuts ribbon on Friday.


WASHINGTON--The national headquarters of the Obama presidential campaign are in a Michigan Ave. highrise in Chicago. The campaign planned early on to open a more accessible place for volunteers to work and they have, on the tenth floor at 300 West Adams in Chicago.

Michelle Obama presides over the official launch of the place on Friday.




300 West Adams

10th Floor

Chicago, Illinois


Biden??????Dodd???? Richardson???? No Gravel??????

I work in the loop and i would love to volunteer for Barack, I also travel frequently to Quincy Illinois (Adams County) (2 times per month) and would love to help there also.

Please continue to send email as I wold be very interested in helping in any way i can. America needs Barack Obama. We will stand taller as the greatest country in the world with his leadership!

To assist as a volunteer for him I would be honored!

Representing the Harris family (Chicago,IL.),son of Shrley Tarver
would be honored to volunteer for the Oboma movement

I and several Americans living in Vancouver, BC, Canada are unable to donate via the internet as the web sites do not accept postal codes. (even though there is a spot for them. We would like to donate and receive car magnets. I have left a message at the Call Center. No message back!
It is quite frustrating for us. We are American voters. Some of us are not here by preference and we are feeling overlooked!
I visited Obama's volunteer headquarters with my husband a few months ago while visiting Chicago and donated at that time also. The buttons that I had picked up, I have since given away to supporters.
Please respond!

Pat Walley
(604) 990-4054

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