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Sweet blog scoop: Edwards, Clinton add funders to sked while in Chicago for AFL-CIO forum.

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WASHINGTON—Democratic White House hopefuls Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Edwards will be fund-raising in Chicago on Aug. 7, when they will be in the city for a presidential forum sponsored by the AFL-CIO.

The labor organization is hosting a political Superbowl—seven of the eight 2008 Democratic contenders will be skirmishing on Soldier Field with the moderator, MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann.

Edwards’ $1,000-a-person event will be at the Hyatt Regency. Clinton’s deal, at a Wilmette home, is $2,300 to be listed as co-host with a photo or just $1,000 for an individual.

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I know this blog entry is about Edwards and Clinton fundraisers, but how much do the president of the U.S. is paid again?

It states $400,000 per year plus benefits as of 2007.

Why do the contenders (especially the leaders) need over $50 million dollars to try an attain a job which pays so little? I am not being naive with the question because I know there is immense power with the position. But it only pays $400K per year.

Will someone more astute please explain this scenario, process or procedure, please?

Is this why the present Vice President & President are allowing oil companies to raise gas prices to astronomical prices to re-coup and create assets beyond our wildest dreams? It's a nice job, but for 400K a year, and the financial investment the contenders are put into acquiring it, is NOT!

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