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Sweet blog photo extra: Clinton's cleavage. Obama's gray hairs. Blogger Sweet meets "Obama girl."


WASHINGTON—"There was cleavage on display Wednesday afternoon on C-SPAN2. It belonged to Sen. Hillary Clinton.,’’ so starts a Washington Post story about White House hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) running on the front page of the Friday Style section by Pulitzer Prize winning fashion writer Robin Givhan.

“There wasn't an unseemly amount of cleavage showing, but there it was. Undeniable," Givhan wrote. She said it was “startling” to see that small acknowledgement of sexuality and feminity peeking out of the conservative—aesthetically speaking-environment of Congress.’’

The existence of this story has already started some buzzing on a feminist listserve I am on about whether this sets back the cause of women. Don't worry. Others things may. This won't. But it's not news that Clinton shows a bit of chest. And I've got the photo to prove it.

Everyone, cool down.

Click here to view the image the Washington Post used in their story from C-SPAN.

Givhan routinely writes about the fashion lives of famous men and women, so I cut her a lot of slack; this is her beat after all. In an attempt to provide full coverage, I’ve asked presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) where he buys his suits (Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s) and I asked him after a Sun-Times editorial board meeting last December if it he could confirm a tip I got that he took manicures from an upscale salon on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. After shooting me a look of irritated disgust, he said he did not.

But I’ve got something to add to the discussion: I see Clinton fairly often and she does not dress in an unfeminine way. Sure she wears pants suits all the time in the Senate —most of the Senate women prefer pants suits to dresses and skirts (and most of the Democratic Senate women, I’ve noticed, wear pants more than GOP female senators).

On a hot Des Moines, Iowa night on July 3, Clinton, accompanied for the first time on the campaign trail with husband former President Bill Clinton, wore a bright deep salmon jacket, top, necklace and earrings. He wore a bright yellow shirt. The sherbert colored coordinated couple even cuddled up a few times. And guess what, take a look at the photo, she is distinctly showing cleavage. She’s showing her feminine side.

(Photo by Lynn Sweet)

(Photo by Lynn Sweet)

All presidential candiadates are under the personal microscope. And since we are on the personal side, Obama—he turns 46 on Aug. 4--the youngest candidate from either party running for president--said recently on the campaign trail that’s he’s gotten a few gray hairs. Checked it out and it’s true.

(Photo by Lynn Sweet)

Meanwhile…in unrelated matters…. I had a chance to meet the “Obama Girl,” actress and model Amber Lee Ettinger and creator of the now two Obama videos, Ben Relles at a party thrown by Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington on Monday. Though she suggested in one interview I saw she was backing Obama, she said she is still undecided on who to support.

(Photo courtesy Lynn Sweet)

And capping off the week—no photo—was a stop at a book party for my Sun-Times colleague, Bob Novak, to celebrate the publication of his memoir, “The Prince of Darkness.” Vice President Cheney and wife Lynne attended. When Novak made a joke about the "Prince of Darkness" and Darth Vader (aka Cheney) the Cheneys, who I happened to be standing next to, smiled. I asked Cheney if he read the book, and he said he had not yet but he will.


The headline "Blogger Sweet meets 'Obama girl'" was somewhat puzzling.

Given Blogger Sweet's enthusiasm for Barry, I thought she was the "Obama girl."

Was Lynn referring to that CNN interview with the Obama girl? In which she said she was backing him in the primary? I saw that one and I was pretty sure that's what she was indicating too...

Since you're doing photo extras, why aren't you reporting on the photo of Mitt Romney showing off a home made campaign sign comparing Senator Obama to Osama Bin Laden? It makes George Allen look like MLK by comparison!

It is really a shame that a presidential candidate becomes a news topic because of her cleavage and not the issues. And Senator Obama became disgusted when you asked about a tip you received regarding his manicures. Well welcome Senator Obama to the world of women in elected offices. This is the stuff that gets front page news about women, cleavage and pantsuits. Now don't you think that is disgusting.

This is really ironic since Senator Edwards, who thinks he is the only one that understands people living in poverty, and gets $400 hair cuts. Then there is our own Governor Blago who gets a $600 make up job and travels to and from Springfield at a cost of $5,800 per trip, while chiding the general assembly to stay in Springfield and get to work.


Dennis Kucinich does not take corporate money from the big companies, no payouts and no bribes. Yet the American people say he is "unelectable" because he has no money. He becomes unelectable because the media won't do these debates fairly and because the media is blatently telling people who to vote for. Seems to me that the candidates with the least amount of money have their morals and ethics in place and THAT makes them electable in my opinion.

This is a fascinating post!

Excuse me... but that ain't what I would call cleavage....

Ummmm, when I clicked on the Washington Post link, I got a shot of John Waters. Not even close! :)

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