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Sweet Sunday blog extra: Newt Gingrich predicts Clinton-Obama ticket. Says Thompson will be "formidable" candidate.


WASHINGTON-Speaking on Fox News Sunday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich predicted a Clinton-Obama Democratic ticket.

Gingrich--mulling a run presidential himself, he'll decide in the fall--said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is too at odds with the GOP base to win the nomination.


anyone who dreams or thinks a clinton and Obama ticket has ever been a possibliity has not paid attention. since fall obama has taken delight in setting the dialog and watching Clinton sweat to keep up.
Clinton spent her xmas vacation plotting Obama's demise.
With the fight this week I can say there is no love lost there.
I can imagine the Obama camp's delight in seeing Hillary dispatch her flying monkey, Vilsack, to stand up for the poor victim, Hillary.
Newt needs to get back on his meds. If for anything then for actually saying Clinton is our nominee.
She is just too old school.

A Clinton-Obama ticket is a genuine possibility. Those who think that candidates feuding with one another can't join together for their own personal benefit and advancement haven't been paying attention.

In 1960, Lyndon Johnson's campaign spread various rumors about John Kennedy: that he was soft on Communism, that his father (who paid JFK's way into the White House) was an appeaser when it came to Hitler, and that Jack suffered from Addison's disease (true, as it turned out).

Despite all of that, Kennedy and Johnson ran together in 1960.

Clinton-Obama is a dream ticket for libs. Can you just imagine how darn good it'd feel to vote for BOTH a woman AND a black?

You all are forgetting the elephant in the room, literally. The Republican, Fred Thompson is a much smarter and more seasoned candidate than any of the other Republicans in the race, with the exception of the sure loser, McCain. IF Hillary and Obama team up on a ticket, they will have a formidable foe in Thompson. He is not an entrenched Washington insider and the Dem. candidates wil have to debate him, not Bush and his record. So far, all any of the Democratic candidates have been doing is running against the Bush White House and his record. I don't think that would be wise in the national runoff. The "Dream Team" of the liberals are going to have to explain how they are going to pay for all their promised reforms without drastically raising our taxes and cooling the economy in the process. They will have to explain how they will deal with the illegal immigrant problem without issuing blanket amnesty. They won't be getting as many passes from the national media on hard hitting issues in the genaral election. Flowery platitudes and cashing in on the hatred of Bush will only take them through the primary process. They're on their own merits after that, even with a heavily biased media.

yeah,well the odd thing here is that Newt's gonna run for President and Fred Thompson isn't. Why? Well, Newt's gotta because this is his only chance. But the next round, he'll be forgotten. his charismatic half life is fast fading. in 2012 the only available venue will be the "Where Are They Now?" column. Thompson, on the other hand, is merely a surrogate for none of the above. lotsa GOPs are unhappy with the field to date. They'd go for Harold Stassen if they could repeal the proscription on dead candidates.

Oh, give me a freaking break!

Why would Obama jeopardize his credibility by yolking up kiss-ass to the petulent woman whose ownership by the Bush-Cheney-Military-Corporate-Industrial cabal has primarily contributed to the removal of the political spine and nads from her own Democratic Party? Furthermore, who actually pays heed to Eye-of-Newt GrinchGrinch flatulence these days anyway? If he knew so much, he'd still hold an office somewhere other than in a leased ticky-tacky cubicled dungeon somewhere on K Street.

Ugly Freddy Thompson has a better chance of being hit by lightening twice while driving a rented red Ford Ranger to Tennessee than he has of garnering more than 10% GOP voter approval in the primary elections. His cast mates from Law And Order will see to that for America, seeing as how the FCC has declared the show would have to be pulled in deference to running Ugly Freddy 2008 commercials. Some of those actors depend on those residual checks for rent and groceries, having not worked steadily or visibly since their last appearance on the show. That, and his election support is falling faster than Junior43's approval for Iraq. He's the one GOP hopeful who has suffered more support team defections than John McCain.

None of these lame GOP hiccups who have gone down in polling flames to NONE OF THE ABOVE pose an election threat to my sister's two Cocker Spaniels, let alone a Democrat. But, in the humble spirit of never saying never, particularly this early on, I will concede this: that should Senator Obama be forced to yolk up with any of his Democratic competitors, I pray it's either Dennis Kucinich or Bill Richardson. Or, even Mr. Gravel to temper youthful idealist exuberence with the sagacity of age and experience. But NEVER Billary. I am not interested in Billary even arguing for universal healthcare while she is as financially embedded as she most certainly is with these scounds from the healthcare and insurance industries. Of age to recall having supported a Shirley Chisolm candidacy, I'm way too old for her to be my role model. I'd rather have the status of the American Presidency gloriously redeemed from being the idiot event in the Global Special Political Olympics than a recalcitrant gender victory for the perceived shattering of the governmental glass ceiling. Hopefuly, Obama's tethering himself to the progressive doctrine of such true Patriots as Kucinich, Richardson, and Gravel will encourage American voters to know again that Democrats yet have the best interest of WE the PEOPLE foremost at heart. We don't need another insufferable, arrogant, hard headed, insolent, privileged, indifferent brat whose only concern is the welfare of the wealthiest 5% of global humanity to be our President. And, we need to be OUT OF THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST as soon as last Tuesday, not monstrously advancing the continuity of the lethal regional instability, trying to come up with believable excuses to invade Iran.

Penny, you are ver impassioned in your faith in the Democratic party. That is obvious and expressed with some eloquence. I have posted numerous times in the past stating that I am neither Republican or Democrat. My perfect form of U. S. government would be one where independents and third and fourth parties would actually stand a chance in National elections. With more voices being heard that just don't follow party doctrine and tactics, voters might start to awaken to the fact that they lost conrol of their government long befor Dubya ever sat in the Oval Office. If you and others on this blog want to cry to the heavens, cry for term limitation and real campaign finance reform so that corporations and wealthy private lobbying groups no longer control our elections. Cry for open primaries in every state, so voters with party affiliations can cross over and vote for candidates from other parties. I wish I shared your faith in the Democratic party, but I am afraid that I have lived too many years and been disappointed by them too many times. Keep in mind that they had control of the House and the Senate for most of the latter half of the last century. They are driven by corporate interests and private interests, such as the Trial lawyers associations and the unions, which does not make them any less disreputable than the Republicans. I am a moderate conservative idealogically and I have no candidate to vote for. I am one of the many that holds their nose and votes for the least undesirable of them all. Maybe one day they will hold an election and no one shos up to vote. Give me a media that will ask probing questions that pins the candidate to an answer. Give me a media smart enough to even know the questions to ask. Then, give me voters that are smart enough to be objective in their thinking and their perceptions. Good luck in the coming election. I hope that you are not disappointed.

Hillary will do well not to add the flaming liberal Obama to the ticket. I don't know who's running his campaign but they obviously don't understand the EC. You have to win states to become president.

His best bet was to steer his mouth more to the center and let his liberal record carry the lib vote. He's failed horribly to do that. When he touts what is probably the most liberal state in the union, Oregon, as a fine example of K-3 sex education he tunes out moderates and conservatives.

Hillary knows better. She knows she needs mods, cons, and libs to win the EC. If she needs to play the race ticket there's no shortage of fine experienced black politicians in her party to choose from.

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