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Sweet blog extra: See it here. New video--Obama girl vs. Giuliani girl. "Giuliani girl stop your fussin. At least Obama didn't marry his cousin."


WASHINGTON—In a video sequel is as good as the original, the “Obama girl” with the crush on the Illinois presidential candidate tackles the “Giuliani girl.”

Steamy and saucy, this video —scooped by Rachel Sklar, who runs the Eat the Press department over at Huffington Post—even gives a cameo to a “Kucinich Girl."

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to read Sklar's take go to

This excerpt from the Sklar scoop: "The team keeps to their tradition of balancing booty (times six this time, all nubile and typically under-clad) with wit, using a pop-up Al Gore to excellent effect, along with the somewhat hapless character of "Kucinich Girl," which is a nice nod to lower-tier candidates (though one shudders to think of what "Gravel Girl" might look like). Lines of note: "I knew Reagan, and you're no Reagan" — oooh, burrrrn! and "Giuliani girl just stop your fussin'/At least Obama didn't marry his cousin." Well, she does have a point. How do the ladies declare their love? Giuliani Girl: "I still want Rudy to Guili-on-me." (Clever!) Obama Girl: "I like my men like I like my coffee." (Classy!) Upshot: Solid outing from Team Obama Girl, and, it looks like, third time's a charm."

And this about the video from Ben Smith over at

"In an interview with the blog Branding Unbound, Ben Relles, the exec who created Obama girl talks a bit about his vision for his new site, Barely Political, and how he went from a $2,000 investment in Obama girl to the longer commercial view: merchandise, selling the song, and "I guess we'll take advertising down the road."

Again, it's probably not a surprise that a lot of the dominant citizen media is likely to be more commercial and pop than incisive. But given how much of the attention to "Obama Girl" was driven by breathless hype from the mainstream media, it's worth keeping an eye on."


Hi Lynn,

Roman Madrowski recomended I come over here, since he said "you may have more of a stomach" for real political discourse than I guess he.

Love your blog. Love the VLOG technology, the yourtube stuff is ridiculous, and truthfully, i dont even waste time on it. Too busy trying to figure out what these leaders are all about. Trying to see if their words and actions match up.

I know its not topic, but what do you think of the Prosecutor for the Hiditha trial recomend that the charges be dropped? Since there is new evidence that they were protecting other marines, and the Islamist radicals where using them as human shields?

Do you think Jack Murtha would take back his scathing indictment of our marines? Or do you think he is secretly wishing that they are savages and that our brave and honorable troops are really running amuck???

Who is going to hold these scoundrels accountable for their words?

Maybe youtube???

This video has to be the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Has politics really come to this?

Nick Kasoff
The Thug Report

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