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Sweet bloc scoop: Giuliani endorsed by Illinois House members Biggert, Weller.


WASHINGTON--White House hopeful Rudy Giuliani picks up the endorsement of two Illinois House members this morning, Judy Biggert and Jerry Weller.

The announcement will be made at the Giuliani Illinois campaign headquarters in Lisle.


Wow. Double wow. This could mean an extra two, maybe even three votes for Rudy.

Judy Biggert and Jerry Weller are on a shrinking list of supporters for this rotten dress-wearing, high-heeled infidel. The rest of us recall that before Tuesday, 11th of September 2001, rotten Rudy was the fascist tyrant in the NYC Mayor's office when cops fired 41 shots at a man armed only with his wallet. Amidou Diallo was hit 19 times and killed on Rudy's watch. Police brutality was at an all time high during his caustic reign of terror thanks to an social atmosphere of racist hostility that pervaded New York City directly from his office.

Rotten Rudy announced his engagement to the current Mrs. Guiliani before finalizing a divorce from the 2nd Mrs. Guiliani, the mother of his two children who have announced they will support anyone's candidacy for President BUT rotten Rudy's treacherous buffoonery.

New York City Firefighters are still beside themselves that this rascal hasn't been brought up on at least manslaughter charges for the losses Fire Fighters suffered on that fateful Tuesday when their radios didn't even connect them to Policemen who escaped death. This idiot placed the city's Emergency Service Center in World Trade Center 7 after the 1993 World Trade Center attacks. For those unaware, WTC7 is the 47-story structure that Larry Silverstein accidentally confessed he ordered brought down by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION because of fire damage, the alleged loss of life, and his need to collect a full terrorist related remuneration from his insurance company. Larry Silverstein, the current lease holder for the SEARS TOWER at JACKSON and CANAL in CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Rotten Rudy has kept company with some very interesting acquaintances. Just prior to the 11th of September, 2001, rotten Rudy's approval rating was pretty much equal to the current rating for Bush43; roughly 1 in 4 New Yorkers felt him not quite derisible enough to tar, feather, and chase into New Jersey for a vicious beating. As if all that ain't the devil's purse, we can thank him for introducing Bernard Kerik as a potential head for FEMA.

Right now, rotten Rudy refuses to commit to submitting himself to podcast GOP inquest. He's scared that he might have to address, well, you know, real issues that he sould potentially be expected to face as, you know, the President of the United States of America in 2009. Yes, the 20th of January 2009, when the winner will have to hit the ground running, once all Dumya43's whiskey bottles and beer cans are finally raked out, when whoever gets that hum-dinger will need a gameface of flinty granite. Rotten Rudi is already challenged when solutions for resolving the National Debt his party created are solicited. He can't field 5th grade questions about world affairs, the economy, or the environment. Rotten Rudy can't find his way around answering the confrontation presented by his own thoroughly disgusted New York City Fire Fighters, still grieving the loss of their comrades, and seething furious over how so many who are sick qualify for only minimim health care benefits. He gets his ruffled panties in a particularly wadded bunch any time anyone mentions Christi Todd Whitman, to whose coersion to hastily declare Ground Zero to be SAFE for re-entry and occupation by HUMAN BEINGS he was a major contributor, still smoldering and molten with carcengens months after September 2001. ALL of the service animals used for search and rescue on 11Sep2001 ARE now DEAD. But, Lord forbid tourism, trade, and commerce should suffer because of some 2-bit ATTACK ON AMERICA in the city in which he had been elected MAYOR. Rotten Rudy and Dumya insisted we show those evildoers - "Americans, you get your butts to the nearest mall and SHOP, damn it!" Well, now, Rudy's going to have to come up with something swifter than that, should he actually succeed Dumya43, now that America is sick of these ridiculous talking points and can no longer afford the gas to get to the mall. Americans kind of want to know what plans rotten Rudy has for getting some of our jobs back from Elbonia to East Chicago.

This crap about America's Mayor is tripe generated by Madison Avenue spin-meisters. It's hollow and trite. The reality is that rotten Rudy was barely New York City's mayor. Were it not for Tuesday, the eleventh of September 2001, the very next mayoral election would have returned Rudy to some legal practice in the world of political obscurity. Yet, the fate of that horrific Tuesday morning doesn't offer this rascal automatic public beatification. The families of the people died as a result of the collapse of the WTC are still haunted by horrors unspeakable. The screams of people like Kevin Cosgrove still haunt America. Rudy needs to listen to Mr. Cosgrove's last phone call to 911 from above the impact point in WTC2 on YouTube and Google Video. I have to wonder how anyone can be so heartlessly depraved and gauche as to pave his way to greatness and fame over the dead bodies of more than 4000 people to date, just to run for a public office for which one is so very ill qualified! I am so stunned by this rascal's unmitigated temerity, considering he didn't save a single life, his leadership credited with even more losses from the exposure to the post-collapse toxicity that continues to claim lives. Alas, AT NO TIME is there ever one single shred of decency or honor to be found within a five mile radius of this miserable presumptuous lout. For that reason, I would NOT trust rotten Rudi to sit properly on a toilet seat, let alone ever support his occupation of the Office of President of the United States of America. After all, when he was Mayor, the TERRORISTS DID WIN.

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