Sweet blog special: Richardson touts celeb donors. Bette Midler. Whoopi Goldberg. Paul Newman. Steven Spielberg. Christie Brinkley. New finance reports due Sunday; will show Obama outraised entire 2008 field.

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WASHINGTON--The second quarter campaign finance reports are due by midnight Sunday for all federal (president, House, Senate) candidates. The numbers will show that the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) beat the entire 2008 field--Democrat and Republican--in fund-raising for April, May and June.

White House hopeful Bill Richardson, the New Mexico governor already filed--and touted some of his celeb donors--some who have given to other Democrats, including Hollywood mogul Steve Spielberg, who has endorsed Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.). It's not uncommon for party loyalists to give to several candidates.

for the Richardson celeb list, click below...

Richardson release.....
Governor Bill Richardson Posts Strong 2nd Quarter, Campaign Continues to Build Momentum
Richardson raises more than $7 million in 2nd quarter,
Doubles number of contributors

SANTA FE, NM -- Governor Bill Richardson's Presidential Campaign showed impressive growth and momentum with a strong second quarter filing with the Federal Election Commission. The campaign finance report was submitted today, one day before the official deadline, and shows that during the period from April 1 to June 30 Governor Richardson's campaign received more than $7 million in contributions and posted more than $7 million cash on hand as of June 30.

"We're very pleased- support for Governor Richardson is spreading across the country and voters are excited about his unparalleled experience and his vision for America," said Amanda Cooper, Deputy Campaign Manager for Governor Richardson. "This is more proof that the Governor's focus on grassroots campaigning- shaking hands, attending house parties and community events, working tirelessly to meet voters -- is working."

The campaign raised a total of $7,016,163.48 in the 2nd quarter, with approximately 98% designated for the primary election. The campaign is not actively seeking general election contributions, and received only $150,638 designated for that purpose. Actual cash on hand as of June 30 was $7,129,684.07. The report shows a debt of $61,104.45.

The number of individual contributors to the Richardson campaign virtually doubled, increasing from 13,787 in the first quarter to 27,046 in the second quarter.

Nearly 33% of the contributions came from grassroots sources, and the list of prominent individuals contributing to Governor Richardson continues to grow as well. Here is a partial list of the most recent prominent contributors:

Contributors in Political Offices

Beverly Byron - Former Representative, State of Maryland
Victor Fazzio - Former Representative, State of California
Ned McWherter - Former Governor, State of Tennessee
Mike Fahey - Mayor of Omaha, Nebraska
Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson - Mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah
Andrea Conte - First Lady of Tennessee
Celebrity Contributors

Steven Spielberg -Director
Edward James Olmos - Actor
Kate Capshaw - Actress
Paul Newman - Actor
Christie Brinkley - Model
Jason Alexander - Actor
James L. Brooks - Producer & Director
Bette Midler - Actress
Whoopi Goldberg - Actress, Comedian
William Friedkin - Director, Screenwriter
Sherry Lansing - Former CEO of Paramount and wife of Director William Friedkin


The real story here isn't the celebrities that donated to Richardson's campaign, it that you have a four persons race for the Democratic nomination (assuming Gore stays out).

Richardson came through with an impressive second quarter of fundraising, evidencing the momentum building behind his campaign. Only Richardson and Obama showed over a 10% growth in contributions from the first quarter. Even more important, Richardson's campaign has had a low cash burn rate. Richardson has $7 million in cash on hand as of June 30, 2007.

While obviously Richardson's sums are substantially lower than the amounts raised by Obama and Clinton, it's useful to remember that the cost of TV ads and employing staff has not exploded upward over the past four years in Iowa and New Hampshire. Richardson raised more in 2Q 2007 than Edwards and Kerry raised in 2Q 2003, and has more cash on hand than Dean had at this point in 2003.

Richardson has built strong organizations in all the early primary states. His TV campaign was the most extensive of all Democrats during the quarter. He ran almost 2,000 ads in Iowa alone, helping him gain name recognition and boosting his poll numbers. Richardson's poll numbers in Iowa are close to what Kerry was polling at in July 2003.

Also, you shouldn't overlook Richardson's appeal to moderate and conservative Democrats. They just need to be introduced to him and that will come with time. Here is part of a profile of Bill Richardson by Lee Bandy of The State from today:

"Democrats might have the best presidential candidate in New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. “I haven’t seen anybody in either party who has the depth that this fellow has,” said Francis Marion University political scientist Neal Thigpen, a staunch Republican. “He has got a wealth of experience.”

Just check Richardson’s resume. He has been a member of Congress and a diplomat, represented the United States in the United Nations, was U.S. energy secretary under President Clinton and was re-elected governor of New Mexico in a landslide.

Richardson has crept into contention for the Democratic presidential nomination as an easygoing candidate. He now leads the Democratic party’s second tier of presidential hopefuls and could move into the top tier as others fall by the wayside. Those who have observed him closely on the campaign trail say he’s a natural, the real thing. He has a big smile and an easygoing manner that makes voters feel extremely comfortable around him."


WE, as americans, are fortunate to have a presidential candidate like Bill Richardson. He may very well be the answer to America's deep set problems around the globe. I pray that a majority of american voters listin to him and give the man a fair , objective look, and vote accordinely.

WE, as americans, are fortunate to have a presidential candidate like Bill Richardson. He may very well be the answer to America's deep set problems around the globe. I pray that a majority of american voters listin to him and give the man a fair , objective look, and vote accordinely.

Stephan and Felix: Richardson may be the finest candidate running in either party on PAPER. What do I mean by that? He has the BEST resume. A wonderful governor who has balanced the budget in his state. No deficit, whatsoever, as in most states. Very fiscally responsible. A guy who has rubbed shoulders with the world leaders, including the nutcase in N. Korea. And his African (especially Sudan area) experience and knowledge is well documented. He probably forgot more then the others will know. He would also be seen with respect by our neighbors to the south (Latin America) due to his Mexican-American background. His knowledge of Latin-American culture and hopes is so valuable. And he's basically a real good person. But guess what, he will NEVER get the nomination. So forget it. The media has already ordained that the nomination has to be from Hilary, Obama, and Edwards. Also, we are in the TV era. And remember, Richardson comes across on TV as ordinary, a little overweight, and not a glamour guy. Again, they've already ordained the latest Clinton, the clean-cut handsome Obama, and Edwards (the Breck-girl with his $400 haircut). Sorry, but I'm just telling it like it is.

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