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Sweet scoop: Obama, Clinton hold dueling fund-raisers in Chicago on Monday.

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WASHINGTON -- In a final push to run up second-quarter fund-raising numbers, White House hopeful Barack Obama just scheduled another fund-raiser in Chicago on Monday -- at almost the same time that chief rival Hillary Rodham Clinton will headline an event in her hometown.

For weeks, Clinton has had on her schedule a reception at the Palmer House Hilton in the Loop, hosted by some of her best supporters from Chicago, where she was born. (see post below for invitation and list of host committee)

The Chicago Sun-Times has learned that Obama's campaign on Wednesday sent out invitations for a fund-raiser at Fulton's On The River at 315 N. La Salle.

This is the first time that the two campaigns have held events in the same city at almost the same time just a few blocks apart.

Obama and Clinton are in a big fund-raising battle. It appears that Obama is on track to beat Clinton in fund-raising for the second quarter--April May and June.

In the first quarter, fund-raising reports filed in April revealed a mixed story for the two Democratic presidential hopefuls -- Clinton had more cash on hand, but Obama outraised her in the first three months of the year.

Obama raised $24.8 million then to Clinton's $19.1 million. Obama nearly equaled Clinton then in total fund-raising for the primary and general election, bringing in $25.8 million to Clinton's $26 million.

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I hope all this money goes to good use, helping to inform the public about the candidates' true stance on important issues. I would like to see the candidates address the United States’ commitment to the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, which call for cutting world hunger in half by 2015 and eliminating it altogether by 2025. Indeed, it is estimated that the expenditure of a mere $19 billion would eliminate starvation and malnutrition worldwide. In a time when the current defense budget is $522 billion, the goal of eradicating world hunger is clearly well within reach and it is my hope that whoever becomes president in 2008 addresses this pressing issue.

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