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Sweet Howard U. debate blog special. New Orleans right of return? Report 3.


WASHINGTON—NPR’s Michel Martin just asked a very interesting question about support for a federal law to guarantee a right of return to residents of New Orleans and other gulf regions hurt by Hurricane Katrina..based on United Nations standards dealing with internally displaced populations.

Most of the eight sidestepped a direct answer about a policy of a right of return—a phrase usually used for refugees in other countries. Bill Richardson Mike Gravel said yes; Joe Biden said no. The others talked about federal government failures.


They (evacuees) can return if they really want too. My friend, who lives in San Antonio, works tirelessly (and without pay) helping and volunteering as much as she possibly can. Something the public is never told. Most of the evacuees in San Antonio don't want to return to New Orleans she tells me all the time. I don't know the situation in other cities. But in San Antonio I can tell you most live in the Edgewood School District, which is considered the worst one in San Antonio. Yet, the evacuees think their children have finally been sent to paradise. The mother's my friend talks too feel this school district is light years better then what the children had to endure in New Orleans. And that the school district's discipline, safety, and quality of curriculum is far far far superior to anything in New Orleans. Which should make everybody ask themselves just how pathetic was the local government and school system in New Orleans.

John, you bring up some interesting points. But I have to correct you in your use of the word "evacuees". I prefer the word "refugees".

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