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Sweet debate special: Inside the Spin Room. Report 4

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OUTSIDE MANCHESTER, N.H.---There is a rule of thumb in post-debate spin-rooms, where spokesmen for candidates walk around as standard bearers with signs show their names. Front-runners never show up.Too demeaning. Too risky. Too much time.
After the debate, Sen. Barack Obama went to a watch party at a saloon--Murphy's bar--in Manchester.

Who showed?

Hitting the spin room for post-debate face time with reporters were Dem contenders Dennis Kucinich, Joe Biden, Bill Richardson.

Hillary Rodham Clinton's camp had the most extensive spin operation: The usually never quoted Mandy Grunwald, media advisor (she makes Clinton's tv spots); strategist Ann Lewis; spokesman Howard Wolfson and pollster Mark Penn.

Obama's team had a low-profile spin operation. Chief advisor David Axelrod was there, but most of the time not under his sign with his nam. Spokesman Robert Gibbs had no sign.

Said Joe Biden pollster Celinda Lake "It was hard to break through."

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