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Sweet Howard U. debate blog special. Is racism forever? Report 2.


WASHINGTON—At the third Democratic presidential debate, eight 2008 primary rivals are talking about race at Howard University, the nation’s top historically black school.
The first question: Is race the most intractable issue? This is asked in the wake of a U.S. Supreme Court decision handed down Thursday putting new limits on voluntary school integration plans on the grounds of discrimination against white students.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: ”The march is not finished.”
Sen. Joe Biden: Race is “still the defining issue.”
Gov. Bill Richardson: “Race is not just passing new laws.”
Former Sen. John Edwards: The legacy of slavery, discrimination and segregation “has an impact that is alive and well in America.”
Sen. Barack Obama: “The progress we made has not been good enough.”
Rep. Dennis Kucinich: Supports universal kindergarten.
Former Sen. Mike Gravel: “If I am president I will do away with the war on drugs.”
Sen. Chris Dodd: “The shame of re-segregation.”

In the audience...Michelle Obama, sitting next to Chicago building executive Valerie Jarrett; Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr; singer Harry Belafonte.


I hope white America is taking note of the comments that each candidate made up above. It sounds to me like each one of these candidates, if elected, is going to go after white America with a vengeance. Also, I hope white America takes note as to who Obama's wife was sitting with.

Jerry, something nobody else brings up. But a WIND talk show pointed it out. These candidates spent the night at Howard University talking about de-segregation. Yet, Howard University itself is NOT a de-segregated university. Quite the opposite. Except for some token foreign students the university is predominately African-American. The percentage of white students is currently ZERO percent. The school does not itself have the look of what these candidates were talking about........It was also pointed out that every 4 years the democratic party stresses to the African-American community how bad life is for them and that they have the answers. Again, it's the same speech every 4 years. From 1960-94 they were in control of congress, usually having both the house and senate. So why wasn't everything fixed? Especially when they had their hero President Carter in the White House. The democrats had both the house and senate during his reign. So what's the excuse? Look at Illinois? They control both the state house and senate. And have the governor (Blagojevich), also. They have veto-proof power. And the republicans don't have enough officials to block any legislation. Yet, they still can't push through a budget. Think about that? And have a governor who is too good to live in the Governor's Mansion. Instead, he flies home every night to Chicago at a cost of $7600 a day to the Illinois taxpayers. And the folks who believe all their baloney don't ask any questions. They just keep being strung along like a bunch of puppets.

"It sounds to me like each one of these candidates, if elected, is going to go after white America with a vengeance. "

You mean kind of like the way white men went after "Al-Qaeda" with a vengeance?

It's funny. People like you say things like this all the time and it never happens. White men always have the advantage no matter which party is in office. Incidently, I wonder how many young white men are being sent to die in Iraq -and possibly Iran- by our Tough, White, Republican Cowboy in Chief? How many thousands more die annually from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, auto accidents, medical mistakes, and drug overdoses? Who doesn't our White Cowboy in Chief ever mention those important issues at his press conferences?

"Yet, Howard University itself is NOT a de-segregated university."

You can't develop a policy to attract and retain white students if there are no white students willing to fill out the application. If white men want to see Universities such as Howard become more diversified then they should stop packing into the lilly-white schools and apply to schools like Howard.

The reality still stands that a white student is not going to join any predominantly black institution because all too many white Americans are raised to believe that anything institution containing large amounts of black Americans is by nature inferior and due to a misguided desire to consolidate racial power by only supporting institutions that are white in majority. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy really.

The Republican party is stuck in Iraq with no way out. Immigration reform was a joke; it was never going to fly, anybody with a brain could have told you that. What the Republicans needed was a token gesture -no matter how truly insignificant- to take our minds off the atrocities and buy back a few votes before '08, that's all.

Amen, brother John. The liberals need to understand that the word "utopia" literally means "no place". In short, it does not exist. Some people literally have to have the media do all their thinking for them. Dare we say reverse discrimination.

First of all, most of the people fighting and dying in Irag are white men, just like in all of our other conflicts. White men fought for the freedom of slaves in the war of northern aggression from 1861-1865. For you to not know this or for you to belittle the white men who built this country and have fought for your freedom, shows how much of a racist you are. You are correct that very few white students apply to Howard University, but you are wrong about the reason. The reason is that most white students know that their college experience at an all black college would be a miserable experience. An experience that could very possibly end with them being harmed physically. So why would a student want to go through that misery?

to Anonymous: Was there any heart disease, cancer, auto accidents, diabetes, etc. when there wasn't a white cowboy in the White House? What's your point? BTW, the white cowboy (who I did NOT vote for---I'm a Libertarian) has spent 3 times more on these diseases you mentioned then did the 'first black president' from Arkansas. I bet you are surprised but its true. Oh yeah, he's already spent $600 million more of the budget on Education then the man he succeeded did during his entire eight years. Again, so what's your point? I know, he doesn't play a saxophone, wear shades, and give a brother's handshake. And isn't a democrat. So he's ,therefore, a white cowboy and automatically a racist. BTW, are you aware not all cowboy's were white? Sometimes, go read about the history of the 'old west'. And the cowboy pledged $20 billion to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. Tell me, how many dollars did the Clinton Administration pledge and give in the battle v. AIDS in Africa? Try ZERO as the actual amount. Yes, he hasn't done enough in Darfur and took his time before saving Liberia. Now tell me, the guy before him (the first black president), did he save Darfur? How about Rwanda? How about Sierra Leone, Liberia, etc.? So what's your point?

BTW, I've never heard one white person EVER say a Morehouse, Fisk, or Xavier of New Orleans, were inferior universities. The opposite is true. But thats the image that African-Americans have of white's thinkings that they've been given by black opportunists and politicians who USE the Black Community. I'd suggest you seek, investigate, and find out for yourself. Rather then listen to people who've gotten rich being your so-called spokesmen.

And yes, this Republican president has us in Iraq. Which I was against from day one. Oh, by the way, how did Sen. Clinton and Sen. Edwards vote when we were deciding to go to war there? And please, none of this, "they were tricked". If I wasn't, then they weren't either. And don't forget, Hilary's husband was president only a little more then a year earlier. So she had or could receive all the information she wanted on Iraq. NO EXCUSES ! BTW, you have a short memory of history. A Democratic president is also capable of sending us to a war we have no business in. I was drafted and sent to Viet Nam in 1967. By a DEMOCRATIC president. Who CREATED the Tongkin Gulf crisis, which led to 58,000 Americans and 2 million Vietnamese losing their lives. 55,000 more Americans then have died in Iraq.....BTW, a African-American columnist, Stanley Crouch (NY DaileyNews), has pointed out OVER 40,000 Americans (mostly minorities) have been killed on the streets of American by OTHER Americans. Vast majority, not by 'Jim Crow', or rogue police, but by other mostly minorities. Thats 37,000 more Americans then killed in Iraq. And why? Well, yes, its easy to picket a gun-shop once in a while to get on TV. But these same spokesmen who picket the gun-shop will NOT say one word towards the guys pulling the triggers? Tell me WHY? Perhaps, as an EXAMPLE, had the Englewood HS School Board NOT given the 'Black Gangstra's' a community award, maybe those two children killed by the crossfire in drive-by shootings would still be alive. Again, that's one example. Its called PRIORITIES. Its called COMMON SENSE. Its called SELF RESPONSIBILITY. Instead of always blaming somebody else.

When I mentioned the soldiers fighting in Iraq, I specifically said " many young white men are being sent to die in Iraq...", so we are in agreement that our fighting forces are mostly white men. Secondly, interracial crime is amazingly rare. If a white man is to be harmed -or killed- another white man will almost always be the culprit. Therefore, a white man puts himself in greater danger by surrounding himself with whites only.

For the last time, Bill Clinton is a white man, not a black one.
No matter how much money westerners throw at Darfur and HIV aids, the only organizations that are making any real progress would be the self-funded self-organized groups originating from within Africa itself, not the west.
Picketing gun shops is just one of many strategies used to combat fatal urban shootings. You can't shoot a gun if you don't have access to one. People are gonna have to start facing the fact that a thirteen year old kid -especially a black one from the inner city- cannot just walk into a gun shot and walk out with a Bazooka. Many of our "upstanding American citizens" are buying the guns at the shops and selling them on the street at a huge profit. If we come down on the gun shops and squeeze the owners, there will be fewer pieces on the street.
I don't believe that liberals know better than conservatives. The supreme court's decision won't change much. The parties will fight over it because that's what parties do. It's politics.

You say interracial crime is extremely rare? That is an insane statement! Google the phrase "black on white murder rates". Just one of the stats on there is from the U.S. Justice department that says in 1992 almost 1 million whites were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by blacks. While in that same year only 132,000 blacks were murdered, robbed, assaulted or raped by whites. According to the FBI blacks murder whites at 18 times the rate whites murder blacks. From 1994, when blacks commit violence, 50 to 55 percent of the time their victims are white. That means slightly more than half of the victims of black violence are white. While when whites commit violence, only about 2 to 3 percent of the time their victims are black. Like I said, google this topic and you will see how ridiculous you sound when you say a white man puts himself in more danger by surrounding himself with whites.

Something for people to think about who always are clamoring for "fairness", "open-mindedness", and "equal chance." And claim to be so liberal thinking. In otherwords, remember to 'practice what you preach'.

Ok, here goes: And I say this as a true 'independent'....Tavis Smiley and PBS sponsored this so-called debate for and so the democratic candidates could let the African-American Community and students know how they felt and what their ideas were to make a better life. Sorry to inform you but PBS is a PUBLIC funded station. And Smiley is employed by this PUBLIC-funded station. Republicans and independents are also taxed to keep the station going. All OUR taxes pay for this station to operate. Not just democrats. Also, charitable donations to keep PBS going come from republicans and independents, as well as democrats. Therefore, its totally UNFAIR to sponsor only democratic candidates inorder for them to spout their beliefs and ideas in front of an African-American audience at a predominately African-American University. If Smiley and PBS were truly fair they'd also sponsor the republican candidates and independents in front of such an audience. Isn't this America? There ideas and beliefs should also be heard and debated. And given equal billing.

Can you read Jerry? I specifically said that a white man was more likely to be attacked or killed by a white man than a black man. I never said that whites kill more blacks than blacks kill whites. According to your own Racial Violence Statistics website (, in your own writing, in 1994 there were 3,727 murdered whites. 3,123 of the victims were murdered by whites; 522 were murdered by blacks. Therefore a white is %700 (7.1 times) more likely to be killed by another white than by a black. And also, according to your own writing on this page, only "12.2% of total murders" in 2004 were interracial. People like you make it seem as if interracial murder is fifty times more likely than a murder where the race of the victim and of the offender are the same. You need to formulate your arguments more carefully and stop inverting racial data to suit your own sinister agenda. You sound foolish.

Let this be a lesson to white men. You are %700 more safe around a black man than a white one.

"Therefore, its totally UNFAIR to sponsor only democratic candidates inorder for them to spout their beliefs and ideas in front of an African-American audience at a predominately African-American University."

I agree completely. I'd love nothing more to see McCain, Romney (my personal favorite), Juliani, Thompson and the other GOP candidates make a public demand to have the opportunity to debate African-American issues on a public forum hosted by Tavis Smiley. The phone lines are open.

Anonymous, nice try, but your BS is not believable. One of my points was that 50 to 55% of the time when blacks commit violence, their victim is white. As for your twisted comment that a white man is safer around a black man than he is around another white man. The reason for that is because we live in a segregated society. Why do you think "white flight" is so prevalent in our society? So naturally a white person is more likely to be victimized by a white criminal than a black criminal because most white people try not to come into any contact with a black person for fear of being a victim. But even with segregation, blacks still manage to commit a lot of crimes against whites. In 2002, blacks committed 1,916,380 crimes against whites, while whites committed only 362,784 crimes against blacks. This stunning number of black on white crime exists in a segregated society, imagine the black on white carnage that would be happening if whites didn't start fleeing to the suburbs 30 or 40 years ago and if blacks had more opportunities to victimize whites. So yes, white on white crime is more common than black on white crime, but black on white crime is still a very common occurance in our society while white on black crime is almost non-existent.

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