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Sweet debate blog special. At Howard U. with Tavis Smiley. Report 1. (This is blog entry 1,000)


WASHINGTON--This Democratic debate is called the All-American Presidential Forum moderated by Tavis Smiley. This event is at Howard University, a traditional black institution and co-sponsored by PBS.

Radio host Tom Joyner just introduced Smiley. Joyner plugged Smiley's book, Covenant with Black America. Right now Smiley is pitching his book. So far its nine minutes into the so-called debate and none of the eight Democrats have said a word. Haven't even seen them on the stage.

Now Smiley just introduced Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. It's eleven minutes in and....finally the candidates are coming on stage, introduced by Patrick. Now they are posing for pictures. It's 12 minutes eaten up.....and they are still not behind the podiums.


Tavis Smiley moderation on the Presidential Debate was most informative.

Thank you.


What do you mean "so called debates"? Was that necessary. Did you count the minutes at the CNN Debates?

Please, spare the condesention (sic).

Sooo...that's all you got from it???

I think it is great that an African-American former chief of the civil rights division has become governor of a state. I think it is great that there is a woman speaker of the house. I think the woman and the African American in the great debate maybe doing too much for main stream America. It is good for the morale to see them and it offers hope for our socio-economic demographic, but don't be disappointed if we see two white males from either party elected in 2008. Tavis did a great job considering the circumstances.

I felt this debate was showed how HILARY is the most seasoned and prepared candidate to beat. I am an OBAMA supporter but Hilary was the clear winner of that debate. As for Tavis, he is a brillant, informative, self promoter. This has always been fact and we should all just accept him and love him as is........... GO TAVIS!

to Marsha AKA Jane public: Yeah, I read Mary Mitchell's column today on how wonderful Hilary was. Truth is, she is getting a free ride. Truth is, nobody will challenge her with tough questions to explain past records & practices. I'll give you a few.
1. She was put in charge of education development plan in Arkansas when her husband was governor there. Arkansas NEVER rose above being ranked 49th in education the entire time they were in power there. Yet, she has the answers nationally. Yeah, right !

2. The Clinton Administration had the WORST African record of any modern presidency. Does Sudan and Rwanda send off alarms? How about no actual financial help on the AIDS crisis there? Yet, they are the hero's of the African-American community. Bill being referred to as the 'first black president'. Could you explain to me? Oh yeah, his administration being the first in the past 60 years to NOT have passed any civil-rights legislation.

3. She voted FOR the war. And then said "I was tricked". Gimme a break ! Her husband was president only a little over a year earlier. Therefore, they knew the information on that region. Remember, they always said they were a team. When you got one, you got both of them. Again, nobody is challenging her on this. Again, could you explain to me?

4. She botched up royally when she tried to implement a health-care package during her husband's presidency. She failed miserably. Or has everybody forgot? Again, nobody will bring this up. Why?

She is getting a free-ride. Not being challenged on her record like her opponents. And it will continue to be that way with these biased columnists and commentators. I brought up 4 right off the top of my head but there is countless other examples.

Please!!!, this was a not debate. This was a showcase in which very few answered the questions posed. I disliked this show. I rarely heard any of the candidates say what they would do if elected president. Clearly, like it or not Hillary spoke like someone in authority and I believe she delivered the best answers for the show.

I thought the particants in the debate spoke as though the black community had recently been emancipated and needed the slave master to cure the ills of our community. When will we stop blaming other for the trouble in our communities.

First off the debate was won by Dennis Kucinich clearly, he had the audience with him and used every second that was given to him to speak about the prolems and solutions facing america.

Coming in second was a tie between Hillary and Edwards who used there good speaking and prepared notes to win the crowd over.

The TRUE winner though when you are talking about reality was of course Mike Gravel whos been around long enough to know the REAL problems america faces and its not education and healthcare but the corruption in washington and how the necons want military buildup and more war in the middle east.

Please Stop Hatin! This was the first DEBATE moderated by an African American person, .with minority journalist posing the questions, at a historical black college. covering miority issues that were previously published in a book authored and published by African Americans, which shot to number 1 on the NYT best sellers list because of the purchasing power of the African American people. Not to mention having an Afrian American and a woman as a candidate. And all you can write about is the 12 min. it took to get to the questions? Why not comment about the 200 years it took for this hisotrical event to have taken place? You are surely tracking time watching the wrong clock! Great job Tavis!

I was disappointed that the debaters had such a short time to respond to each question. From my perspective, this debate ought to have been limited to just the top three candidates in the polls so that we could hear their views more fully. Does anyone really think that Kucinich or Gravel or Dodd or Biden have any chance at all to even win a single primary?

Hilary showed herself to be utterly without substance - at least, without any substance she would benefit from elucidating in front of the American people. She was easily the most evasive, and basically got applause for disagreeing with the idea that there was an addressable problem with race in the country. Talking about racial discrimination is obviously important, but for Hilary it becomes obvious that it's just a cheap tactic to avoid discussing the fundamental, structural, economic realities that hurt the poor, disproportionately people of color.

Roll out the platitudes! "A chicken in every pot". "I'll stamp out racism". "I'll end all the wars". Give me a break. You Dems have been conditioned not to expect much from your candidates other than the utopian blather they usually dish out. I have not heard any real plans, just promises designed to hook those less informed. We'll see how the chosen one holds up in a real debate. If it's another one like Bush, it'll be a tossup. If it is someone like Fred Thompson, they better have their facts and statistics ready.

I was impressed with Joe Biden.He was familiar with the report that when mothers , didn't converse with their infants, the children had a much lower vocabulary,a factor in the achievement gap.Of course nobody wanted to talk methods that didn't take forever or cost millions of dollars.

Kay, you are a little behind times. We had an African-American governor more then a decade back. The state was Virginia and the governor was Doug Wilder. So Gov. Patrick isn't something new.

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