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Sweet blog extra: Obama, Clinton hustle "expectation management" over 2nd quarter fund-raising.


WASHINGTON—The Democratic presidential campaigns of Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are hustling today trying to manage the “expectation primary” over second quarter fund-raising for the period ending on June 30.

In a new Clinton campaign web site the headlines tout muscular stories about the potential of Clinton beating Obama in the money chase. The Clinton campaign e-mailed news of the site on the day the New York Times pegs in a story that Clinton’s second quarter haul at $23.2 million.

Ben Smith over at the Politico obtained “from a source close to the campaign, a set of the campaign's talking points, which are circulating internally, on Clinton's alleged fundraising strength.”

Obama spokesman Bill Burton, asked who generated the memo—aimed to massively downplay expectations-- said, “We haven’t confirmed that that memo is from our campaign.’’

Over at the Huffingtonpost, Roy Sekoff writes “sources close to both candidates” say “that the Obama campaign will surpass the Clinton campaign in second quarter fundraising.”

An Obama spokesman told the Sun-Times Thursday they are on track to haul in $20 million for the past three months. Obama’s camp low-balled first quarter estimates.


Obama may win the $ primary but has still yet to catch up with Hillary in the public opinion polls. Hillary leads by double digits in every national poll ever conducted on this race, with the exception of the recent Gallup poll. FOX New released a poll today that shows Obama trailing by 15% - in sync with all the other polls.

No amount of money will give Obama the experience he needs in order to be considered a legitimate rival to Hillary. The two televised debates demonstrated that Obama does not possess the level of confidence and expertise that Hillary possesses.

Don't worry, Clinton is still name recognition. People are getting to know Obama. And where is he getting all this money from? Osmosis? Somebody is contributing to his campaign and those somebodies are the public. Polls, still early. This game will tighten up by November.

The early polls showing Hillary with a strong lead are meaningless at this time in the race, since democratic voters being polled have known both Clintons for many years and the name is familar to them. Barack Obama has raised more money than Hillary and consistently drawn larger, more excited crowds wherever he goes for the simple reason that people-in very large numbers- really like this dynamic young man. As he begins to spend some of his substantial war chest on well-done TV commercials, the voters will gain more awareness of his unusual appeal and the polls will shift dramatically. Hillary has two almost equally divided camps-those who like her (sort of) and those who hate her (a lot). Her TV commercials will have no impact because voters already know all about her. (Perhaps too much!) She has a well-documented and unusual ability to divide people, just when the nation badly needs a unifier-such as Obama. The real surprise is that Hillary, who was in a seemingly unbeatable position to win the nomination unchallenged just a few months ago, is in fact in a real political fight that she just may not win.
Without Bill, she would have absolutely no chance-and even her supporters would have to agree on that point.
This contest is far from settled yet. It's only just begun.

Attacking a fontrunner is a sign of desperation. Obama knows that and will not give Hillary that pleasure.
Relax, friends. The race is still early.
Obama is still very much unknown by many, unlike Hillary who's been around a long time. But that will change in 6 months time.
So far, his poll ratings and fundraisings are impressive for someone who only recently rose.
When people listen to Obama and read What He Stands For, they'll realise that having a great last name is not exactly enough experience to be president.

In order to be a legitimate rival to Hillary, he only needs to be himself. Hillary's so-called expertise is in crafting a message for every audience and then wondering why people don't trust her. I hope her campaign continues to tout the "inevitable" meme and continues to try and strong-arm wealthy donors into giving to her and only her. No one in that campaign seems to remember that Bill Clinton came from behind to win.

On an ancillary note, the way the HRC campaign is run and Hillary herself is a classic example of the importance of Title IX funding to the progress of women's equality in America. Women who have played competitive sports know that sometimes you can have the best team-in fact, be the best player on the field- and still lose. When someone scores on them (e.g. Obama scoring her Hollywood fundraisers), they don't holler foul and ask for the goal back. This is NOT a way of saying she fights like a girl; she just fights like a non-athlete. Obama, who did play competitive sports, doesn't lose his cool when he's down and doesn't stop playing. Just a thought...

I agree with CHS, above.

I really like Barack Obama and I particularly like his wife Michelle. They are brilliant, totally cool and they get it. But there is no way Obama can compete with Hillary Clinton when it comes to who is ready to lead; who is most qualified and who has the experience and knowledge about what it takes to be President. Why would we want to elect someone who has to learn what Hillary already knows? Especially at this crucial time in our country, and around the world.

I hope the American people realize this.

Valjean: If you stayed in school long enought, you will understang that your teachers were never smarter than you and real difference, discovery, the bill gates, the youtube are always come from the students. You might not understand what I trying to say but I only want you know that CANNOT and Hillar CANNOT and WILL NOT do the change this country is needed and waiting for.

You can vote for her but I am following the real deal. Did you see Ben today with Chris on MSNBC harball. try it and you will understand what I am talking about. Do not scare the change, it's comming and i do not want you to be overflow. That'd deep right:)

Lynn: Why you never post my comments on you blog? there no bad words on them? it's because you want to continue to get pay by Hillary? Gotta, Loser!

Thanks Lynn. Sorry for a little bit mean to you earlier.

Ok folks, let the truth be told! Hillary is nothing more than an (political) opportunist. She is out of touch with society. Honestly, no one (not even those who profess to know her) really knows who she is. Sad huh? She has a very cold and opaque biography. I wouldn't trust a woman who can't stand on her own feet. I'm just saying... Fellas, would you trust a woman who refuses to give you divorce...? I'm just saying... People, my fellow americans, be careful. What we are experiencing today is what I'd call a "generational/political 911". The decision WE make in November '08 is either going to make us or break us, as a nation, a world power, or make room for China and other fast-advancing countries... We've lost our leadership edge for the last couple of decades or so. We need a revival, a wake-up call. Hell, we need that 'spunk', that 'blast-off' that'll take us 'into' the 21st century. Yes, we're NOT there yet. So as we prepare for, and contemplate on the next presidential election, I beseech you all, my fellow Americans to look beyond 'name recognition'; look beyond 'experienced enough' (for we've all seen where 'so-called' experience has led us); look beyond color; look beyond a candidate's ability to raise 'billions'; and look beyond partisanship. Rather, look for, first and foremost, a candidate's ability to UNITE. As John Dickinsin wrote in the Liberty song, "... brave Americans all, By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall..." And the french say, "L'union fait la force." Unity is what America needs today more than anything else. God bless America.

If some people say hillary is more experienced, can they come out and tell us when was she a president and how many years of experience she gained?

The last two national polls I recall (Angus Reid and USA Today/Gallup) have them tied. But even if that's not the case where was Kerry in the polls about 4 years ago? at 5%

Hillary is well known for her experience with the Iraq war and the healthcare bust. Great experience to vote for.

Ok folks let's cut to the chase. Somebody please tell me what does Hillary have more than name recognition? Her presidency will be nothing more than a double dose of clintonism. And only God knows how much more scandal America can take. Re-emergence of another dynasty after being 'lost in the bush' for eight years, come on America we can do better! There was the bush dynasty, then the clinton's, and next will be the chinney's (considering his wife is being considered to replace the late Sen. Craig Thomas). What can Hillary do? What has she done to earn her so-called front runner status? She's popular in NY only because Bill is working behind the scenes on her behalf. What can Hillary do and what has she done to earn her current status? Please don't use that 'former first lady' argument because there's a HUGE difference between 'the person driving from behind the steering wheel and the person driving from the passenger seat', trust me I know this from experience! So those of you who can't say any more than "Hillary is experienced." I say you're under the Clinton illusion. Think again. Like I stated in my previous article, WE, Americans, need to 'enter the politics of the 21st century', WE need FRESH and new PERSPECTIVES on issues. I personally want to see politics from 'outside the box' and definitely from outside of Washington.
Let's look at Obama for a second. The guy's got a funny name! He's got a biography to which a large population can relate. Most compelling of all, career wise, he comes from 'humble beginnings'. The norm is from Ivy League to Wall Street, Lobbying, but not to community organizer! This kind of decision says a lot about a person's heart, and thought process. The guy comes from scratch, a political 'rags to riches' story like the Governator, lol. He opposed the war when he wasn't quite in the senate (leadership can't get any better than this). Hillary? Well she voted for the war. The truth is, at the time of this vote America was very vulnerable, and there were lots of emotions as we were still recovering from 911. This, more than ever, was the moment for Hillary or Edwards to admonish the president, and America alike, not to react out of anger. We all know that decisions made out of anger nine times out of ten are regretted... To digress little further, Giuliani, who happened to be the so-called 911 mayor was as helpless as the president was when he was first given the news while 'redoing Pre-K, something I think he still needs to do, lol. Back to Obama: He was the only person that was insightful enough speak out. I don't know where else to find leadership. So my fellow Americans, I beseech you to think hard and very carefully as we all march toward that 'Solemn November Day 2008', for the choice we make then shall NEVER be reversed. Thank you and God bless America. Stay tuned...

I really would like someone to tell me exactly what Hillary is going to do as president or why she even wants to be president.
without any policy out or proposals, no real stated reason she is running other than for her own selfish needs, I really think hillary is not a person to be president. Afterall, I have yet to see real leadership from her. I see pandering, following and trying to claim the credit for others work.
Senator Obama seems to be more than ready for president. With his brilliant mind, understanding of all issues, ability to respect and understand other cultures, his ability to attract republicans and indies as well, and the fact that he has shown leadership for real and doesn't need to take credit from others as he has done much in accomplishments.
Instead of people falling for the gop strawman of obama not having any substance we should show he has plenty.
but, with Hillary the question does need to be asked:
Where's the Beef, Hil?

Wow, this blog looks like a Barack lovefest. As a moderate Conservative, I'm afraid I don't see the special qualities of Mr. Obama that you all do. I am not a Republican nor a Democrat, so I feel that I can perceive things a little more objectively than a devotee to either party. MY TAKE: Obama is extremely liberal bordering on Socialist and I fail to see how that is going to build this country up economically or unite the two sides for common goals. Hillary has a lot of unanswered questions about Vince Foster, Whitewater, and Travelgate. She had her fingerprints on missing files found mysteriously in the White House, not to mention the hundreds of FBI files rumored to have been floating around the White House during the Clintons tenure there. In summary, she is power hungry and dishonest. I would caution all of you to not be drawn into the media's "hot button" issues such as abortion and gay marriage. Focus on real ideas and stratagems that any of the candidates might be forthcoming with (whether Republican, Democrat, or other). The pressing concern of voters should be the recreation of manufacturing jobs, the ongoing fight against Muslim extremism, real ideas for Social Security, and an answer to our illegal immigrant situation that is acceptable to all parties. I have not heard Obama, Hillary, Giuliani, Romney, or any other candidate specify to my satisfaction the answers to any of the above.

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