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Sweet blog extra: Celine Dion's "You and I" HRC song winner. Hill and Bill featured in song video with Soprano ending.


WASHINGTON--The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, deftly using humor and Bill Clinton, produced a teriffic video with a Soprano ending to mark the unveiling of the official campaign song--"You and I" by Celine Dion.

The video starts with Hillary Clinton sitting alone in a booth in a diner. The campaign told me it's a place in Westchester.

She's looking at the Seeburg juke selections when Bill Clinton walks in. "I ordered for the able," she said as they make chit chat. Bill Clinton looks dismayed when an order of slice carrots, not onion rings is delivered. The answer to "where's Chelsea?" is a scene of a car being parked--a teaser of the day when the so-far under wraps daughter plunges into the campaign. It's also a wicked take-off of the last act in the final Soprano episode.

Bill Clinton asks how the campaign is going. A man walks by and gives them a look. That's Vince Curatola, who played New York mob boss Johnny "Sack" Sacramoni in the HBO series. And as it seems the senator is about to announce her theme song-- then the video goes to dark--just like the show.

Political humor, wielded well is a potent weapon. This maximizes the star power of both Clintons, hints of Chelsea's expected entrance to the campaign, humanizes the candidate, mocks Bill Clinton's supposed penchant for fast foods and ties into the noir world of the popular Sopranos series ending a week ago with an inconclusive last scene.

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Why in the world did she choose a song by a Canadian that was written for an Air Canada commercial?

how very trendy and smart of the clintons. i predict this will be sensational for the campaign. i support hillary and sincerely hope she wins.

All of this media hype about Ms. Clinton's choice of song merely eclipses the issues that are of true import in this election. I would like to see the candidates address the United States’ commitment to the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals, which call for cutting world hunger in half by 2015 and eliminating it altogether by 2025. Indeed, it is estimated that the expenditure of a mere $19 billion would eliminate starvation and malnutrition worldwide. In a time when the current defense budget is $522 billion, the goal of eradicating world hunger is clearly well within reach and it is my hope that whoever becomes president in 2008 addresses this pressing issue.

A brilliant political ad, oddly being ignored by the lefty blogs that seem determined to play Rush Limbaugh's game of portraying Hillary as bogeygirl.

I like it! I still hope for Al but if he don't get off de pot den ms. Hillary I have no problem supporting!

You've gotta be kidding?! That's awful, just awful! No matter how she tries, Hillary still comes across as what she is, a liberal-elitist completely out of touch with Mainstream America. You can stick her in a pants suit, put her in a diner, and play Journey in the background all you want. It doesn't hide who she really is.

And, then, to imitate a final episode that nearly everyone thought was a let down! But, then again, maybe she's just forecasting what the rest of her campaign will be - a let down.

I think it is done very well! I also have no problem in supporting Hillary's bid for the White House.

Darrell: why do you have to be so "Umercaan" centric phobic? What is wrong with appreciating Canadian talent and beauty? It's this xenophobic attitude towards the rest of the world that gets the US in such trouble; I applaud Hillary for being globally aware. This may not endear her to 35% of the US population, known as Goober Nation, but these are exactly the ones we are intending to defeat in 2008.

I think the video is really sharp. I love it.

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