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Scooter Libby. 30 months. Cheney's statement--"Speaking as friends" Cheney wants Libby conviction reversed.


It's a long sentence for the former chief of staff to Vice President Cheney on obstruction of justice charges.

Thirty months in prison and a $250,000 fine in the CIA leak case. Should President Bush pardon Lewis "Scooter" Libby?

for statement from Vice President Cheney, click below.....

(202) 434-5000


Scooter has dedicated much of his life to public service at the State Department, the Department of Defense and the White House. In each of these assignments he has served the nation tirelessly and with great distinction. I relied on him heavily in my capacity as Secretary of Defense and as Vice President. I have always considered him to be a man of the highest intellect, judgment and personal integrity—a man fully committed to protecting the vital security interests of the United States and its citizens. Scooter is also a friend, and on a personal level Lynne and I remain deeply saddened by this tragedy and its effect on his wife, Harriet, and their young children. The defense has indicated it plans to appeal the conviction in the case. Speaking as friends, we hope that our system will return a final result consistent with what we know of this fine man.





There are two honorable choices for Mr. Bush with regard to the possible pardoning of Scooter Libby: a) Issue no pardon for Libby, or b) Issue a pardon immediately.

The most dishonorable choice would be for Mr. Bush to pardon Mr. Libby after the 2008 presidential election. That, of course, is exactly what Mr. Bush will do.


No pardon. Why was he convicted if he shouldn't be put away? people feel sorry for this guy? Understood as a smart lawyer and looked to to get things done in Washington, you can't believe this guy didn't know what he was doing or what was going on; he's no fall guy.
Now we'll see how 'bi-partisan' Washington and the Media is with Jefferson; they have a chance to rectify themselves after burrying the Sandy Berger lack of sentence story. What a joke

SCAM- If that were to happen, it would be a little too reminiscent of Bill Clinton who had a no-holds-barred free for all in the days before his presidency was up with pardoning people! He put on a disgusting display of political buying, and history WILL look at him through a tarnished lense because of all the crap he pulled. Unfortunetaly for now, the liberals have this 'revisionist history is cool' type mentality where they decide to make up new history and try to believe it really happened.

As Lewis Libby is known to be fond of poetry, perhaps it is appropriate to remember the verse of Percy B. Shelley, " if winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" Only in this case, the appropriate transposition is, "..if Libby goes to jail, can Cheney be far behind?"

Just when it seemed that this administration would somehow have to return to the direction of common sense and somewhat decent judgment, they go and do this. I truly hope we have learned our lesson from the past elections and get on the right track.

Dear Readers:

Today, I went to work expecting that Scooter Libby would be sentenced to jail for his involvement in the CIA leak case, only to come home and find his sentence was commuted by President Bush. My first inclination was to see if I could throw my television through my living room window, but after pacing the floor for several minutes I managed to regain my senses.

I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but I have finally come to the point where I am truly ashamed to be an American. In less than eight years this President has changed the perspective of our Country and turned it into a cesspool of corruption, while the rest of the world takes notice, trying desperately to hold back their laughter. Whether it’s stealing elections, record profits in the oil and gas industry or starting a fallacious war, the truths are indeed clear: this country is not about poor people; instead, it is about rich people, powerful people, greedy people and to HELL with the rest of us, for we must serve. Slavery in America has re-emerged in our country because we live in a society that does as they are told, doesn’t read and has thrown away the American Dream for American Idol.

We live in constant state of fear and have been told by spin doctors that liberals, democrats and gays are the root of all evil while the Bush Administration continues to smack all of us in the face. How much more will it take before the American people wake up and realize we have been deceived by so-called “leaders” in our own Country? There is no spin doctor that can explain why Scooter Libby is not in jail, and it makes me wonder what it will take for anyone associated with this President to get what they deserve. Libby had a hand in giving away the identity of a CIA operative, which is a federal offense, but once again Dubya has chucked the bird to the citizens of America in favor of protecting his friends.

I wonder if anyone found it interesting that Bush’s announcement came so soon after Libby was sentenced. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t decided upon in advance.

WAKE UP AMERICA! Write your Congressman and Senator, demanding that they hold this President accountable for his actions!

David T. Boyd

For you short memoried Dems. and liberals. Remember Sandy Berger and the stunt he pulled which was just as dishonest, if not more so, than the crime Libby was convicted of. The difference in penalties: Liberal judge easy on Dem, Liberal judge hard on Rep.. We are out of control in our courts and in our government no matter which party is in power.

For those that think this is unbelievable, I suggest a) you read up on pardons and clemency and, b) read up on the non-case that underlies Libby's case.

Then, here is a list of the people Clinton pardoned:

We have people convicted of bank embezzling, conspiracy to defraud the government, tax evasion, perjury, drug dealing, bribery, theft, wire fraud, forgery, racketeering conspiracy, etc., etc., etc.

Near as I can tell, Clinton pardoned over 450 people. Unbelievable?

In the case of Scooter Libby's pardon, is anyone amazed at the self righteous indignation of Jesse Jackson, Jr., Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and others? Where was their outrage when Bill Clinton pardoned, amongst hundreds, Marc Rich, the billionaire tax evader who engaged in trade with Iran while they held Americans hostage. We can assume the fact that Mr. Rich's ex-wife was a huge contributor to Democratic causes had absolutely nothing to do with it.

No wonder Congress' approval rating is the lowest it's been in recent history. And to think, it only took them 6 months in control to accomplish that. Hypocrisy knows no depths as low as a Democratic politician.

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