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Sweet special: Pelosi in Chicago for Schakowsky, Durbin fund-raisers.

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Two women who broke glass ceilings -- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and former Rep. Geraldine Ferraro (D-N.Y.) -- speak today at a fund-raiser in Chicago for Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) called the "Ultimate Women's Power Lunch."

Pelosi is expected to speak about negotiations with the White House over the stalemated Iraq war funding bill.

This week Bush vetoed a $124.2 billion measure to underwrite wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because soldiers would have to start withdrawing from Iraq by Oct. 1.

The House failed to override Bush's veto on Wednesday.

Pelosi became the first female speaker in January; Ferraro was the first woman to be a vice presidential candidate on a major ticket when she was Walter Mondale's running mate in 1984.

The Schakowsky event, at the Chicago Hilton, is drawing 2,000 people and is different from many large fund-raisers in that most of the $125-a-ticket attendees are female.

Schakowsky who as chief deputy whip is a member of Pelosi’s inner circle, said Pelosi becoming speaker “opened the door for womens’ aspirations.’’

Later in the day, in a rare double bill, the top House and Senate leaders—Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nv.) are the headliners at a fund-raiser at the Hyatt Regency for Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), the assistant majority leader.

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Note this report: "Durbin has admitted that he knew in 2003 that the American public was being misled into the Iraq war but remained silent. Durbin said last week "I was angry about it. [But] frankly, I couldn't do much about it because, in the intelligence committee, we are sworn to secrecy." Durbin went on to say "We can't walk outside the door and say the statement made yesterday by the White House is in direct contradiction to classified information that is being given to this Congress." Is Senator Durbin so poor that he would have been unable to defend himself? He's a United States Senator, not some indigent worker. Perhaps an indigent worker with less to lose would have had the courage. Which caused more harm: saying nothing or allowing the Bush plan to go unchallenged by a US Senator with the evidence to disprove the reasons for the invasion? Had Senator Durbin supported the invasion to get rid of Saddam, I could understand his silence, but he did not support the invasion.

Pelosi states she is against the war, but votes to continue its funding while saying impeachment is "off the table". For what purpose did these women "break the glass ceiling": To act as foolish as male leaders, past and present?

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