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Sweet blog special: Obama and MySpace saga.


CHICAGO--The 2008 White House campaign is the first to be run in what internet chronicler Micah Sifry calls the "Connected Age."

Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama is making extensive use of social networking tools in his campaign, which has a "new media" department based at the Chicago headquarters. The Obama campaign is also encouraging netroot activists to rally support for Obama and organize on their own.

Click below for a story about what happened between the campaign professionals and an independent activist.

this from Micah Sifry...

I dug into the story behind yesterday's collapse in Obama's MySpace numbers; it's a kind of cautionary tale for the Connected Age, and also suggests the Obama campaign is more traditional top-down control-oriented than the press they've been getting for all their online social networking. Details here:




I've been following this today, and imo the only problem was that an unofficial site used an official name. That's confusing, and I hope MySpace doesn't allow that in the future. A profile should be controlled by the person being profiled. That's the point.

There are lots and lots of Obama supporter sites out there. People know what they are, they don't expect to get official statements and answers from them, and the campaign hasn't (so far as I've heard) interfered with them. This one was a hybrid experiment that didn't work out.

MySpace has said Joe Anthony can post his site, complete with all his friends, on whatever non-official URL he chooses. I think that's fair.

The Obama headquarters blog has posted their view of this:

The penny-ante bungling continues. Is this who we as a nation really want holding and betting our stack at that final high-stakes table that is the presidency?...

Latest Media Coverage of Obama MySpace Story

Excerpts and links from the New York Times, TechPresident, Washington Post and Huffington Post


What a foolish decision on Obama’s part! Paying this man for his work is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do.

Seeing Obama and Murdoch gang up to shake down the little guy begs the question of whether Obama is a bully.

Further, his decision making process doesn’t seem to rise to the level that is required of a President.

Obama, I will continue to Pray for you and your family that God Will Continue to bless you all, I know you will carry out and live a dream that no other black man have ever dream, because you are that man that God want you to be and I am so proud of you for letting God lead your life in the right directions. I didn't have much to give but what I have given it was from the heart.

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