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Sweet blog special: Iraq war funding--Dodd, Edwards against. Biden for. Clinton, Obama question marks.


WASHINGTON-- Democratic presidential primary rivals have to confront the reality of an imperfect Iraq war bill. Democrats control Congress but don't have a veto-proof majority. The Iraq war bill up for a vote will not have the timetable Democrats demanded for pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq. Democrats on the left are outraged that Democrats compromised and will not force a second veto by President Bush of a funding bill.

It's not known yet what Democratic frontrunners Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) will do.

Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Ct.) will vote no. Former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) would oppose the bill if he were in the Senate.

Dodd went after Obama and Clinton by name in a new television spot dealing with the war and the environment. "Chris Dodd has been challenging the other candidates to support the Feingold-Reid-Dodd amendment to end our involvement in Iraq's civil war. It worked. Now Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have changed their positions to follow Chris Dodd," the spot says, referring to legislation cutting off funds for the Iraq war.

Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) will vote yes.

BIDEN Issues Statement on Iraq Supplemental Bill

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr., (D-DE) issued the following statement today:

“Earlier this month, Congress sent the President an emergency spending bill for Iraq. It provided every dollar our troops need and the President requested – and then some. It also provided the American people a plan to bring this war to a responsible end. In vetoing the bill, the President denied our troops the funding they need, and the American people the plan they want.

Senator and Presidential candidate Chris Dodd today released the following statement on the latest Iraq supplemental bill:

"This war has gone on longer than World War II and there is no end in sight. Yet we are less secure and more isolated than before. We have lost 3,400 patriotic Americans and shattered our standing in the world. We are spending $2 billion a week - $8 billion a month - and are now caught in the middle of a civil war. Still, this President wants more of the same and this bill would give him his wish.

"I cannot and will not simply give this President another blank check.

"Half-measures and equivocations are not going to change our course in Iraq. If we are serious about ending the war, Congress must stand up to this President's failed policy now - with clarity and conviction.

"As the debate on the war continues, I will continue to fight for a firm deadline that is tied to funding which will allow for a responsible redeployment of U.S. combat troops in Iraq - because that's the only way to responsibly bring this war to a conclusion.

"I hope my colleagues would do the same."


Paid for by Dodd for President, Inc.


Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Senator John Edwards released the following statement today about the latest congressional developments on a bill to fund the war in Iraq.

"The so-called compromise under discussion in Congress that would give the president another blank check to continue his failed war is a serious mistake. Full funding is full funding, no matter what you call it. Every member of Congress who wants to support our troops and end the war should oppose this proposal. If you're in Congress, and you believe this war is wrong, I urge you to use every power you have to stop it if it's brought up for a vote. Block the blank check.

And I urge all Americans who want this war to end to tell your representatives in Congress that you will support them if they stand up to the president. Tell them you understand that when the president vetoes a bill that funds the troop and ends the war, he is the only person in America stopping support for the troops. It is time for this war to end. As I have said repeatedly, Congress should send the president the same bill he vetoed again and again until he realizes he has no choice but to start bringing our troops home. Anything less is everything he needs to prolong the war."


“The bill we are voting on denies the American people a plan for a responsible way out of Iraq. I also disagree with the approach in this bill – cutting off economic aid if benchmarks aren't met would be self-defeating. Much of our aid is being used to build local and provincial governments, consistent with the federalism-based political solution I advocate.

“But the practical reality is that, for now, those of us who want to change course in Iraq don’t have the votes to override the President’s veto. And I believe that as long as we have troops on the frontlines, we must give them the equipment and protection they need. So I will vote for the supplemental.

“But we also must – and we will – bring this war to a responsible end. Day after day, vote after vote, I will work to keep the pressure on Republicans to stop reflexively backing the President and start supporting a responsible path out of Iraq.”




Hillary will do whatever the polls and her contributors say. And not what her feelings dictate.

US is a one party democracy which dupes American people into believing that Dems and different than Repubs.
They talk big but in the end do what Repubs want anyway.
Support the special Interest Groups.

What about Durbin?

Vote against ALL legislation and bring government to its knees until the war has ended.

Invertebrate democrats never needed a majority to override a veto. Just refuse to send Bush a bill. Legislators just need to stop legislating.

The battle has not even started and the democrats caved in. Bush will suck funding from every conceivable source to perpetuate his war, even with no funding.

Emperor Bush is naked and covered in blood and still he buys legislators.

Shame on the Democrats that for voting for Bush's war.
Joe Biden, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, imho you are a coward.
Dick Durbin,who's side you are on anyway? It obviously isn't your constituents, All I can say to you is that you suck!
Nancy Pelosi, Thank you for having the guts to vote the way your constituents wish you to, you are true to your party and a big pat on the back to you dear lady.
Hillary, Thank you, I'm not quite on your side yet but this is a big help and I mean that. Barak, You put your money where your mouth is, thank you, now how about addressing all the people of your party and not just the black ones?
A special thanks to John Edwards also.

If you are a democrat and you voted to pay for this war you should find some other line of work because you don't have the intestinal fortitude to continue in this field of work, now get your tail out from between your legs, grow some balls and make a difference here. You make me sick!

stop this killing please

The simplest solution to the debate for the funding of the War in Iraq: The Bush administration needs to present a new Military spending bill titled “The Global War on Terror” and let the Iraq War funding bill go away. Al Qaeda is in Iraq and Iraq is part of the globe, there fore by default the troops will get there war funding. Case closed. The only people that will appose a Global War on Terror funding bill are America’s enemies and they don’t count.

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