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Sweet blog extra: Kjellander named vice chairman for 2008 GOP convention.


WASHINGTON--Bob Kjellander, the sometimes controversal Illinois Republican, will be the vice chairman of the 2008 Republican National Convention, to be held in Minneapolis/Saint Paul.

from the RNC.....

2008 Republican National Convention Leadership

WASHINGTON – During the 2007 State Chairmen’s Meeting this month in Columbia, S.C., the Committee on Arrangements for the 2008 Republican National Convention elected the following officers by resolution: Bob Kjellander, National Committeeman for Illinois as Vice Chairman; Sara Gear Boyd, National Committeewoman for Vermont as Secretary; and Tim Morgan, National Committeeman for California as Treasurer. Blake Hall, National Committeeman for Idaho, will serve as General Counsel to the committee.

The Committee on Arrangements is the RNC body charged with the planning and management of the Convention. The 2008 Republican National Convention will be held in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota September 1-4, 2008.

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What's the matter, wasn't Jack Abramoff or George Ryan available?

The Republicans are a joke! They get killed on the corruption issue last year, and now here they are again pushing the same dirty retreads.

Just another sign that 2008 is going to be a bigger blowout than last year.

a joke? only because they are politicians. SO, you think the democrats have anything to offer, except race baiting and empty promises?

look around chicago. see what a democratic govt has done. the lack of fiscal responsibility, the pandering to race...everyone here elects the same, incompetent fools. Invest in Chicago public schools? HA! what a poor investment. (if we buy them more text books, does that mean they will stop carjacking us?)

I submit Stroger as a fine example, Daley too. This place just gets worse and worse. time to move.

Go BOB! Vote republican, and long live capitalism. ITs all we have to save us from the socialistic parasites.

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