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Sweet blog extra: Fred Thompson to run for president.


WASHINGTON--Screen star and former Sen. Fred Thompson (R-Tenn.) is going to run for president, a source who will be associated with his campaign told me Wednesday.

Thompson will soon file papers and will be "offiical" within six weeks--that's roughly the 4th of July.

Thompson needed to jump in if he was going to be viable. Thompson, as popular as he is within Republican circles, could not become the GOP nominee just on the strength of his wide name recognition. While Thompson will start as a front-runner--that name and acting fame helps a lot--he needs to sign up blue chip delegates to run in the primary and caucus elections and quickly jump-start a massive fund-raising effort to catch up to the competition.

He'll shake up the contest, that's for sure.

Republicans debate for the third time in Manchester, N.H. on June 6.


hoorah for the repubs...hopefully the dems will ratchet up their field as well. by the way, ms. sweet, are you in the least embarassed by your "performance" on chris matthews' 'hardball'? was that a senior moment or what?

Lynn-- Do you know....Has there been any polling re: who would win Tennessee if it were Thompson vs. Gore in the general election?

Fred Thompson has already got the Conservatives in a swoon. They love the guy. Moderates might be a harder sell for him. He writes well, speaks well and has charisma. Yep-he will shake up the 08 election.

Al Gore did not carry his home state of Tenn. in the 2000 election.
Fred Thompson walked away from the Senate, he was not voted out. He is probably the best of all the candidates running from both parties. He intimated, when leaving office, that Washington is seriously dysfunctional. "My words, not his." Because he is probably the best of all the candidates, he doesn't stand a tinker's chance in h**l of getting the nomination. America loves a pretty face and charismatic personality, we don't appreciate common sense and the truth. Nope, he'll never make it with the Hollywood climate of this country.

Just watch the arrows fly now that Fred Thompson is out there. Guess what, they can't make any stick. Oh I have read he may have smoked Cuban Cigars while in congress. The man that wrote that uses Iranian Oil probably, eats Russian Caviar and Drinks French Wine. He may have driven a red truck when he had a real car. Come on folks. Get real. has a great script by Uncle Sam. It is not a commercial for Fred, so I encourage you to take a peek. We are knocking ourselves in the head with all this squabbling amongst candidates. Perfect fodder for the enemy.

I hope I can ask here for a volunteer to help build a blog The message is to win this war. As Uncle Sam said, we put all our secrets out on the table for the enemy to read every day. Pray the Bush Administration can hold this thing together while America spills her guts.

Please some talented tekki come help us with our blog.
Don Jones

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