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Sweet blog special: McCain attacks Obama, Clinton for Iraq war funding no votes.


WASHINGTON--Previewing a general election race, GOP White House hopeful Sen. John McCain (R-Az.) went after Democratic presidential front-runners Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) by name on Friday for voting against an Iraq war funding bill.

"I was very disappointed to see Senator Obama and Senator Clinton embrace the policy of surrender by voting against funds to support our brave men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan," McCain said in a statement.

In reply to criticism over the no vote from McCain and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, also in the GOP primary, Obama said in a statement, "Governor Romney and Senator McCain are still supporting a war that has
cost us thousands of lives, made us less safe in the world, and resulted in a resurgence of al-Qaeda.''

Obama and Clinton were under pressure from the anti-war left--a potential critical component in a Democratic primary--to vote against the spending bill. McCain did not bother to mention Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Ct.) who is also in the Democratic 2008 primary and voted no. Rival former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) said he would have voted no. Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.), also making a bid, voted yes.

McCain also did not note one of his rivals--Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Ks.), who stayed on the fence--he simply did not vote on the measure when it came up on Thursday night. Fence-sitters face tough times in primaries where activists want to know where candidates stand.

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For Immediate Release

Contact: Press Office

Friday, May 25, 2007

ARLINGTON, VA - This morning, U.S. Senator John McCain issued the following statement on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Barack Obama's votes against emergency funding for our troops in harm's way in Iraq and Afghanistan:

"I was very disappointed to see Senator Obama and Senator Clinton embrace the policy of surrender by voting against funds to support our brave men and women fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"This vote may win favor with MoveOn and liberal primary voters, but it's the equivalent of waving a white flag to al Qaeda."


Obama statement.........

Obama Response to McCain and Romney Chicago, IL-- Senator Barack Obama
released the following statement today in response to statements made by
Senator John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney on last night’s vote.

“This country is united in our support for our troops, but we also owe
them a plan to relieve them of the burden of policing someone else’s
civil war. Governor Romney and Senator McCain clearly believe the course
we are on in Iraq is working, butI do not. “And if there ever was a
reflection of that it's the fact that Senator McCain required a flack
jacket, ten armored Humvees, two Apache attack helicopters, and 100
soldiers with rifles by his side to stroll through a market in Baghdad
just a few weeks ago. “Governor Romney and Senator McCain are still
supporting a war that has cost us thousands of lives, made us less safe in
the world, and resulted in a resurgence of al-Qaeda. It is time to end this
war so that we can redeploy our forces to focus on the terrorists who
attacked us on 9/11 and all those who plan to do us harm


I continue to find the Republican stance on IRAQ morally reprehensible, illogical, and very immature. The fact that McCain, Cheney, and President Bush are still saying that setting a withdrawal timetable is equivalent to surreduring & playing into the hands of Al-Queda is hard to believe, IMO.

The majority of the citizens of IRAQ do not want us there. That is understandable, since we invaded their country under false pretense, destroy their infrastructure, ruin most of their water supply, and generally made their daily lives even harder to endure. The U.S. (Bush) has created a rallying point for the religious extremists who hate America & much of what it stands for. Most of the radicals, including Al-Queda, are probably happy that we are "staying the course". Americans lives continue to be lost, our military continues to be strained, and we can't even clean up after tornadoes properly because so much of our resources are being used in Irag.

And when we eventually do leave, what will be the result? A civil war, probably involving Iran, Al-Queda, etc.

There is nothing to be gained by staying in Iraq, except for 2 things. Companies like Hallibuton will continue to make huge profits and overbill the government, and the Bush administration will desperately try to save face.

What's really sad is the long term effect this war will have on America.

Has the war in Iraq made us less safe in the world? I don't know that has been established as other than a Liberal talking point. Yes, we definitely have enemies in the world. They count on our Congress to continually act for political reasons rather than common sense and regard for what is best for our country. Do we need to get out of Iraq? Most definitely. We need to do it in a way that doesn't advertise to our enemies our weak will in regard to our own loss of life. Doddering John and Mitt were wrong for politicizing the votes and on the other side of the coin, Obama and Hillary are no better in their pandering for votes. One thing is for certain; if we don't show a willingness to combat our enemies we will see our status in the world diminish to the point that all of you readers will have a lot more to complain about than high gas prices. Was Iraq the proper battleground to confront Islamic militancy? In hindsight, obviously not! The decision to go to war in Iraq was engineered by the White House and the Defense Dept. and roundly supported by most of our representatives, Democrat and Republican. Our enemies play us like a cheap video game. You Liberals need to quit giving them your characteristic knee-jerk responses. They count on it. The Conservatives need to quit blindly following a failed plan and a failed administration. Iran and China (N. Korea by proximity)are the real threats to this country and the focus should have always been on them. If you want to shout to the heavens for the right thing to be done, shout for term limitation and real campaign finance reform so that Independents and third parties can help cure the insanity and dishonesty that is Washington.

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